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2011 May 11

Interested in learning more about library management, supervision and leadership?  Are you a current or recent participant in the Small Library Management Training Program and want to read more about management from home?  I wanted to highlight a few resources that could help you develop these important professional skills.

First up is Ken Haycock’s (fairly new) Library Leadership Blog.  You can view it here

Some recent blog posts have covered topics such as:

Next, check out some of the following books on library management:

(p.s. ALSC recently highlighted this title on their blog HERE)

(p.s. This title is particularly interesting in that it talks a lot about leading effectively through times of change)

Did you read our recent blog post on library mentorship programs? Take a look at the following book:

And finally, this slightly deviates from the management theme of this post, but I did want to highlight the following work as a very easy to read, practical work for the new librarian:

All of the books that I have mentioned are available from our Library Science Collection.  If you are in Texas, and are interested in borrowing books from our collection, e-mail .

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  1. VersieC permalink
    June 6, 2011

    Just finished a book on this subject yesterday. It’s incredible how many essential leadership skills the modern man has lost throughout the years. The book is called “Are leaders born or made?” by David Grabovac and it shapes a parallel between our current society’s leaders and other famous leaders of the past. Really interesting read. Highly recommended.

  2. October 19, 2011

    Been reading more and more blogs about leadership. Thanks for this.

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