Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if the CD isn't responding or is responding very slowly?

In cases where the CD-ROM isn't responding, try restarting your computer to maximize your available memory resources.

How can I print the entire manual?

The entire, print-friendly version of the manual is provided as a pdf file.

How can I print just the section I need?

You can either print chapters from the CD-ROM (for instance, by opening the Bilingual Programs chapter and selecting File>Print) or you can select the pages you wish to print from the pdf version of the manual located here.

You can also highlight the text you are interested in printing and copy and paste the text from the CD-ROM into a notepad, wordpad, or word processing document, thereby creating a personalized document with exactly the information you need.

How can I search the manual?

If you open the pdf version of the manual in Acrobat Reader, you can do a text search by going to the Edit menu and selecting Find, then typing in the word(s) you're searching for and selecting the Find button. Also, there is a detailed, section-by-section Table of Contents here.

How can I listen to the theme songs?

Click on the link to the theme song on the CD-ROM.

How can I download the theme songs to my computer's hard drive?

  1. To copy the sound file, right-click over the link on the page and select "Save Target As."
  2. Specify a location on your computer. The file will save to the location you specify in an MP3 format.
  3. Play it with RealPlayer or Windows Media Player or any other MP3-compatible player.

Can I burn the theme song onto an audio-CD so that I can play it on a CD-player?

If your CD-player does not play MP3 files, complete steps 1 and 2 above and then:

  1. Convert the MP3 file into an AVI file or other file -- often the software used to burn CDs has this functionality. See your user's guide for the CD-burning software for instructions.
  2. Burn it onto a read-only CD. Read-write CDs cannot be read by normal CD players.
  3. You should then be able to play it on your CD-player.

Where can I download Adobe Acrobat Reader?

If your computer does not have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed (required to read these documents), it can be downloaded at

Can I save the pdf files to my hard drive?

Yes. If you wish to save the files to your hard drive, you simply go to file>save a copy and save it to your computer. Please make note of where on your hard drive you are saving the files, so you can access them later.

Where can I find the clip art?

The clip art is available here piece by piece. To access all the clip art in one pdf file, click here. You may download or print individual pieces of clip art at

Where can I find the craft illustrations?

The craft illustrations are available via links within the programs.


Texas Reading Club 2007 Programming Manual / Sail Away with Books!

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Page last modified: June 14, 2011