Key to abbreviations for age recommendations

  • T=Toddler
  • P=Preschool
  • I=Elementary
  • Y=Young Adult
  • L=For the Librarian
  • += "and up" All ages above the one listed will find the book of interest.

Note: Titles marked (OP) are out of print and may be borrowed through interlibrary loan. Many OP books are also available through online book dealers.


Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy: The Mabbit Adventure. New Video, 2005. (72 minutes) (P+)
Join Raggedy Ann and Andy on several adventures, including one about a pirate.

Adventures of Zimmo: Boats. CJ and Me, 2001. (30 minutes) (P-I)
Join Zimmo, from the planet Zorion, as he shares fun and interesting facts about boats and sailing ships while sailing on the Star of India, the world’s oldest sailing ship.

Alexander and the Car With the Missing Headlight. Weston Woods, 1967. (12 minutes) (T-P)
A boy travels around the world in his little car.

Angus and the Ducks. Weston Woods, 1997. (12 minutes) (T-I)
A curious Scottish terrier wants to know what is making the noise in the bush. Based on the book by Marjorie Flack.

Baby’s First Impressions: Vol. 10 Food Fun. Small Fry, 1998. (32 minutes) (T-P)
Produce comes to life, making learning about food a fun event.

Barney’s Beach Party. Lyons, 1983. (50 minutes) (P+)
Barney goes to the beach and explores all the fun activities children can do there.

Barney's Exercise Circus. Lyons, 1996. (30 minutes) (P-I)
The kids set up a pretend circus.

Basic Knots. Bennett Marine, 2000. (90 minutes) (Y+)
Shows knots and how to properly tie them.

Be a Hula Girl. Kuleana, 2002. (30 minutes) (P-I)
Children will enjoy learning simple and fun hula dance movements to two of Hawaii’s favorite songs, "Pearly Shells" and the "Hukilau Song."

Be Cool, Play It Safe. EMP America, 1999. (43 minutes) (I)
It’s cool to be safe and this film shows kids how to be cool.

Be My Valentine, Love, Barney. Lyrick, 2000. (50 minutes) (P-I)
Barney and his friends are invited to Valentine Castle by the Queen of Hearts. "La canción del arcoiris" and "Si todas la gotas de lluvia" are in this Barney episode.

Between the Lions: To the Ship! To the Ship! WGBH, 2005. (30 minutes) (P+)
This episode of the popular PBS literature program explores stories with ships.

Big Boats Li’l Boats. Paragon, 1995. (29 minutes) (I)
Josh and his friends visit with the captain of a ship, learn about the features of the engine room, and visit the wheelhouse.

Big Submarine. VanDerKloot, 1996. (50 minutes) (I)
Explore how a submarine works.

Call It Courage. Disney, 1974. (94 minutes) (I-Y)
This live-action adventure, based on the Newbery Award-winning book by Armstrong Sperry, tells the story of a young boy who tries to overcome his fear of the sea by sailing beyond the reef that protects his South Sea island.

Crab Man. Nutmeg, 2004. (9 minutes) (T-P)
Based on the book by Patricia E. Van West, this is the story of a young Jamaican boy who must choose between earning money for his family and protecting the island's hermit crabs.

Doctor De Soto. Weston Woods, 1984. (10 minutes) (P-I)
In this modern-day fable, a sly, hungry fox with a toothache begs a mouse dentist to help him with his problem.

Dora the Explorer Pirate Adventure. Paramount, 2004. (49 minutes) (P+)
Join Dora as she goes on a pirate ship and has a great adventure.

Exitos musicales de Plaza Sésamo. Sony Wonder, 1999. (45 minutes) (P-I)
Abelardo, Big Bird’s cousin, accompanies Enrique, Beto, la Rana René, and a group of monsters through a journey of musical hits.

Food Safari: Lunch. Yum Yum Studios, 2003. (29 minutes) (T-P)
This award-winning film introduces children to nutritional food and explains the production and distribution of popular foods.

Gift of the Whales. Miramar Images, 1989. (30 minutes) (I)
The life of whales is seen through the eyes of a young Native American boy.

Good Night, Gorilla... And More Bedtime Stories. Weston Woods, 2002. (51 minutes) (P-I)
A zookeeper making his nightly rounds before bedtime does not realize that the animals are following him home to go to bed at his house. Also includes How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night, Happy Birthday Moon, and The Napping House.

Goose. Weston Woods, 2002. (7 minutes) (T-P)
Based on the book by Molly Bang, Laura Dern narrates the story of a baby goose that is adopted by a family of woodchucks.

Hondo and Fabian. Weston Woods, 2006. (6 minutes) (P)
The gentle story of Hondo, a dog that goes to the beach, and Fabian, a house cat that has to stay home with the baby.

Hook. Columbia Tri-Star, 1992. (144 minutes) (I+)
Robin Williams stars as a grown-up Peter Pan in this high-flying adventure.

I Stink! Weston Woods, 2004. (7 minutes) (T-P)
A stinky garbage truck makes its rounds through the city picking up everything from apples cores to ziti with zucchini, all very happily. Based on the book by Kate McMullan.

