Clip Art

G. Brian Karas Clip Art

  • Bluebonnet
  • Bunny Brown, Jack Jones, and mouse on book cover
  • Cowboy Jack Jones and Bunny Brown talking at a fence
  • Lying on Texas, reading
  • Magnifying glass with book
  • Magnifying glass with Bunny Brown and Jack Jones
  • Mouse on books
  • Mice reading
  • Mice shining a flashlight on a book
  • Mouse standing in cowboy boots
  • Mouse with hat
  • Jack Jones and Bunny Brown following footprints
  • Jack Jones and Bunny Brown, standing with a star, dressed as cowboys
  • Jack Jones following footprints
  • Jack Jones looking at Bunny Brown reading
  • Reading a book with a magnifying glass
  • Reading on the Beach


Texas Reading Club 2003 Programming Manual / Mission Possible Spy Book!

Published by the Library Development Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission

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