This manual is created for the 2005 Texas Reading Club, a program of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The themes in English and Spanish, “Go Wild…Read!” and “¡Vuélvete loco por leer!,” invite children to explore the natural world, biomes and landscapes, plants, animals, adventure, and exploration.

The 2005 Texas Reading Club manual is available on CD-ROM and online at the Texas State Library web site, Children’s book illustrator, Michael Austin, created the artwork for the 2005 Texas Reading Club. Lucas Miller, the Singing Zoologist, created an original theme song for the Reading Club. Youth librarians from cities large and small throughout Texas wrote the chapters for the 2005 manual. The CD-Rom and the online manual include the artwork by Michael Austin and a musical recording of the original theme song by Lucas Miller. Please read about Michael Austin, Lucas Miller, and the librarians who wrote manual chapters in the “Something about the Artist” and the “Something About the Authors and Songwriters” sections of this manual.

There are many exciting elements in the 2005 Texas Reading Club manual, including:

  • A chapter featuring stories, puppet plays, and reader’s theater scripts.
  • A Bilingual Programs chapter with programs for children of various ages.
  • A Celebrations Programs chapter with ideas to begin and end Texas Reading Club festivities.
  • A chapter with ideas for programming for Young Adults.

If you explore this manual thoroughly, you will find many exciting ideas for planning and hosting an enjoyable and successful 2005 Texas Reading Club.

Please also note the information concerning public performance of music and film in library programs and the summary of the research on the importance of summer reading that are included in the introduction.

I would like to express my gratitude to the wonderful staff at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, especially Sandi Jowers, Marilyn Johnson, Michele Lamb, Julie Wood, Shawn Clements, and Alyssa Phan for their dedication to bringing the Texas Reading Club to children throughout our great State.

Christine McNew

Youth Services Consultant

Texas State Library and Archives Commission



Texas Reading Club 2005 Programming Manual / Go Wild...Read!

Published by the Library Development Division of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Page last modified: June 14, 2011