Fancy Footwork

by Susan Muñoz

Books to Share

  • Bearobics: A Hip-Hop Counting Story by Vic Parker.
  • Dance Away by George Shannon.
  • Dancing in My Bones by Sylvia Andrews.
  • Toddler Two-Step by Kathi Appelt.
  • Toddlerobics by Zita Newcomb.

Books to Show or Booktalk

  • Color Dance by Ann Jonas.
  • Hilda Must Be Dancing by Karma Wilson.
  • Oliver Button Is a Sissy by Tomie DePaola.
  • Peeping Beauty by Mary Jane Auch.
  • She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain by Philemon Sturges.
  • Song and Dance Man by Karen Ackerman.

Bulletin Board

Gotta Dance!

Place the caption “Gotta Dance!” at the top of your bulletin board. Below the caption, affix pictures of adults and children performing various types of dances, such as ballet, ballroom, hip-hop, tap, break dancing, etc., cut from magazines or discarded books.


“Watch My Feet” and “We Wiggle” in 2’s Experience: Fingerplays by Liz and Dick Wilmes.

Audio Recordings

  • “Happy Feet” on Happy Feet by Fred Penner.
  • “Rhinoceros Tap” on Rhinoceros Tap: 15 Seriously Silly Songs by Sandra Boyton and Adam Ford.
  • “Use Your Own Two Feet” on Jump Children by Marcy Marxer.


Fancy Feet


  • Construction or butcher paper
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Stickers (optional)


Trace the children’s feet on construction or butcher paper. If butcher paper is used, cut to a manageable size. Provide crayons and markers and allow the children to color their feet. If desired, provide stickers to allow the children to create fancier feet.

Rhinoceros Finger Puppets


  • 3” x 5” index cards
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors


Use the rhinoceros pattern to make rhinoceros finger puppets. In advance, trace the pattern onto index cards, or copy and print on index cards. Cut two holes for the children to put their fingers through to create the puppet’s legs. After the children color their puppet, play “Rhinoceros Tap” on Rhinoceros Tap: 15 Seriously Silly Songs by Sandra Boyton and Adam Ford or other tap music and let the rhinos “tap” along with the music.

Games and Activities

Dance to “The Hokey Pokey” on Dancin’ Magic by Joanie Bartel. Refer to the Bilingual Programs Chapter of this manual for detailed instructions for dancing the Hokey Pokey and for words in Spanish.

Guest Speakers

Invite a local dance school or dance troupe to perform and show the kids a few dance steps.


If you have public performance rights, show these videos and DVDs, or segments of them, to the children. Otherwise, display them for home use.

  • “The Ballet Tickets” on Angelina Ballerina: Rose Fairy Princess. (48 minutes)
  • The Story of the Dancing Frog. (28 minutes)
  • Zoe’s Dance Moves. (40 minutes)

Professional Resources

  • Dancin’ Magic by Joanie Bartel.
  • Rhinoceros Tap: 15 Seriously Silly Songs by Sandra Boyton and Adam Ford.
  • 2’s Experience: Fingerplays by Liz and Dick Wilmes.


Texas Reading Club 2006 Programming Manual / Reading: The Sport of Champions!

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