This manual is created for the 2004 Texas Reading Club, a program of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The theme is “Color Your World…Read!” in English and “Pinta tu mundo… ¡Lee!” in Spanish. This theme invites children to explore multiculturalism, art, the environment, and world folktales. Books, library materials, and the local library serve as entry to a wonderful world that is filled with color and fun!

Two Texas children’s service managers, Jeanette Larson of Austin Public Library and Rose Treviño of Houston Public Library, wrote the chapters for the 2004 manual. Please read the “About the Authors” section of this manual to learn more about the authors.

The 2004 Texas Reading Club manual will be available on CD-ROM and on the Texas State Library web site at A recording of the theme song by Purly Gates will be included, in addition to the information in the print manual.

There are many exciting elements in the 2004 Texas Reading Club manual, including:

  • A chapter featuring stories, puppet plays, and other storytelling techniques.
  • A Bilingual Programs chapter with programs for children of various ages.
  • A chapter featuring Celebrations to open and close the Texas Reading Club festivities.
  • A chapter with ideas for programming for Young Adults.

If you explore this manual thoroughly, you will find many exciting ideas for planning and hosting an enjoyable and successful 2004 Texas Reading Club.

I would like to express my gratitude to the wonderful youth services staff at Austin Public Library who freely shared their great ideas, to my husband, Jim Larson, for drawing the patterns and illustrations throughout the manual, to Steven P. Treviño for his craft illustrations in the bilingual chapter, and to Jennifer Freeman, who will be a fantastic children’s librarian one day, for being a capable and eager assistant. I also want to thank Christine McNew for her support in the development and editing of this manual and Shawn Clements for preparing the layout and formatting for the manual.

Jeanette Larson

Youth Services Manager

Austin Public Library

September, 2003


Texas Reading Club 2004 Programming Manual / Color Your World...Read!

Published by the Library Development Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission

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