Table of Contents

for Upcoming 2006 Texas Reading Club Manual


Artist, Authors, and Songwriters

  • Something About the Artist, Frank Remkiewicz
  • Something About the Authors and Songwriters


  • Goals and Purpose
  • Using This Manual
  • Clip Art
  • Theme Songs
  • A Note About Web Sites
  • Library Outreach
  • Research Related to Summer Reading
  • Every Child Ready to Read @ Your Library
  • Legalities: The Bingo Enabling Act, Copyright Issues, Music, Films
  • Serving Children with Disabilities
  • Marketing, Cooperation, and PR
  • Suppliers for Incentives, Crafts, and Program Materials

Theme Songs

  • The Sport of Champions by Sara Hickman
  • Reading Makes Champions of Us All by Sally Meyers

Reader’s Theater Scripts

  • Kenny at the Bat by Teresa Chiv
  • The Reader’s Cup by Clifford Edge III

Creative Dramatics

  • Pantomime and Improvisation by Clifford Edge III

Puppet Plays

  • Little Red Riding Hood adapted by Debra Breithaupt
  • Hansel and Gretel adapted by Debra Breithaupt

Celebrations Program Chapter by Tina Hager

  • So, You Want To Have Some Fun?
  • Pump Up Your Mind
  • And the Winner Is…
  • International Fun

Bilingual Programs Chapter by Alexandra Corona and Paula Gonzales

  • Toddler Program: Juegos de agua para campeones / Water Play for Champions
  • Toddler Program: Colores para campeones / Colors for Champions
  • Toddler Program: Contando para campeones / Counting for Champions
  • Toddler Program: Juegos para campeones / Games for Champions
  • Preschool Program: Comida para campeones / Food for Champions
  • Preschool Program: Diverson al aire libre para campeones / Outdoor Fun for Champions
  • Preschool Program: Deportes para campeones / Sports for Champions
  • Preschool Program: Celebraciones para campeones / Celebrations for Champions

Toddler Programs Chapter by Jaye McLaughlin, Claire Abraham, Catherine Clyde, Susan Muñoz, and Vonne Powell

  • Breakfast of Champions compiled by Vonne Powell
  • Let the Games Begin compiled by Claire Abraham
  • A Little Healthy Competition compiled by Claire Abraham
  • Fancy Footwork compiled by Susan Muñoz
  • A Day At The Races compiled by Vonne Powell
  • Everyone’s A Winner compiled by Catherine Clyde
  • Ready, Set, Read compiled by Susan Muñoz
  • Reach For The Stars compiled by Catherine Clyde

Preschool Programs Chapter by Teresa Chiv

  • Books Make Good Sports
  • Nursery Rhyme Olympics
  • On Your Mark…Get Set…Read!
  • Splash Into Books!
  • A Book Ballet
  • Books on the Backstretch
  • Reading Is a Ball
  • Start Your Engines—Zoom Into Books

Elementary Programs Chapter by Jeanette Larson

  • Home Run Fun!
  • Mind Games
  • Ride and Read
  • Get Physical!
  • Olympic Readers
  • Personal Best
  • Go for the Gold (and Silver)
  • International Competition

Young Adult Programs Chapter by Jeanette Larson

  • Brain Games
  • Poetry in Motion
  • Sports Images
  • Extreme Sports
  • Jog Your Mind
  • Wheeling Around
  • Team Library
  • Sports Shorts


  • Books
  • Audiorecordings
  • Films, Videorecordings, and DVDs
  • CD-Roms
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