Preschool Programs Chapter

Go Wild About Insects

Books to Share

  • Absolutely Not by Matthew McElligott.
  • About Insects by Cathryn Sill.
  • Bug Safari by Bob Barner.
  • Ugh! A Bug by Mary Bono.
  • Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert.

Books to Show and Booktalk

  • Becoming Butterflies by Anne Rockwell.
  • Bugs Are Insects by Anne Rockwell.
  • Insectlopedia by Douglas Florian.
  • Snug as a Bug by M. E. Ross.
  • When the Woods Hum by Joanne Ryder.


Cut out butterflies to make nametags.



(By Barrie Teague Alguire)

Every insect has six legs, (Hold up six fingers)

And some of them have wings. (Hold hands out and waggle fingers like wings)

Some have antennae on their heads, (Hold two fingers up to head)

And some of them will sting! Ouch! (Tap your palm sharply with one finger)


(By Barrie Teague Alguire)

Swat the mosquito! (Tap your arm lightly as if swatting a mosquito)

Swat the flea! (Tap your other arm in the same manner)

Swat the fly! (Make swatting motion in the air)

But don’t swat me! (Hold both hands up in front, palms out)

Here Is a Beehive

(Adapted from Hand Rhymes by Marc Brown.)

Here is a beehive. (Hold up a fist.)

Where are the bees? (Look around for bees)

Hidden away where nobody sees

Let’s watch and see them come out of the hive.

One … two … three … four … five. (Extend one finger for each number.)

Bzzzzzzz! (Wiggle fingers as hand rises into the air)

Rhymes and Poetry

  • Read “The Monarch Butterfly,” “The Crickets,” or “The Giant Water Bug” from Insectlopedia by Douglas Florian.
  • Read “The Caterpillar” in Beast Feast by Douglas Florian.


“Shoo Fly” on Children’s Favorite Songs, Vol. 3.


Tell “Louie the Loco” by Lucas Miller.

Audio Recordings

Play “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky-Korsakov on James Galway: Man With the Golden Flute. Give each child an artificial flower to hold. Wear a bumblebee finger puppet and “buzz” from flower to flower while the music plays. The Nature Store at sells Tub Puppets, a set of three insect finger puppets that includes a bumblebee, butterfly, and ladybug.


Tissue Paper Butterfly

(Adapted from Alphabet Art by Judy Press.)

  • Butterfly pattern
  • Tissue paper in assorted colors
  • Chenille stems (black, any color, or glittery)
  • Scissors

Using the pattern provided at the end of this chapter, cut butterfly shapes out of tissue paper. Give each child butterflies of two different colors for added brilliance. Let them put one tissue paper butterfly on top of another. To form the butterfly body, gather the butterflies in the center and wrap the chenille stem around it twice, leaving the ends together on one side. Curl the ends of the chenille stems to form the antennae.

Ladybug Craft

  • Ladybug pattern
  • Red card stock or poster board
  • Black construction paper
  • Black stick-on dots
  • Black yarn
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black marker or crayon

Using the ladybug pattern, cut out the ladybug body from red card stock or poster board. Cut the head from black construction paper. The children glue the head to one end of the body. The child (or an adult) draws a black line down the red body to designate the two wings. The children stick black dots on the red body. To make a handle for the ladybug, punch a hole in the top of the ladybug’s head. Thread a piece of black yarn through it and tie the ends together. The children can loop this around a wrist or use it as a handle to carry their ladybugs home.


Insect Search

Take a walk outside the library with the children and see how many insects you can spot.

Connect the Dots

Print the dot-to-dot butterfly sheet from the KidsRCrafty Web site at Photocopy one for each child. Let the children connect the dots with a pencil or crayon and then color their butterfly.


See How They Grow: Insects. (30 minutes) Show one segment about an insect of your choice. If you do not have public performance rights, display this video for children to view at home.

Web Sites

Insect Sounds

Listen to the music made by grasshoppers, crickets, and other insects.

Yahooligans! Animals

Links to information and pictures of every imaginable insect.

Professional Resources

  • Alphabet Art by Judy Press.
  • Beast Feast by Douglas Florian.
  • Hand Rhymes by Marc Brown.
  • Insectlopedia by Douglas Florian.
  • The Nature Store

    The Nature Store has many nature related items, including plush animals, live animal kits, books, videos, and science activities.


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