¡Misión Posible: Espía la naturaleza, bichos y reptiles! /Mission Possible: Spy Nature, Bugs, and Reptiles!

Books to Share

  • La Cucaracha Martina: A Caribbean Folktale / La cucaracha Martina: Un cuento folklorico del Caribe by Daniel Moretón.
  • The Little Ant / La hormiga chiquita by Michael Rose Ramirez.
  • The Lizard and the Sun / La largartija y el sol by Alma Flor Ada.
  • Perez y Martina and Perez and Martina by Pura Belpré.
  • Where Fireflies Dance / Ahí donde bailan las luciérnagas by Lucha Corpi.

Bulletin Board

Sprout A Reader! / Jardín de niños

Design a garden on your bulletin board. Gather photographs of your summer readers. Cut out plants, fruit, flowers, bugs, or reptiles for frames for their pictures. Let the children choose their frame, glue their picture to it, and place it in the garden of readers. Patterns for vegetables are provided here. Place the caption, "Sprout a Reader!" or "Jardín de niños" on your bulletin board.

Name Tag

Leaf and butterfly.


Serve trail mix and lemonade. To make trail mix, combine one box of wheat chex, one box of raisins, one package of mixed nuts, and one package of dried fruit in a large bowl. Stir it and serve it in small paper cupcake holders.


Al subir una montaña


Al subir una montaña,

(Climbing motion up your arm)

Una pulga me picó.

(Pinch arm gently)

La cogí de las narices,

(Hold two fingers pinched together)

Y se me escapó.

(Open fingers to show flea got away)

Botín, botero y salió,

Rosa, clavel y botón.

Climbing a Mountain

(English translation by Rose Treviño.)

While climbing a mountain,

(Climbing motion up your arm)

A flea bit me.

(Pinch arm gently)

I grabbed it by the nose,

(Hold two fingers pinched together)

But it got away.

(Open fingers to show flea got away)

Hop away fast

Before you're trapped.


Los sapitos


La ranita soy yo, glo, glo, glo.

El sapito eres tú, glu, glu, glu.

Cantemos así gli, gli, gli.

Que la lluvia se fue, gle, gle,

Y la ronda se va, gla, gla, gla.

The Little Toads


I am a little frog, glo, glo, glo.

You are the little toad, glu, glu, glu.

We sing like this, gli, gli, gli.

That the rain will go away, gle. gle, gle, gle.

And the round will end, gla, gla, gla.

Dona arana


Doña araña se fue a pasear,

Hizo un hilo y se puso a trepar,

Vino el viento y la hizo bailar,

Vino la tormenta, la hizo bajar.

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Ms. Spider

(English translation by Rose Treviño.)

Ms. Spider went for a walk,

She spun a thread and started to climb,

Then came a wind that made her dance,

Then came a storm that made her go home.


Huitsi, huitsi araña

(This is one of two different translations of this traditional English song. Rose Treviño's mom prefers this one. The other translation begins "La araña pequeñita" in place of "Huitsi, huitsi araña".)

Huitsi, huitsi araña

subió a la telaraña,

Vino la lluvia

Y se la llevó.

Salió el sol

Y todo lo secó,

Y la huitsi, huitsi araña

Subió, subió, subió.

Eensy Weensy Spider

The eensy weensy spider

Went up the waterspout

Down came the rain

And washed the spider out

Out came the sun

And dried up all the rain

And the eensy weensy spider

Went up the spout again.

La mar

La mar estaba serena,

Serena estaba la mar.

La mar estaba serena,

Serena estaba la mar.

The Sea

(This traditional song is translated into English by Rose Treviño. It is recorded on Lírica infantil, Vol. 3 by José-Luis Orozco.)

The sea was serene,

Serene was the sea.

The sea was serene,

Serene was the sea.

(Repeat each verse, substituting the vowels a, e, i, o, u)


La mar astaba sarana,

Sarana astaba la mar.


Le mer estebe serene,

Serene estebe le mer.


Li mir istibi sirini,

Sirini istibi li mir.


Lo mor, ostobo sorono,

Sorono ostobo lo mor.


Lu mur, ustubu surunu,

Surunu ustubu lu mur.

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Q: ¿Cuál es el animal que come con las patas en la cabeza?

A: El piojo, que come con las patas en la cabeza de los demás.

Q: What animal eats with its feet on a head?

A: Lice, because they eat with their feet on another's head.


A la vibora de la mar

(This rhyme was translated into English by Rose Treviño and is recorded on De Colores by José-Luis Orozco. The traditional game is very much like "London Bridge". The children form a line and become a sea serpent that tries to get through a cave. Choose two children to be the "cave". Instruct them to face each other, interlock their fingers, and raise their arms to allow the serpent to pass through. The children who are the serpent chant the rhyme and walk through the cave. At the phrase "Tras, tras, tras, tras!" the two children who are forming the cave drop their arms and catch whoever is between them. The child who is caught trades places with one of the children who is forming the cave. That child joins the end of the serpent.)

A la víbora, víbora de la mar, de la mar,

Por aquí pueden pasar;

Los de adelante corren mucho,

Y los de atrás se quedarán.

The Sea Serpent

The serpent, serpent of the sea

Can pass through here, through here;

The ones in front run very fast,

Those in back get left behind.

Tras, tras, tras, tras!

Una mexicana,

¿Qué fruta vendía?

Ciruela, chabacano,

Melón o sandía

Verbena, verbena

Jardín de matatena.

Verbena, verbena

Jardín de matatena.

Campanita de oro,

Déjame pasar

Con todos mis hijos.

Menos el de atrás

¡Tras, tras, tras, tras! Tras, tras, tras, tras!

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Tras, tras, tras, tras!

A Mexican girl

What did she sell?

Plums or apricots,

Cantaloupes or watermelons.

Verbena, verbena,

In a garden of jacks.

Verbena, verbena,

In a garden of jacks.

Little bell of gold,

Let me pass

With all my children,

Except the last!

¡Tras, tras, tras, tras! Tras, tras, tras, tras!


Pet Rocks


  • Smooth rocks
  • Glue
  • Construction paper
  • Pom poms
  • Markers


Gather smooth rocks without sharp edges and give one to each child. Let the children use their imagination to create a pet rock decorated with construction paper, markers, and pom-poms. Other materials such as fabric remnants and lace may also be used.



  • Coffee filters
  • Markers
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Old-fashioned wooden craft clothespins



Give each child two coffee filters. Ask them to decorate the flattened coffee filters with the markers. When they finish, take one of the coffee filters and push it through the opening in the clothespin so that it appears to be gathered. Do the same with the other coffee filter. Next, take one pipe cleaner and wrap it around the top of the clothespin and shape it to look like antennae.

Guest Presenters

Invite a library patron who has reptiles such as iguanas, snakes, and lizards for pets to bring them to storytime for a show and tell session for the children. Display a collection of books about reptiles that children can check out after the presentation.

Audio Recordings

  • "Una mosca" en Lírica infantil con José-Luis Orozco, Volumen 5 por José-Luis Orozco.
  • "El piojo y la pulga" en Lírica infantil con José-Luis Orozco, Volumen 4 por José-Luis Orozco.


  • A Bug's Life. (95 minutes)
  • Descúbrelo, Vol. 1 & 2. (20 minutes)


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