Key to abbreviations for age recommendations

  • T=Toddler
  • P=Preschool
  • I=Elementary
  • Y=Young Adult
  • L=For the Librarian
  • += "and up" All ages above the one listed will find the book of interest.

Note: Titles marked (OP) are out of print and may be borrowed through interlibrary loan. Many OP books are also available through online book dealers.

Audio Recordings

The Backyardigans. Nick Records, 2005. (CD) (T)
This collection includes songs about pirates and water.

Banana Slug String Band.
Penguin Parade. Music for Little People, 1996. (CD) (P-I)
Original songs about land and water animals performed by various band members, with accompanying musical instruments and background vocalists.

Bartels, Joanie.
Bathtime Magic. Discovery Music, 1990. (CD) (T-P)
From “Rubber Duckie” to “Rub-a-Dub-Dub,” this collection is filled with bathtime fun.

Captain Bogg and Salty.
Pegleg Tango. Music Millennium, 2005. (CD) (I)
Buccaneers and pirates of all ages will enjoy this mix of pirate rock and roll.

Chapin, Tom.
Billy the Squid. Sony Kid’s, 1992. (CD) (T)
Engaging songs about children and their activities throughout the day.

A Child’s Celebration of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Music for Little People, 1996. (CD) (I)
Dust off your blue suede shoes and rock to these classic 1950s tunes.

Covert, Ralph.
At The Bottom of the Sea. Ralph’s World, 2002. (CD) (I)
This collection includes a variety of music, from blues to bluegrass.

Del Rey, María.
The Peanut Man. Music for Little People, 2004. (CD) (P-I) (OP)
This collection includes traditional songs and original stories in both English and Spanish.

Del Rey, María.
Universe of Song. Music for Little People, 1999. (CD) (T+)
Traditional songs from Latin America and the United States in both Spanish and English, with lyrics included.

Diamond, Charlotte.
10 Carrot Diamond. Hug Bug, 1985. (CD/Cass) (T-P)
This award-winning collection includes a wide variety of songs for kids.

Diamond, Charlotte.
Charlotte Diamond’s World. Hug Bug, 2000. (CD) (T-P)
Original and traditional children’s songs are performed by Charlotte Diamond and the Hug Bug Band with accompanying musical instruments.

Dines, Katherine.
Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta Funsies #1. Hunk-Ta-Bunk-Ta, 2003. (CD)(T)
Skill building songs and activities encourage interaction between caregivers and very young children.

Disney Presenta Cantar y Jugar, Disney, 2003. (CD) (T-I) (OP)
Traditional songs are arranged in a variety of musical styles, including reggae, mariachi, cumbia, and more.

Fink, Cathy.
A Cathy and Marcy Collection for Kids. Rounder, 1994. (CD) (T-P)
Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer perform country-flavored children’s songs, with accompanying musical instruments.

Gallageher, John.
J. Roger’s School for Pirates. Stepping Into Books, 2003. (CD) (P+)
This collection includes an assortment of songs about being a pirate.

Gill, Jim.
Jim Gills Sings the Sneezing Song and Other Contagious Tunes. Jim Gill, 1993. (CD) (T-I)
Original action and activity songs.

Greg and Steve.
On the Move. Youngheart, 1983. (CD) (T-P)
Original action, activity, and sing-a-long songs.

Greg and Steve.
Playing Favorites. Youngheart, 1991. (CD) (T-P)
Many old favorites, with some new twists, are included on this recording.

Greg and Steve.
Rockin’ Down the Road. Youngheart, 1995. (CD) (T-I)
In addition to “road” songs, this collection includes “Yellow Submarine” and other sing-along favorites.

Greg and Steve.
We All Live Together, Vol. 5, Youngheart, 1994. (CD)(T-I)
More songs in this musical series focus on basic concepts and standard storytime themes.

Grunsky, Jack.
Dream Catcher. Youngheart, 1993. (CD) (T-I)
Various artists perform multi-cultural action and activity songs with accompanying musical instruments, including the berimbau, ukulele, and accordion.

Harley, Bill.
Blah Blah Blah: Stories About Clams, Swamp Monster, Pirates and Dogs. Empyrean, 2005. (CD) (I)
Harley performs “The Ballad of Dirty Joe.” Lyrics are online at

Here is Thumbkin. Kimbo, 2000. (CD) (T-P)
Action, activity, and sing-a-long songs.

Hickman, Sara.
Toddler. Sleeveless, 2001. (CD) (T-P)
Various children’s songs that will appeal to babies and toddlers.

Ives, Burl.
Burl Ives Sings Little White Duck and Other Children’s Favorites. CBS, 1974. (CD) (P-I)
This classic collection is filled with favorites such as “Little White Duck” and “Froggie Went A-Courtin’,” among others.

Jacobs, Ted.
A Child’s Garden of Songs. Music for Little People, 1999. (CD) (T+)
This collection includes songs about water, animals, pirates, and boats.

Jenkins, Ella.
Come Dance by the Ocean. Smithsonian Folkways, 1993. (CD) (I)
A variety of musical styles and educational songs are included in this collection.

Learning Station.
Tony Chestnut and Fun Time Action Songs. Learning Station, 1997. (CD) (T-P)
Action and activity songs such as “Tony Chestnut.”

Lithgow, John.
Farkle and Friends. Kid Rhino, 2002. (CD) (P-I)
John Lithgow, accompanied by Bill Elliot and his Orchestra, performs children’s songs.

