Treasure Hunt

Books to Share

  • Blue’s Big Treasure Hunt by Angela Santomero.
  • Rainbow Fish: Hidden Treasures by Gail Donovan.
  • Mop’s Treasure Hunt by Martine Schaap.
  • Sonny’s Treasure Hunt by Lisa Stubbs.
  • Treasure of Pirate Island: Great Adventures by Matt Mitter.

Books to Show and Booktalk

  • Dora’s Treasure Hunt by Alison Inches.
  • Treasure Hunt by Allan Ahlberg.
  • Treasure Hunt by Bill Cosby.
  • Treasure Hunt by Susan Simon.

Bulletin Board

Treasure Chest of Golden Reads

Cut out gold and/or yellow circles for coins and write authors, titles, and call numbers of pirate and treasure hunt picture books on them. Place the coins in a Treasure Chest on the bulletin board along with the caption, “Treasure Chest of Golden Reads”.


Spy a Treasure

Decorate an old trunk as a treasure chest and fill it with board books. Place the caption on the side or lid of the trunk.


As children enter the storytime area, give them nametags in the shape of treasure chests.


Hang a piñata shaped like a treasure chest.

treasure chest pinata


The Pirates Are Creeping

(Adapted by Leila Raven Parrish)

The pirates are creeping. (Tiptoe two fingers up arm)

Shhhh! Shhhh! (Index finger to lips)

The pirates are creeping.

Shhhh! Shhhh!

They do not make a sound,

As their feet touch the ground.

The pirates are creeping.


Flannel Board Story

“Jack and the Robbers” in Twenty Tellable Tales by Margaret Read MacDonald.

Adult and Child Craft

Treasure Chests


  • Baby wipe containers with lids
  • Stickers


Child attaches stickers to the baby wipe containers to create a treasure chest.

Games and Activities

Treasure Chest Cake

Serve a treasure chest cake using recipe found at

Treasure Chest Grab Box

Decorate a small box as a treasure chest and fill it with trinkets, stickers, and/or bookmarks. Invite the children reach in and find a treasure on their way out of storytime.

Audio Recordings

  • “Blue’s Big Treasure” on Blue’s Big Treasure by Various Artists.
  • “Whose Treasure is This?” on Blue’s Big Treasure by Various Artists.

Web Site

Birthday Express Party Source


Blue’s Treasure Hunt.

Professional Resources

  • Great Pirate Activity Book by Deri Robins.
  • Twenty Tellable Tales by Margaret Read MacDonald.


Texas Reading Club 2003 Programming Manual / Mission Possible Spy Book!

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