Team Library

By Jeanette Larson

Length of Program

90 minutes

Program Description

This program is designed to build camaraderie and team spirit for the library and the teens who are attending through enjoyable games and activities. Teens will attend a tailgate party, make team pennants or decorate sports bottles, and participate in team-building exercises. Playing a sport is not just about winning. It’s also about being part of the team. This program will encourage teens to get to know each other and build spirit for Team Library!


The activities in this program provide an opportunity for teens to get to know each other, work together, and develop a sense of camaraderie with their peers and library staff. Order your tailgate party decorations, purchase craft supplies, and plan refreshments well in advance. Gather examples of sports team flags and pennants. Download the teambuilding exercise of your choice or select one from a book such as Team-Building Activities for Every Group by Alanna Jones.

Books to Display

  • Crackback by John Coy.
  • Heart of a Champion by Carl Deuker.
  • Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free Throws by Janette Rallison.
  • Offsides by Erik E. Esckilsen.
  • Who Will Tell My Brother? by Marlene Carvell.

Books to Booktalk

  • Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream by H. G. Bissinger.
  • Getting in the Game by Dawn FitzGerald.
  • The Iceman by Chris Lynch.
  • Out Standing in My Field by Patrick Jennings.
  • Slam Dunk by Matt Christopher.
  • Travel Team by Mike Lupica.


Hold a tailgate party in the library. Purchase sports themed tablecloth, cups, plates, and napkins and decorate the area with pom poms, sports lights, etc. Sherman Specialties sells a football field tablecloth and other items. Serve pretzels, root beer, chips and salsa, and other snacks. For a more substantial treat, serve chicken wings or pizza.


Demco sells hand-painted, sturdy plastic bookmarks with five different sports balls. Another option is the mini sports ball pinball games available from Oriental Trading Company. Upstart sells “Team Read” items, including buttons, pennants, and stickers.

Rhymes and Poetry

Read “Jump Shot” by Richard Peck in Slam Dunk: Poems About Basketball by Lillian Morrison.


Team Pennants


  • Large grocery bags or brown kraft paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers or paint pens
  • Glue sticks
  • Construction paper
  • Stickers (assorted shapes and sizes; optional)
  • Pennant pattern


Enlarge the pennant pattern to a size that will fit on a paper grocery bag. Let each teen cut out a pennant. Provide markers, construction paper, and a variety of stickers so that each teen can decorate a pennant to show their sense of spirit for Team Library. Display the finished products on the bulletin board to decorate the library. For inspiration, display pennants from sports teams, or print out examples from team web sites or Sports Team Flags. Hewlett-Packard provides copyright free sports art at Provide an assortment of books on symbols and logos for inspiration. American Trademark Designs: A Survey With 732 Marks, Logos, and Corporate-Identity Symbols by Barbara Baer and Ready-to-Use Trade Symbols and Motifs: 88 Different Copyright-Free Designs Printed One Side by Leslie Cabarga are good reference sources.

Sports Bottle


  • White or other unprinted sports bottles
  • Glue paints and glitter glue
  • Marker pens
  • Stickers and other decorative items


Purchase plain sports bottles from a local craft supply store or Oriental Trading Company which sells neon colors for about a dollar each. Provide assorted paints, glue pens, and other supplies to decorate the bottles. Be sure the glue will adhere to plastic. Allow the paint to dry before the teens enjoy a sports drink or water.

Games and Activities


Select one or more of the teambuilding activities available from Wilderdom at or in teambuilding books. The balloon and group juggling activities suggested on this site are more active, while Zoom uses a wordless picture book that has been torn apart to create a group story.

Videos/DVDs to Show or Display

  • Bend It Like Beckham. (113 minutes)
  • The Big Green. (100 minutes)
  • The Rookie. (129 minutes)

Professional Resources

  • American Trademark Designs: A Survey With 732 Marks, Logos, and Corporate-Identity Symbols by Barbara Baer.
  • Ready-to-Use Trade Symbols and Motifs: 88 Different Copyright-Free Designs Printed One Side by Leslie Cabarga.
  • Slam Dunk: Poems About Basketball by Lillian Morrison.
  • Team-Building Activities for Every Group by Alanna Jones.
Color Your World…Read! 2004 Texas Reading Club
The “Team Colors” program in the 2004 manual offers additional programming ideas for teens, including a crossword puzzle based on sports team names.

This library supplier sells plastic bookmarks featuring sports balls.

Dover Publications
This publisher offers a variety of inexpensive books and books with copyright free art.

Copyright free sports art and templates for crafts created with Microsoft Word are provided.

Oriental Trading Company
Purchase inexpensive water bottles and incentives.

Sherman Specialties
Purchase football table decorations.

Sports Team Flags
Officially licensed items for all major sports teams serve as reference materials for team logos and paraphernalia.

Includes tailgating trivia, recipes for tailgate parties, and other suggestions for fun provided by a true fan of tailgating.

Team Building Activities, Initiative Games, and Problem Solving Exercises
This web site provides a variety of teambuilding games and exercises, along with background on how and why to use them.


Texas Reading Club 2006 Programming Manual / Reading: The Sport of Champions!

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