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Futurist Stephen Abram and Director and State Librarian Peggy Rudd on the role of libraries

2011 March 7
Stephen Abram and Peggy Rudd

Did you miss library futurist and innovator Stephen Abram’s visit at TSLAC on February 24? Well, if you did, you missed a very engaging and thought-provoking talk on the value of the library experience and the future of libraries. You can view Stephen’s presentation slides on Slideshare, along with some of his notes, but even better than that, you can listen to the post-lecture podcast he did with our Director and State Librarian Peggy Rudd. (And even if you attended the live event, this podcast is still definitely worth a listen, as it is very much a continuation of Stephen’s presentation, rather than a duplication.)

In this podcast, Stephen answers such questions as:

  • Is this the end of libraries as we know them?
  • Technology-wise, what are some of the things that are really changing the world for libraries and librarians and what do you see in the future?
  • What is it about e-books that has caused fear among the ranks of librarians and do you think it is a justified fear?
  • In light of the current budget deficits around the country, how do we make our best case for libraries?

podcast icon Futurist Stephen Abram and Director and State Librarian Peggy Rudd on the role of libraries, TSLAC Speaker Series #2, February 24, 2011

Can’t get enough of Stephen? Visit his blog, and hear him speak on the topic of Digital Natives at this year’s Texas Library Association Annual Conference in Austin, Texas .

Our thanks again to Stephen for taking the time to speak with us!

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