Time Warp Alamo

Reader's Theater's Script by Gayle Travis


  • William Barret Travis
  • James Bowie
  • Davy Crockett
  • Governor Henry Smith
  • General Santa Anna
  • Texian Soldier
  • Mexican Soldier
  • Narrator 1
  • Narrator 2


Narrator 1: The battle of the Alamo is one of the most important events of Texas history.

Narrator 2: If it had happened today, with all our modern technology, things might have been a little different. Why, who knows what would have happened if the defenders of the Alamo had pagers and e-mail!

Santa Anna: Those Texans have done it this time!

Mexican Soldier: They sure have, Santa Anna!

Santa Anna: I just saw a replay on CNN of the Siege of Bexar. Never again will those Texans question Mexico's rule!

Mexican Soldier: Let's catch the next flight out to San Antonio and hang out on the River Walk.

Santa Anna: The tabloids claim that there is an old mission nearby which Jim Bowie and his gang are using as a fort.

Mexican Soldier: Let's go get them!

Narrator 1: Meanwhile, William Barret Travis exchanged email with the Governor of Texas, Henry Smith.

Smith: Travis, please take all your troops out to Texas on the next flight out. They are desperate for reinforcements there ASAP.

Travis: I don't want to go to that backwoods mission they are calling a fort. There are too few men and it is too isolated to defend.

Smith: The Mexican government is trying to stop immigration to Texas. The folks there are not taking kindly to that sort of treatment.

Travis: Ok, I will go.

Narrator 1: When William Barrett Travis got to the Alamo, Jim Bowie convinced him to stay.

Texian Soldier: Didn't you get the notice on the ListServe saying "Free men of Texas, to arms! To arms?"

Travis: But we only have a little over 100 men here! How are we supposed to defend this place?

Texian Soldier: But we must. This is our land, we purchased it on Ebay with my Visa card and no one can take it away.

Bowie: I am just glad someone got my message on your answering machine! We really do need support here.

Travis: With the airline strikes it was hard for even us to get here.

Narrator 2: Meanwhile Santa Anna's four-wheel drive convoy was coming closer to the Alamo everyday.

Texian Soldier: Davy Crockett has arrived with more men. They avoided the airlines and took the Greyhound.

Bowie: Thank goodness for reinforcements.

Davy Crockett: I have brought in my special forces to defend the Alamo - all 12 of them.

Travis: Thanks for coming, your highly trained SWAT team will be given a corner of the chapel to defend.

Narrator 1: Jim Bowie did not like Travis taking over the command.

Bowie: I am in charge. I have been here longer than you. Besides, the men have elected me leader.

Narrator 2: Travis even called up Governor Smith on his cell phone to complain.

Narrator 1: Finally they made an agreement.

Travis: We will share a joint command of the Alamo. Otherwise I will have to hire a lawyer and take you to court. We could be in litigation for years.

Bowie: Fine, just don't get in my way, I am not feeling to well.

Narrator 2: Santa Anna and his men began the siege on the Alamo. It was soon clear that Santa Anna's men outnumbered them by thousands.

Travis: This mission was never meant to be a fort.

Bowie: Their torpedoes are sailing right over the wall into the Alamo.

Texian Soldier: They don't call them patriot missiles for nothing.

Travis: I have sent an urgent email to everyone on my Buddy List including Governor Smith.

Bowie: Let's hear it.

Travis: We are experiencing heavy attacks, please send help. I shall never surrender nor retreat!

Texian Soldier: You sure are a die-hard now!

Travis: I have used my automatic signature, "Victory or Death," to really show I mean business.

Bowie: Sam Houston sent me an email earlier to either defend the Alamo or destroy it. I deleted it AND emptied my recycle bin after receiving it. I will never surrender.

Narrator 1: A few men arrived from a nearby fort but it was not nearly enough.

Narrator 2: By the morning of February 24 Bowie was very ill. They did blood tests, a CAT scan, and an MRI and decided that he either had tuberculosis or pneumonia.

Travis: I am going out to assess our troops. I am going to issue a computerized survey to all the men.

Texian Soldier: We need to know who is ready and willing to die for Texas!

Travis: It will be like drawing a line in the sand. All those who are willing to fight and die with me will have to cross over the line.

Texian Soldier: Look! One man has gotten in a helicopter to get away, but that is all.

Travis: Don't worry, even he has my pager number if he changes his mind.

Bowie: (in a weak voice) Now everyone here will fight.

Travis: Keep him stable, put in an IV and do a CBC stat. We will only use the defibrillator if there is any hope that any of us will survive.

Bowie: Go on and fight. Care flight will never make it here in time to save me. I will fight to the bitter end.

Narrator 1: In the end all 189 defenders died at the Battle of the Alamo.

Narrator 2: And almost 600 of Santa Anna's 18,000 men died as well.

Narrator 1: The battle is remembered as a symbol of courage and the ultimate sacrifice for one's beliefs. And today, even with all of our modern technology, brave people who act courageously are still our heroes. Some things never change. Remember the Alamo!



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