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Program for Families: Celebrando juegos y diversión con la familia / Celebrating Family Fun and Games

Books to Share

  • Con los abuelos by Guido Van Genechten.
  • Esta bien ser diferente by Todd Parr.
  • I Like Acting Grown Up / Me gusta hacer como los mayores by Rosa Sarda.
  • I Like Getting Dirty / Me gusta ensuciarme by Rosa Sarda.
  • I Like Hiding / Me gusta esconderme by Rosa Sarda.
  • I Like Me by Nancy Carlson.
  • Me gusto como soy by Nancy Carlson.
  • My Family and I / Mi familia y yo by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza.
  • Yo puedo by Susan Winter.

Books to Show

  • Climbing Your Family Tree: On-line and Off-Line Genealogy for Kids by Ira Wolfman.
  • Grandad’s Tree: Poems about Families by Jill Bennett.
  • Through the Eyes of Your Ancestors by Maureen Taylor.

Bulletin Board

Read to Your Children

Hang colorful papel picado, traditional Mexican cut paper, on your bulletin boards. You may also add the following words to your board. “Lea con sus niños / Read to your Children”. The instructions for papel picado can be found on the Texas State Library El día de los niños / El día de los libros web site at


Chocolate Mexicana con Pan Dulce

Serve pan dulce, Mexican sweet breads that can be purchased at any Fiesta Mart Grocery or Mexican bakery. You can also serve chocolate Mexicana, or hot chocolate. Invite storytime parents to bring pan dulce to share. To make hot chocolate, use one piece of Nestle Abuelita™ chocolate for every cup of milk. Heat the milk on medium heat and add the chocolate. If you plan to serve this during storytime, use a crock-pot to keep the chocolate warm.


Mi Familia

(Tradicional. For this finger play about families, hold up five fingers and touch each one, starting with the thumb and ending with the pinky finger. You can also use visual aids, such as felt board characters, including bears or other animals if you don’t have human figures available.)

Este chiquito es mi hermanito.

Esta es mi mamá.

Este alito es mi papá.

Esta es mi hermana.

Y este (a) chiquito (a) y bonito (a) ¡soy yo!

My Family

(Translated by Paula Gonzales.)

This little one is my brother.

This is my mother.

And this tall one is my dad.

This is my sister.

And this pretty one is me!

Action Rhymes

La Hormiguita


Por aquí va una hormiguita. (Move two fingers slowly up and down the child’s arm)

Buscando su casita.

Por aquí paso.

Por aquí paso.

Y aquí.

¡La encontro! (Tickle the underarm or the back of the child’s neck)

The Little Ant

(Translated by Paula Gonzales.)

A little ant goes in search of his house. (Move two fingers slowly up and down the child’s arm)

He looks up and

He looks down.

Searching and searching,


I found it! (Tickle the underarm or the back of the child’s neck)

Debajo del botón

(Tradicional. Sing this rhyming song three times. The second time, replace the last syllable of each line with a clap. The third time, replace the last two syllables of each line with claps. As a “tickle” rhyme, a parent or caregiver would tap on the child’s chest while reciting, “tón, tón” and “tin, tin.” With older children, have them clap their hands.)

Debajo del botón, tón, tón,

Que encontró Martín, tín, tín

Habia un ratón, tón, tón,

Ay, qué chiquitín, tín, tín.

Ay, qué chiquitín, tín, tín,

Era el ratón, tón, tón.

Que encontró Martín, tín, tín,

Debajo del botón, tón, tón.

(Second repetition)

Debajo del botón, tón, (clap)

Que encontró Martín, tín, (clap)

Habia un ratón, tón, (clap)

Ay, que chiquitín, tín. (clap)

Ay, que chiquitín, tín, (clap)

Era el ratón, tón, (clap)

Que encontró Martín, tín, (clap)

Debajo del botón, tón. (clap)

(Third repetition)

Debajo del botón, (clap) (clap)

Que encontró Martín, (clap) (clap)

Habia un ratón, (clap) (clap)

Ay, que chiquitín. (clap) (clap)

Ay, que chiquitín, (clap) (clap)

Era el ratón, (clap) (clap)

Que encontró Martín, (clap) (clap)

Debajo del botón. (clap) (clap)

Underneath a Button

(Translated by Paula Gonzales.)

