Acceptable Use of Artwork

by Diane Stanley

This year’s Texas Reading Club artist is Diane Stanley and she possesses the copyright to the artwork she created for “Sail Away with Books.” In accordance with the artist’s contract, the artwork by Diane Stanley will be inserted into the 2007 Texas Reading Club manual on CD-ROM and uploaded onto the Texas State Library’s Web site.

In accordance with the artist’s contract, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission grants Texas libraries a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to reproduce all color artwork and clip art in the Texas Reading Club manual to promote their libraries and the Texas Reading Club. It may be used to create items such as crafts, t-shirts, programs, and library decorations.

In addition, Texas libraries are granted permission to upload the color artwork and clip art onto their library web sites for the sole purpose of promoting the 2007 Texas Reading Club program. If a library displays the artwork on a web site, the library is obligated to clearly state that it is for use only by Texas libraries and the artwork must carry the copyright symbol with Diane Stanley listed as copyright holder.

The color artwork on the certificate, poster, and bookmark may not be altered or modified in any way. Images may not be manipulated and colors may not be changed. It is, however, acceptable to use a part of the artwork for promotion. For example, an image of a specific character or a portion of the artwork may be pulled from the whole art piece and placed on a button, flyer, or other promotional item.

Bookmarks, Borders, Buttons, Certificates, Reading Logs, and More!

Public libraries in Texas may use the artwork to create items for use as incentives, awards, and prizes that are given to children. The artwork is the property of the artist. Please respect her work! All images must include the copyright symbol with Diane Stanley listed as copyright holder. Libraries may resize and reverse the clip art, but may not alter it. The name of the library may be added, but the art is owned by the illustrator and should not be touched up, edited, or modified without permission. Color may be added to the clip art only if the same color hues as represented in the poster, bookmark, and certificate are utilized.

The artwork may only be used on items that will be sold if the proceeds are returned to the library directly or through a Friends of the Library organization, and sales are limited to Texas. Please direct questions to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, 512-463-6623.

To Use Clip Art

  • Start with your text idea.
  • Choose the clip art that best matches your text.
  • Scan or copy the clip art and reduce or enlarge it if needed.
  • Place the scanned clip art in your computer document, or cut it out and paste the clip art to your hardcopy original.
  • Add finishing touches, and print or copy your masterpiece!

For more information, please contact Christine McNew, Youth Services Consultant, at

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Page last modified: June 14, 2011