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Acceptable Use of Clip Art

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission grants Texas Libraries a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to reproduce all clip art in the Texas Reading Club manual to promote their libraries and the Texas Reading Club. It may be used to create items such as crafts, t-shirts, programs, and library decorations.

Bookmarks, Borders, Buttons, Certificates, Reading Logs, and More!

In accordance with the artist's contract, the clip art by James Warhola may not be uploaded library websites. They may, however, link their webpages to the clip art that is uploaded on our site. The artwork may be used by Texas libraries for any library-related purpose, including, but not limited to, Texas Reading Club Promotional materials.

Public libraries in Texas may use the artwork to create items that will be sold only if the proceeds are returned to the library directly or through a Friends of the Library organization and sales are limited to Texas.

Artwork may not be changed or modified in any way. Libraries may resize and reverse the clip art, but may not alter it. The name of the library may be added, but the art is owned by the illustrator and should not be touched up, edited, or modified without permission.

For more information, please contact Library Development at 512-463-5465 or

Page last modified: September 19, 2011