Little Red Riding Hood

Adapted by Debra Breithaupt



  • Tennis racket
  • Tai Bo and Pilates DVDs
  • Basket for Little Red Riding Hood
  • Plastic fruit or vegetables
  • Small plastic bottle colored blue to simulate Gatorade® or other sports drinks
  • Hooded red sweatshirt for Little Red Riding Hood
  • Wrist and forehead sweat bands for Granny
  • Tennis visor for Wolf to wear in Granny’s bed


(Little Red Riding Hood enters, jogging with a basket on her arm.)

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: Oh my! I’ve made very good time today so I think I’ll walk the rest of the way to my dear old Granny’s house. That way I can cool down.

(While she is talking the Wolf has entered and is creeping up on her. When he hears the word “goodies,” he perks up and looks at the audience.)

BIG BAD WOLF: (jumps forward and blocks Little Red Riding Hood’s way) What’s in the basket, girly?

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: Just a few things for my dear old granny.

BIG BAD WOLF: Really? Let me see? (he tries to take the basket from her) Whoa! That thing’s heavy.

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: (pulls the basket back) Oh, it’s not that heavy. I’m sorry I can’t stop, I need to keep my heart rate up. And, I’m hurrying to get this basket of goodies to my granny. Besides, I’m not supposed to talk to strangers. (she brushes past him and hurries on)

BIG BAD WOLF: In a hurry, is she? HA! I’ll show her! I’ll eat her, her granny, and those goodies in her basket. I’ll get to her dear old granny’s house first! It’s a good thing I know a short cut, because I’m really out of shape. (he hurries off huffing and puffing in the opposite direction)

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: (enters) At last. I’m safe at my dear old Granny’s house. (knocks)

BIG BAD WOLF: (speaking in a falsetto voice) Who is it?

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: It’s me, Granny. Little Red Riding Hood.

BIG BAD WOLF: (falsetto) Come in!

(Little Red Riding Hood goes in. Wolf is wearing Granny’s tennis visor.)

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: Oh Granny! Are you sick?

BIG BAD WOLF: (falsetto) Of course, I’m sick, dearie. That’s why you brought me goodies right? Come closer!

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: (approaches Big Bad Wolf) Oh Granny! You look terrible. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you sick before. What big ears you have! (she gets closer)

BIG BAD WOLF: (falsetto) All the better to hear you with my dear.

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: And Granny. What a big nose you have. (she gets closer)

BIG BAD WOLF: (falsetto) All the better to smell you with my dear.

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: And Granny. What big eyes you have. (she moves closer)

BIG BAD WOLF: (falsetto) All the better to see you with my dear.

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: And Granny. What big teeth you have. (she is looking directly at the wolf’s teeth and his mouth is wide open)

BIG BAD WOLF: (growling in his deep wolf voice) All the better to eat you with my dear!

(The Big Bad Wolf leaps at Little Red Riding Hood. She turns and runs offstage. The wolf chases and they cross the stage twice. On the third cross, Granny enters with a tennis racket and joins the chase, whacking the wolf with the racket. They go around one more time and then its only Granny and Little Red Riding Hood. The Big Bad Wolf can be heard crying “HELP ME! HELP ME” in the distance.)

GRANNY: Are you all right, sweetie? I’m sorry I wasn’t home when you arrived. I was playing tennis with the Woodcutter.

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: I’m all right Granny. You hit that bad old wolf with a wicked backhand.

GRANNY: That’s the last we’ll see of that old wolf. Did you bring me some goodies in that basket?

LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD: (pulls a DVD out of her basket) Yes, Granny. I brought you some apples and oranges and those multivitamins you like. And, I checked out a Pilates DVD and a Tai Bo DVD from the library. Which one do you want to do first?

GRANNY: You always know just the right kind of “goodies” to bring your dear old Granny. (they hug) Let’s do the Tai Bo! (they punch a la Billy Blanks, with the puppets sticking their arms straight out with a quick punching motion followed by a jump in the air)



This show can be done with two or three puppeteers. If possible, pre-record the puppet play script. If pre-recording is not possible, a third or forth person is needed to make sound effects, such as the whacking sound when Granny clobbers the Wolf.

This play may be performed with regular puppets or with stick puppets. If using regular puppets, create costumes to fit each character; props may be actual items listed. If you do not have two people puppets and a wolf puppet that can be dressed as the characters, use the patterns provided at the end of this chapter to make cardboard stick characters. A pattern for a tennis racket is also provided. If using stick puppets, props may be cut from flannel or other material. Felt is inexpensive, comes in many colors, and may be used to create unique and colorful cardboard stick characters.

P & T Puppet Theater at sells a variety of puppets and has a great wolf puppet (#2101) for $34.80, while Puppets on the Move at will make customized puppets. Don’t forget to check thrift and second-hand stores for great props and costumes.

Music heightens the drama of a puppet show, provides an introduction, maintains attention during scene changes and interludes, and signals the end of the show. Refer to licensing information in the “Legalities” section of this manual to be sure that you are not violating copyright when using music. Suggestions for compositions to use during entrances, interludes, and exits, available on numerous audio recordings, for this puppet show include the following: Beethoven’s “5th Symphony,” Chopin’s “Minute Waltz,” and Ravel’s “Bolero.”


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