I Want to be a Hula Dancer and Wear a Flower Lei. Kuleana Productions, 2004. (60 minutes) (P-I)
Featuring the basic steps and music, this film provides an introduction to hula and the art of making leis.

Jurassic Park. MCA, 2001. (127 minutes) (I+)
A theme park featuring living dinosaurs drawn from prehistoric DNA becomes dangerous for visitors when the creatures break out and attack.

King Kong. Universal, 2005. (188 minutes) (I+)
A filmmaker leads a movie cast and crew to Skull Island where they meet a giant ape named Kong.

Kipper: Imagine That. Grand Slam Children’s Films, 2002. (60 minutes) (T+)
Kipper imagines many different things, including what it would be like to be a pirate.

Las Aventuras de Spot. Gessler Pub. Co, 1991. (35 minutes) (I-P)
This Spanish version of The Adventures of Spot contains seven of Eric Hill’s stories about the loveable pup.

Let’s Pretend with Barney. Lyons Group, 1996. (60 minutes) (P+)
Imaginations come to life when Barney pretends to go under the sea.

More Barney Songs / Más canciones de Barney. Lyons Partnership, 1999. (55 minutes) (P-I)
Barney, the popular purple dinosaur, cleans out his closets and finds various things that remind him of songs. Dubbed in Spanish.

My Life With the Wave. GPN, 1998. (30 minutes) (P-I)
Focusing on the book by Catherine Cowan, this episode of "Reading Rainbow" also looks at the beauty and energy of water.

My Little Island. GPN, 1987. (30 minutes) (P-I)
This episode of "Reading Rainbow" features the book by Frane Lessac about a young boy who takes his best friend on a visit to the small Caribbean island of Montserrat.

National Geographic Really Wild Animals: Deep Sea Dive. National Geographic, 1994. (45 minutes) (I+)
In volume three of the popular series, Spin, an animated globe, takes viewers on a tour of the world’s oceans from surface to floor.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. Disney, 2003. (143 minutes) (I+)
A rollicking adventure in which Captain Jack Sparrow's nemesis, Captain Barbossa, steals his ship, the Black Pearl, attacks the town of Port Royal, and kidnaps the governor's beautiful daughter.

Planting A Rainbow. Weston Woods, 2005. (6 minutes.) (T-P)
Lois Ehlert’s vibrant artwork brings to life the excitement of planning, planting, and picking colorful flowers.

Richard Scarry's Best Busy People Video Ever! Random House, 1993. (30 minutes) (T-P)
The characters of Busy Town look at what they want to be when they grow up.

Rosie’s Walk. Weston Woods, 1970. (4 minutes) (T-P)
A determined fox stalks a hen as she walks through the barnyard, oblivious to her plight, in this film based on the wordless picture book by Pat Hutchins.

Secret of Roan Inish. Columbia, 1995. (102 minutes) (I+)
A magical tale of a girl who searches for her missing brother and discovers a Selkie maiden.

Sesame Street Visits the Firehouse. Random House, 1990. (30 minutes) (T-P)
Big Bird and friends visit a firehouse and learn about fire safety.

Shark Attack! WGBH, 1996. (56 minutes) (Y+)
In this Nova episode, researchers track sharks and discover some surprising truths.

Stars! Stars! Stars! Weston Woods, 2005. (11 minutes) (P-I)
In this lively story with simple rhyming text and colorful collage-style animation, children take a colorful ride through outer space to visit distant planets and stars.

The New Swiss Family Robinson. Eaton Entertainment, 2000. (89 minutes) (I+)
The Robinson family escapes from pirates and must use their wits and talents to survive.

Treasure Island. Disney, 1950. (87 minutes) (I)
A classic tale of pirates and treasure, based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Tubb’s Pirate Treasure. Hit Entertainment, 2004. (50 minutes) (T+)
Based on the Rubberdubbers television show, Tubb pretends to be a pirate.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Hallmark, 1997. (48 minutes) (I+)
One of many versions of Jules Verne’s classic, this adventure story follows a professor who is trying to solve the mystery of a giant sea monster.

Weird, Wet and Wild. Real Entertainment, 1997. (30 minutes) (P-I)
Find out what makes the animals that live in and around the water different from other land animals.

Wheels on the Bus. Weston Woods, 2004. (6 minutes) (T-P)
The classic children’s song comes to life with Paul O. Zelinsky’s art and lively musical score from the Bacon Brothers.

Where Do You Think You are Going, Christopher Columbus? Weston Woods, (35 minutes) (P-I)
Based on the book by Jean Fritz, this iconographic film follows along as Columbus sails to the New World.

White Shark/Red Triangle. PBS, 2003. (120 minutes) (Y+)
This episode of Nature explores the habits of the great white shark.

Yoga Kids: For Ages 3-6. Living Arts, 2000. (35 minutes) (P-I)
Features 20 basic yoga poses in a follow-the-leader approach to help build coordination and healthy bodies. Poses include animal poses such as the lion’s roar, dog stretch, and the flamingo stand.


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