Underneath a button, ton, ton,

My little friend Martin, tin, tin

Found a little raton, ton, ton,

Playing chiquitin, tin, tin.

Playing chiquitin, tin, tin,

The little raton, ton, ton.

My little friend Martin, tin, tin,

Found underneath the button, ton, ton.

(Second repetition)

Underneath a button, ton, (clap)

My little friend Martin, tin, (clap)

Found a little raton, ton, (clap)

Playing chiquitin, tin. (clap)

Playing chiquititn, tin, (clap)

The little raton, ton, (clap)

My little friend Martin, tin, (clap)

Found underneath the button, ton. (clap)

(Third repetition)

Underneath a button, (clap), (clap)

My little friend Martin, (clap), (clap)

Found a little raton, (clap), (clap)

Playing chiquitin. (clap), (clap)

Playing chiquititn, (clap), (clap)

The little raton, (clap), (clap)

My little friend Martin, (clap) (clap)

Found underneath the button. (clap) (clap)

Audio Recordings

  • “Bring out the Piñata” on It All Comes Together Right Here by Non-Toxic Band.
  • “Oye Como Va” on Tito Puente Mambo Birdland by Tito Puente.


Family Shield Craft

  • 11” X 14” sheets of construction paper in various colors
  • Pre-cut shapes
  • Stickers
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Pencils
  • Glue sticks

In advance, cut a variety of die-cut shapes, such as ice cream cones, pets, sports equipment, etc., that might represent things a family enjoys together. Gather plenty of drawing supplies, such as crayons, pencils, and markers. Give each family a sheet of paper and invite them to select shapes to glue onto the construction paper to create a unique family shield of activities they enjoy doing together.

Maraca Craft

  • Plastic eggs
  • Rice or beans
  • Tape

Let each child put one tablespoon of rice or beans into a plastic egg. After the eggs are filled, the children snap the eggs together and seal them with plenty of Scotch® tape. When the group has completed this portion of the craft activity, ask them to shake their maracas to the rhythm of the song. Play the song “Oye Como Va” on Tito Puente Mambo Birdland by Tito Puente, if you have public performance rights. Or, choose another lively song.

Family Tree Craft

  • 11-inch X 14-inch yellow construction paper
  • Green construction paper
  • Brown construction paper
  • Red construction paper
  • Markers
  • Glue sticks

In advance, cut tree shapes from brown construction paper using the pattern provided at the end of this program. Also in advance, use a die cut machine to cut out small apples. During the program, the children glue the tree shape onto the yellow construction paper and draw green leaves with the markers. They then glue apples onto the tree to represent each member of their own family and write the names of each family member on an apple. If available, photos of the family members may also be placed on the apples.

Games and Activities

Family Game Time

Set up board games such as Checkers, Candy Land™, and Chess, along with puzzles for the younger children. Invite the families to choose a game to play together. Serve snacks such as pretzels and lemon-aid.

Musical Chairs

  • Equipment
  • CD player or cassette player
  • Chairs

Place chairs in a circle, allowing one for each participant. Select recorded music, such as Mariachi or other Mexican music for which you have public performance rights. Each player will take a seat as the game begins. When the music plays, the participants all stand and begin to walk in a circle in the same direction. Remove one chair from the circle while the players are walking to the music. When the music stops, the players will rush to take a seat. The player who is left standing is eliminated from game. Repeat the steps until there is only one chair left and two players. The player who sits in the final chair is the winner.

Family Fun Time

  • 8 ½-inch X 11-inch white card stock
  • Stickers
  • Pencils
  • Markers

Distribute the chart provided at the end of this program for the families to color and decorate. They can fill in the days of the week and plan family time together. Provide ideas for activities families might include. A good suggestion might be to pick one or two days out of the week for the family to sit down and eat dinner or lunch together. Or, they might choose a time of the day when family members can participate in a game of catch or another athletic activity. The families take the chart home and display prominently so that all family members remember the schedule for family fun time.

Professional Resources

El día de los niños / El día de los libros
This Texas State Library web site includes audio files of popular, traditional Spanish songs and rhymes.

Para los niños / Family Communication
The Children’s Museum of Houston offers activities in Spanish and English that can be incorporated into library programs or copied for families to take home.

Craft Materials

Family Tree Craft

Tree shape for family tree craft

Family Fun Time Activity
Family fun time chart with the days of the week. See long description for text content.

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