FREE Online Course Options for Library Staff

Library staff have several options to access free online courses from the Texas State Library & Archives Commission.

Online Courses from the State Library | Skillsoft | WebJunction

Texas State Library & Archives Commission Online Courses

TSLAC Online Training Site bannerThe Library Development & Networking Division of the Texas State Library & Archives Commission offers all library staff the opportunity to take self-paced, online courses on a variety of library topics through our Online Training site. Although the majority of our offerings are courseinars (short online course versions of our archived Webinars), we offer several full-fledged courses on topics ranging from youth services to technology to reference.

How Can I Start Taking Courses Via TSLAC's Online Training Site? View our Online Training How-To Video Playlist on Youtube. Prefer text instructions? We've included some below.

  1. If you don't have already have one, create an account on our Online Training site by clicking "create new account" under the login area. After you submit your account registration form, you'll receive an automatic email and will need to confirm your account by clicking on the link in the email message.
  2. Once logged in to the site:
    -- if you are not enrolled in any courses and/or if it is your first time to log in to our site, you can view our course catalog (arranged by category) by clicking the "Courses" link in the Navigation block that is located along the top left of your home login page. Click the category titles to expand the categories and view summaries of available courses. If you decide you'd like to take a course, be sure you are logged in to the site and then click the course title. If you are automatically taken to the course home page, be sure to click the "enroll me in this course" link that is located on the far left side of the course home page. You should then see an "enrollment options" page and you will need to scroll to the bottom of that page and click the "enroll" button as the final step. Once enrolled, you should see the course home page again and should work your way through the course from the top down.
    -- if you are currently enrolled in a course or courses, their course titles will display on your login page. Click the course titles to gain access to your courses. To browse the rest of our course catalog, click the "Courses" link located in the Navigation block along the top left of your login page. Follow the same instructions mentioned previously to learn about and/or enroll in additional courses.

    Note: Many of our courses offer guest access -- the ability to access course content without having to enroll (or even have an official account) on our Online Training site. However, if you would like to be able to print an official Certificate of Completion, you will need an official account AND you will need to enroll in the course BEFORE you begin to complete any coursework.

Skillsoft Courses for Texas Libraries

Skillsoft LogoNow, over 450 self-paced online technology and business courses are at your fingertips! The State Library, through an arrangement with WebJunction, makes training opportunities available to Texas Library staff, 24/7.  Courses on customer service, leadership, management, desktop software and more are available, including over 4,000 short instructional videos.

Getting Started – Request An Account

In order to verify that you are a Texas user, and so you can track your course progress, you need a Skillport login.

Visit and click on the Register link at the bottom center of the page.

Fill in your information as prompted -- you will need to create your own User ID and password and be sure to select Texas as your state sponsor. Please note that the User ID must adhere to these rules: 

  • the user name cannot start with an apostrophe (') or a dash (-)
  • neither non-breaking white spaces (space, tab, new line) are allowed
  • the following characters are not allowed: <> [ ] ( ) ; \ / 
  • the user name is not case sensitive (it is converted to lowercase by the system)
  • the following characters are allowed: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 @ $ _ . ~ ' -

Submit your account request. Your request will be confirmed within 2 working days or less by WebJunction staff.  Once approved, you will receive an email confirmation and can log in with the User ID and Password you chose, and start learning!

Navigating the Texas Skillport Site

Once logged in to, explore the following helpful features:

  • Catalog – browse and select training by subject area.  You can also use the Search function at the top of the page to search all content at once.
  • IT & Desktop Videos – link to short instructional videos, accessed through a system called Books 24x7.  This feature will open in a new tab or browser window. You can view the videos immediately, or bookmark for later.
  • My Plan – Build a training plan for yourself.  Find a course you like?  Launch it directly from your search results, or click and drag from the Course title to My Plan.
  • My Progress – As you can guess, use this option to track the status of all your courses. Print off your certificates of completion here, too.
  • Support – Having trouble using Skillport?  View online help files or contact Skillsoft Technical Support help at or 866-754-5435.

You can also learn more about each of these features here, in a printable document.

Need more help getting started with SkillPort? See these Learning on SkillPort Videos.

For more information about all of our online course options, email, or call 512-463-5465 or 1-800-252-9386 (toll-free for Texas).

Webjunction Courses

Webjunction logoThe new WebJunction is here! Take free, self-paced, online courses on a variety of library management, software and soft-skills topics, and you can also view archived webinars anytime, anywhere. Receive certificates of completion for your work, and keep track of your courses with a convenient personal login.

Using the New WebJunction

Visit to browse courses and archived webinars.  Once you find a course you would like to take, select the title and follow the instructions on right of page to Create New Account. Returning users are prompted to login to access in-progress courses.

Have questions about using the new interface, or need support?  Visit the course Help page or contact WebJunction Support.

WebJunction Resource Pages, Calendar of Upcoming Free Webinars

WebJunction also maintains great Resource pages on different library-relevant topics, and you can explore these topics via here. Plus, you can view a list of upcoming free WebJunction webinars here.

A Note for Users of WebJunction's Previous Training System

The old WebJunction system closed on June 30, 2014. For those who completed coursework in the retired system, WebJunction has emailed users a list of all finished courses from the old system, along with completion dates. User login IDs from the old WebJunction have also been retired, so each user will want to create a new login at

For more information about all of our online course options, email us at, or call 512-463-5465 or 1-800-252-9386 (toll-free for Texas).

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Page last modified: April 27, 2015