Armando the Awkward Armadillo

Reader's Theater's Script by Gayle Travis


  • Mama Armadillo
  • Papa Armadillo
  • 4 Baby Armadillos: Armando, Alex, Andrew, Antonio
  • Narrator 1, Narrator 2, Narrator 3, Narrator 4 (Narrators can be combined for use by fewer players)
  • Big Tex

Narrator 1: Deep in the heart of Texas there lived six armadillos.

Narrator 2: There was Mama Armadillo.

Mama Armadillo: Here I am over here.

Narrator 3: And Papa Armadillo.

Papa Armadillo: I hear someone talking about me.

Narrator 4: And 4 baby armadillos. Armadillos always have four babies of the same sex.

Andrew: I am Andrew.

Armando: I am Armando.

Alex: I am Alex.

Antonio: I am Antonio.

Narrator 1: One day they were sitting in the Texas desert getting ready to eat some worms.

Papa Armadillo: These worms are too slimy.

Mama Armadillo: These worms are too fat.

Armando: My worms are very tasty.

Andrew: Then why are they all over your face?

Alex: You look like an octopus.

Antonio: Slurp them back into your mouth or one of us will eat them for you.

Mama Armadillo: Boys! Quit giving Armando a hard time, you know he has always been a little awkward.

Narrator 2: Suddenly they heard a horrible monster.


Narrator 3: It had four round feet, which rolled as it sped down the road.

Narrator 4: And two HUGE eyes that shot out blinding lights that could make them stop dead in their tracks.

Papa Armadillo: Quick, everyone burrow a hole and hide!

Mama Armadillo: Whatever happens, don't go near the road!

Narrator 1: Soon each armadillo was buried in their own hole.

Papa Armadillo: I am getting too old for this, my hole is too shallow!

Mama Armadillo: This-this hole-hole-hole is too deep-deep-deep (said as if with an echo).

Andrew: Armando! Tuck in your tail!

Alex: It is sticking straight up in the air!

Armando: It won't roll up with me, what should I do?

Antonio: Quick cover it with leaves, maybe it will look like a plant!

Papa Armadillo: Let me do it. Everyone roll into a ball in your hole.

Narrator 2: As Papa Armadillo covered Armando's tail with leaves, the huge road monster came towards them. Suddenly it stopped just when it was about to roll over the plant and the five rolled up armadillos.

Narrator 3: A strange creature opened up the side of the monster and came towards them.

Narrator 4: It had heavy pointed feet and a shell-like hat on its head.

Big Tex: I need to get me some worms if I am going to catch anything at the fishin' hole. Wait, what's that I see yonder?

Narrator 1: Big Tex had spotted the two left over piles of worms and went over to see for himself.

Big Tex: These worms are too slimy. They will never stay on my hook.

Narrator 2: He went and checked out the second pile. Big Tex: These worms are just right, the fish like them fat and juicy.

Narrator 3: Big Tex gathered the worms up in his jar.

Narrator 4: Armando the awkward armadillo was not just covered with leaves. Instead of rolling up in a ball, he had rolled up into a cube instead.

Big Tex: Now if I could just find a nice heavy brick to weight down the lid of my tackle box . . . Here we are . . . This brick even comes with a handle!

Narrator 1: He had spotted Armando!

Narrator 2: He quickly grabbed Armando by his long tail and put him into the monster's back.

Narrator 3: With its four round feet spraying gravel every which way, it roared off down the road.

Andrew: Boy, that was close.

Alex: We dug great holes.

Antonio: I bet he couldn't even see us.

Andrew: But look at our worms!

Papa Armadillo: Somebody has been fingering my worms.

Mama Armadillo: Somebody has taken all my worms away!

Papa Armadillo: Wait - where is Armando?!

Papa & Mama: That monster must have taken him!

Mama Armadillo: He has been armadillo-napped.

Alex, Antonio, and Andrew: We have to save him!

Narrator 4: Meanwhile Armando was in the back of Big Tex's pick-up.

Armando: Oh no!! How did I get here! I have to get away.

Narrator 1: First he tried to dig a hole in the bed of the pickup but he found the metal floor too hard even for his long claws.

Narrator 2: Next he tried to curl up in a ball, but his cube shape did not even allow him to roll around.

Narrator 3: Soon Big Tex stopped the truck. He picked up Armando the "brick" and his tackle and carried them over to the fishing hole. He got out some bait and then set Armando on top of his tackle box.

Narrator 4: It wasn't until Big Texas was totally involved with his fishing that Armando unrolled his head from the cube he had created. Two huge mule-like ears popped up and listened. His tail still stuck straight into the air like a stiff flower stem. Big Tex leaned back against a tree, closed his eyes, and began to sing "The Crawdad Song."

Big Tex:

You get a line and I'll get a pole, honey.

You get a line and I'll get a pole, babe.

You get a line and I'll get a pole and

We'll go down to that crawdad' hole,

Oh, honey, oh babe, of mine.

Narrator 1: Big Tex was not paying attention, so Armando jumped down from the tackle box and walked over to the road.

Armando: Oh dear, I don't know which way to go!

Narrator 3: He soon discovered that standing beside the road was dangerous for a small and awkward armadillo.

Narrator 4: He could tell by the monster's tracks that he had come from the road leading to the right and slowly began to move in that direction.

Narrator 1: What Armando did not realize that while he had been in the back of Big Tex's pickup a red piece of cloth had caught on his tail and now it was stuck to the tip.

Narrator 2: Huge road monsters roared by and each time Armando tucked his arms and legs in and rolled up into a cube.

Narrator 3: Each time his tail would go straight up in the air and the cloth would wave like a flag.

Narrator 4: Armando did not realize it but that flag kept him from being road kill time after time. Meanwhile, Mama and Papa Armadillo and Alex and Antonio and Andrew were searching high and low, but mostly low, for poor Armando.

Narrator 1: The road monsters would see the flag and dodge around Armando thinking it was some type of hole or hazard that was marked in the road by road workers.

Papa Armadillo: What is that up ahead?

Mama Armadillo: Nothing but a flag in the road. Ignore that, we have to find Armando!

Andrew: Wait Mom, the flag is attached to something like a box or a brick.

Alex: Sometimes the flag goes down!

Antonio: It's Armando!

Papa Armadillo: There you are Armando!

Mama Armadillo: We have been so worried about you!

Papa Armadillo: We thought you might already be road kill!

Armando: No, Big Tex grabbed me but forgot all about me when he stopped to fish.

Mama Armadillo: Don't tell me he is the one who went through our worms.

Andrew: Yes, and he has taken all the fat ones to fish with.

Papa Armadillo: Goes to show you that you can't trust those humans - what with their grimy hands all over our food.

4 Baby Armadillos: YUCKY!

Papa Armadillo: If we keep close to Armando whenever we are near the road, we will be safe.

Antonio: Armando will act as a flag and the huge monsters will veer away from us.

Alex: Armando will save us all from being road kill!

Narrator 2: And so the family of armadillos moved further away from the road

Narrator 3: And when any of them went near the road they took Armando and his red cloth with them.

Narrator 4: And from then on the Armadillo family was very thankful that Armando was an awkward armadillo.



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