Pinta tu mundo en el parque y cerca del mar /

Color Your World At the Park and By the Sea

Books to Share

  • Carlito en el parque una tarde and Carl’s Afternoon In the Park by Alexandra Day.
  • Conejito y el mar and Little Rabbit and the Sea by Gavin Bishop.
  • Diego y el barco pirata by Verónica Uribe.
  • Huggly va a la playa by Tedd Arnold.
  • Miffy en la playa and Miffy at the Seaside by Dick Bruna.
  • Soy el agua and I Am Water by Jean Marzollo.
  • Spot va al parque and Spot Goes To the Park by Eric Hill.
  • Un don del mar and A Gift From the Sea by Kate Banks.

Name Tags

Copy and cut out the ball and fish patterns and give them to the children as they enter storytime.

Bulletin Board Idea

Color Your World by the Sea

Cut out fish and boats in various sizes and colors. Write the name of a book title or book character on each boat.


Serve lemonade or popsicles. On a warm day at the park or beach, lemonade and popsicles will cool them off. To make ice-tray popsicles, fill ice cube trays with Kool-Aid or juice. Insert toothpicks before they freeze completely.


La hormiguita The Little Ant


Andaba la hormiguita

juntando su comidita

le coge un aguacerito

Que corre pa’ su casita!

y se metió en su covachita

(Translated by Rose Treviño.)

An ant walked by

(walk fingers up and down arm)

Gathering her food.

She got caught in a rainstorm

So she ran to her little house!

(run fingers down your arm)

Deep down in the ground.

(run fingers behind your back)

Dos pajaritos Two Little Birds


Dos pajaritos muy sentaditos,

En una cerca muy quietecitos

Vuela Panchito, vuela Pedrito,

Vuelve Panchito, vuelve Pedrito.

(Translated by Rose Treviño.)

Two little birds,

Sitting quietly on a fence.

Fly away Frankie, fly away Petey

Come back Frankie, come back Petey.


Nadaban Swimming


Nadaban, nadaban,

nadaban los patos,

nadaban, nadaban,

y no se mojaban.

(Translated by Rose Treviño.)

Swimming and swimming

The ducks are swimming.

They swim and they swim

And don’t seem to get wet.

A remar Row


A remar, a remar

Marineros de San Juan

A los chicos darles leche,

A los grandes darles pan!

(Translated by Rose Treviño.)

Row, row

the sailors of San Juan

Give the younger ones milk

Give the older ones bread.


El chorrito The Stream


Allá en la fuente

Había un chorrito

Se hacía grandote

Se hacía chiquito.

Estaba de mal humor,

Pobre chorrito,

Tenia calor

(Translated by Rose Treviño.)

There in the fountain

lives a small stream

He grows up tall

Then shrinks down small

He was in a bad mood

‘Cause it was hot,

Poor little stream!

Vamos a remar Row Your Boat

Ven, ven, ven acá,

Vamos a remar

Rema, que rema, que rema, que rema,

Me tienes que ayudar.

Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream

Merrily, merrily, merrily,


Life is but a dream.


Peces / Fish


In advance, cut out fish using the patterns. Give each child one sheet of construction paper and several fish to color. Let them glue the fish onto construction paper.


Pío, pío / Peep Peep

The children sit in a circle and select one child to be in the middle. This child is blindfolded and is given a wooden spoon. The blindfolded child with the spoon walks over and taps a seated child on the head. This child says “pío, pío” and the blindfolded child needs to guess who it is that said “pío, pío.” If he / she guesses correctly, then the next child goes in the middle.

Guest Presenters

Invite the owner of a pet store to bring a small aquarium or fish tank to the library and leave it on display for a few weeks. The owner could talk to children at storytime about cleaning the tank and feeding the fish. The children could then color enlarged copies of the fish patterns at the end of the chapter.

Audio Recordings

  • El chorrito” on Infantiles por Hugo Líscano y Javier Galué, volumen 1 by Hugo Líscano.
  • Mambrú” on Alerta Sings and Canciones para el recreo / Songs for the playground by Suni Paz.


  • Cuentos marineros. (62 minutes)
  • Maisy's ABC. (36 minutes)




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