McDermott, Joe.
Great Big World. True Blue, 2000. (CD) (P-I)
This fun-loving Texan plays great songs for children, including “Don’t Get Close to the Alligator.”

Miller, John Lucas.
I Was a Supa-Dupa-Pupa! Lucas Miller, 2005. (CD) (P-I)
The self-proclaimed “singing zoologist” performs a variety of songs based on scientific facts.

More Dancin’ Tunes. Disney, 2002. (CD) (I)
Disney puts its spin on popular dance songs, including “The Hokey Pokey” and “The Bunny Hop.”

Murphy, Jane Lawliss.
Songs About Insects, Bugs and Squiggly Things. Kimbo, 1993. (CD) (T-I)
The title basically says it all! Children will enjoy these original songs about insects and other crawly creatures.

Orozco, José-Luis.
Diez Deditos / Ten Little Fingers and Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America. Arcoiris, 2005. (CD) (T-P)
An award-winning performer shares traditional songs from Latin America.

Orozco, José-Luis.
Lírica infantil con José-Luis Orozco V.1. Arcoiris Records, 1998. (CD) ((T-P-I))
Traditional songs from Latin America are included in this collection.

Palmer, Hap.
Getting to Know Myself. Educational Activities, 1995. (CD) (T-P)
Original action and activity songs about feelings, movement, senses, friendship, etc.

Palmer, Hap.
Learning Basic Skills Through Music Vocabulary. Educational Activities, 1995. (CD) (T-P)
Original action and activity songs focus on topics such as food, safety, walking, etc.

Palmer, Hap.
Learning Basic Skills Through Music: Volume 2. Educational Activities, 1969. (CD) (T-P)
These original action and music songs focus on colors, concepts, shapes, and dancing.

Paz, Suni.
Alerta Sings & Canciones para el recreo / Children’s songs for the Playground. Smithsonian, 2000. (CD) (P-I)
This compilation of traditional Latin American and African-American songs include many that are used for jumping rope and other games.

Penner, Fred.
Fred Penner’s Place. Oak Street Music, 1988. (Cass) (T)
This children’s recording includes songs about ducks and fishing.

Peter, Paul and Mary.
Peter, Paul and Mommy Too. Warner Brothers, 1993. (CD/Cass) (P-I)
A collection of folk and children’s songs.

Pirtle, Sarah.
Two Hands Hold the Earth. A Gentle Wind, 1984. (Cass) (P)
This collection includes songs about animals that live on the earth and ways to protect them.

Prettyman, Maria.
Baby's First Steps in Spanish. Living Language, 2001. (CD) (T-I)
Although intended for very young children, these songs will appeal to a wide-range of listeners. An insert with the lyrics in English and Spanish will help listeners to sing along.

Baby Beluga. Rounder, 1980. (CD/Cass) (I)
The title song is a sweet and simple lullaby about a baby whale, but the collection also includes other classic Raffi tunes.

One Light, One Sun. Troubadour, 1985. (CD) (T-I)
Raffi performs favorite children’s songs.

Singable Songs for the Very Young. Shoreline, 1996. (CD) (T-P)
This acclaimed performer sings a variety of songs that are especially suited for singing along.

Family Vacation. Lightyear, 1988. (CD) (T)
This recording includes songs about going on a vacation with your family and all the activities that go with it.

Rudnick, Ben.
Blast Off! Listen Up, 2004. (CD) (P)
Rock out for a musical adventure with these songs about outer space and flying.

Scruggs, Joe.
Deep in the Jungle. Shadow Play Music, 1997. (CD) (T-I)
Funny, fabulous, favorites, including the “Eensy Weensy Spider,” are performed by this popular musician.

Sesame Street.
Songs from the Street: 35 Years of Music. Legacy/Sony, 2003. (CD) (T-I)
This multi-disc set contains 63 of the most memorable songs from Sesame Street and a booklet with extensive liner notes.

Silberg, Jackie.
Joining Hands with Other Lands. Kimbo, 1993. (CD) (T-I)
Various artists perform multi-cultural action and activity songs.

Skiera-Zucek, Lois.
What’s in the Sea? Kimbo, 1990. (CD) (T+)
A collection of songs about the animals that live in the ocean.

Stewart, Georgiana Liccione.
Playtime Parachute Fun for Early Childhood. Kimbo, 1977. (CD) (L)
Various songs and instrumental music are included for use with large group parachute activities.

The Beatles.
Yellow Submarine. Capitol, 1999. (CD/Cass) (P+)
The song track from the movie includes a number of Beatles songs.

The Green Chili Jam Band.
Coconut Moon. Squeaky Wheel, 1997. (CD/Cass) (P-I)
Pop, calypso, and multilingual lyrics spice up the beat.

Trout Fishing in America.
Infinity. Trout, 2001. (CD) (P-I)
From folk to Cajun, these friendly songs provide fun for the whole family.

Various Artists.
Radio Disney: Move It. Disney, 2005. (CD) (I)
From The Backstreet Boys to James Brown, toes will be tapping to these high-energy tunes.

Various Artists.
Caribbean Party. Putumayo, 1997. (CD/cass) (P+)
This danceable music from the Caribbean ensures that any party will be spicy.

Various Artists.
Putumayo Kids Presents: Caribbean Playground. Putumayo, 2004. (CD) (I)
This collection includes traditional and dance music from the Caribbean, along with cultural information and song lyrics.

Whitten, Wendy.
Flumpa’s World: Water, Water Everywhere. Ion Imagination, 2004. (CD) (P+)
The songs included in this collection provide educational information about what happens in the water.


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