Voting and Election Information in Libraries

With the 2018 elections quickly approaching, libraries may be receiving questions from patrons about how to research voting logistics and candidates.

One resource libraries may want to refer patrons to is information put out by The League of Women Voters of Texas, a nonpartisan organization that has been around since 1919. The League of Women Voters of Texas provides both print and online voting information, including hard copies of the nonpartisan Voters Guide to many libraries across Texas. These libraries are selected based on population as well as the locations of Local Leagues throughout Texas.

If your library does not receive the print version of the Voters Guide, or if you would like an additional online resource, The League of Women Voters of Texas also provides a PDF Voters Guide. The guide, offered in both English and Spanish, provides information on candidates for the state representative level and above, as well as for local races where a Local League exists.

In addition to the PDF Voters Guide, The League of Women Voters of Texas maintains VOTE411 provides voters with personalized ballot information based on the provided address.  Libraries may want to check out the nonpartisan voter education materials available on the site, including social media graphics, YouTube videos and embedded widgets.

Questions about the Voter Guide or about the League of Women Voters of Texas? Email!