FREE Online Course Options for Library Staff

Library staff have several options to access free online courses from the Texas State Library & Archives Commission. 

Webjunction Courses

Webjunction Texas logoWebjunction Texas offers library staff the opportunity to take 300+ self-paced, online courses on a variety of library, software and soft-skills topics. 

How Can I Start Taking Courses Via Webjunction Texas?

  1. You may preview the courses available through Webjunction by visiting our Webjunction Texas page and clicking Preview Course Catalog.
  2. To sign up for an account click Request Course Access. Complete the online course access request form using your work email address and be sure to indicate the Texas library where you work. This way, we can easily identify and approve you as a Texas affiliate. It might take us a day or so to approve your affiliation.
  3. You will receive an email notification once we approve your account, along with instructions to create an account on the new course site.
  4. Once you’ve created your course account, you can easily log in to the course site from our Webjunction Texas page by clicking the “Go To Courses” link. When you log in to the course site, an instructional video will appear that will demonstrate how to use the course site.

Texas State Library & Archives Commission Online Courses

TSLAC Online Training Site bannerThe Library Development & Networking Division of the Texas State Library & Archives Commission offers all library staff the opportunity to take self-paced, online courses on a variety of library topics through our Online Training site. Although the majority of our offerings are courseinars (short online course versions of our archived Webinars), we offer several full-fledged courses on topics ranging from youth services to technology to reference.

How Can I Start Taking Courses Via TSLAC's Online Training Site? View our Online Training How-To Video Playlist on Youtube. Prefer text instructions? We've included some below.

  1. If you don't have already have one, create an account on our Online Training site by clicking "create new account" under the login area. After you submit your account registration form, you'll receive an automatic email and will need to confirm your account by clicking on the link in the email message.
  2. Once logged in to the site:
    -- if you are not enrolled in any courses and/or if it is your first time to log in to our site, you can view our course catalog (arranged by category) by clicking the "Courses" link in the Navigation block that is located along the top left of your home login page. Click the category titles to expand the categories and view summaries of available courses. If you decide you'd like to take a course, be sure you are logged in to the site and then click the course title. If you are automatically taken to the course home page, be sure to click the "enroll me in this course" link that is located on the far left side of the course home page. Once enrolled, work your way through the course from the top down.
    -- if you are currently enrolled in a course or courses, their course titles will display on your login page. Click the course titles to gain access to your courses. To browse the rest of our course catalog, click the "Courses" link located in the Navigation block along the top left of your login page. Follow the same instructions mentioned previously to learn about and/or enroll in additional courses.

    Note: Many of our courses offer guest access -- the ability to access course content without having to enroll (or even have an official account) on our Online Training site. However, if you would like to be able to print an official Certificate of Completion, you will need an official account AND you will need to enroll in the course BEFORE you begin to complete any course content.

For more information about our online course options, email or call 512-463-5465 or toll-free in Texas at 1-800-252-9386.

Page last modified: April 7, 2014