Many Texas teens regard summers as a succession of hot, boring days. Often they have no place to go, limited transportation and money, and long for the freedom to explore the world. Librarians can offer a series of exciting programs, challenging reading goals, and volunteer opportunities through which teens may fulfill some of their desires at the public library. This chapter, "Travel Quest: Moving Without Motion," includes a young adult reading program and eight educational programs that revolve around the theme of traveling. With topics ranging from traveling across the globe to learning outdoor survival skills, teens and librarians can grow and have fun.

Teen Reading Club: Travel Quest: Moving Without Motion

Teens like to be challenged! This club includes reading goals that enable them to choose their participation level. Here are examples of how teen readers can participate.

Basic Reading Goals

(The Basics)

In the basic Travel Quest reading program, teens become virtual travelers by reading any seven books, fiction or nonfiction. When they turn in their reading lists, they receive a special gift.

Intermediate Reading Goals


Teens travel across the globe by reading books written by authors who live on each of the seven continents. Or, they read stories that take place in each of the seven different continents. They may choose fiction or nonfiction titles. When they complete their goal, they turn in their reading list and their name is entered into a special drawing.

Advanced Reading Goals

(Supreme Deluxe)

Teens travel through the summer by reading books and participating in the summer library programs. They attend five out of the eight summer programs and read a book that corresponds with the theme of each. When they finish, they turn in their reading list and their name is entered into a special drawing. They may choose fiction or nonfiction titles on topics such as the following.

  • Travel Guides
  • Adventure
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Art
  • Survival
  • Music
  • Food
  • Texas


Texas Reading Club 2002 Programming Manual / Read Across Texas!

Published by the Library Development Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission

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