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Toddler Program: Diversión de Fiestas / Fiesta Fun

Books to Share

  • Duncan the Dancing Duck by Syd Hoff.
  • Fiesta by Ginger Foglesong.
  • Fiesta para 10 by Cathryn Falwell.
  • Los regalos de Maisyby Lucy Cousins.
  • ¡Piñata! by Rebecca Emberley.
  • Spot Goes to a Party / Spot va a una fiesta by Eric Hill.

Bulletin Board


Cover the bulletin board with brightly colored paper. Use a die cut to create candy shapes out of various colors of paper. Create a circle, rectangle, star, or other shape out of a cardboard box. Cut out the middle out of the box to create a space for the candy pieces. Be sure that the box is deep enough to allow the candy pieces to sit inside. Staple the edges of the piñata onto the bulletin board, leaving enough space between the board and the inside of the box to put the die cut paper shapes. Decorate the outside of the cardboard box to make it look like a piñata. As each child joins the summer reading club put his or her name on die cut candy piece and place it inside the piñata. See how full the piñata becomes!

Alternately, draw a large piñata shape on the bulletin board and have the children who join the summer reading program staple die cut candy patterns with their names on or around the piñata.


For centerpieces on tables in the programming room, make flowers out of colorful tissue paper following the directions on Kids Domain at Or, cover tables with zarapes (Mexican ponchos) and place maracas or small sombreros on them. Or, stuff one or two unfolded colorful napkins or squares of tissue paper into a colorful cup so that the paper sticks out and place them on the tables.

If you have a program budget to use for decorations, you can also buy party decorations from Party City,, which sells “Fiesta” decorations.


Decorate the program room or children’s area with bright colored streamers and balloons.


Fill party bags with candies or cookies. You might also serve ice cream cups.


Doña Araña

(Tradicional. Imitate the spider’s actions with hand movements.)

Doña Araña se fue a pasear

hizo un hilo y se puso a trepar,

vino el viento y la hizo bailar,

vino la tormenta y la hizo bajar.

Miss Spider

(Traditional. Translated by Alexandra Corona.)

Miss Spider went for a walk,

made a web and started to climb.

The wind came and made her dance

The storm came and made her fall.

Five Friends Dancing in a Line / Cinco amiguitos en una fila bailando estan

Read “Five Friends Dancing in a Line” / “Cinco amiguitos en una fila bailando estan” by Pam Schiller and Rafael Lara-Alecio on page 97 of The Bilingual Book of Rhymes, Songs, Stories and Fingerplays by Pam Schiller.


El Rancho Grande


Allá en el rancho grande, allá donad vivía,

había una rancherita, que alegre me decía,

que alegre me decía:

te voy hacer tus calzones, como los que

usa el ranchero,

te los comienzo de lana, te los acabo de


The Big Ranch

(Traditional. Translated by Alexandra Corona.)

In the ranch where I used to live,

There was a country girl who would tell

and tell me

I’ll make your pants like a real country boy

wears them,

I’ll start them with wool and finish them of


Dance and Movement Songs

Play “La Tia Monica” on Lirica Infantil con Jose-Luis Orozco Volumen IV: Animales y Movimiento by Jose Luis Orozco if you have public performance rights. Follow the movements the song instructs you to do. A translation of the song is also available in the book, Diez Deditos Ten Little Fingers & Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America by Jose-Luis Orozco.

Action Rhymes



Esta es la manera que inflamos nuestro globo. (Ponga sus manos juntas enfrente de su boca)

¡Infla! ¡Infla! ¡Infla! (Sople entre sus manos, separándolas despacio)

Esta es la manera en que reventamos nuestro globo. (Manos extendidas)

¡Ah! ¡Ah! ¡Ah! (Aplaude tres veces)


(Traditional. Translated by Alexandra Corona.)

This is the way we blow our balloon. (Hold hands, palms together in front of mouth)

Blow! Blow! Blow! (Blow into hands, pulling them apart slowly)

This is the way we pop our balloon. (Hands wide apart)

Oh! Oh! Oh! (Clap hands three times)

Aplaudir con las manos


Con esta mano derecha, (Alza la mano derecha)

Y esta mano izquierda, (Alza la mano izquierda)

Se juntan las palmas para aplaudir (Pon las manos juntas)

Rudioso, quedo, quedito. (Aplaude fuerte)

Clap Your Hands

(Traditional. Translated by Alexandra Corona.)

With this right hand, (Raise your right hand)

And with your left hand, (Raise your left hand)

You put your palms together to clap (Put your palms together)

Loud, soft, silent. (Clap loudly)

Rhyme and Poetry





viejo y gris,

demuestra que eres feliz;

Afina tus orejas

y ponte a rebusnar,

así a todo el mundo habrás de levanter.


(Traditional. Translated by Alexandra Corona.)



old and gray,

prove that you are happy;

Sharpen your ears

and start to bray,

this way you wake everyone up.

Queremos Helado

(Tradicional. Translated by Alexandra Corona.)

Yo grito, tu gritas

¡Todos gritamos por un helado!

Ice Cream Chant


I scream, you scream,

We all scream for ice cream!

Audio Recordings

La Comadre Juana”on Lirica Infantil con Jose-Luis Orozco Volumen 1 Animales y Movimientoby José-Luis Orozco.

¡Piñata!” on ¡Piñata! by Sara Barchas.


Silly Hat

  • Poster Board
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Colorful construction paper
  • Streamers
  • Glitter Sticks
  • Stickers
  • Tape

In advance, use the pattern provided in the 2005 Texas Reading Clubmanual, Go Wild...Read! at, and cut out a hat pattern for each child. Measure each child’s head and mark the pattern with a pencil. With adult help, tape the edges together. Decorate the hat with a variety of craft supplies, such as glitter, string, construction paper, or stickers.


El ciempiés bailarin

Tell the story “El ciempiés bailarin” by Marisa Moreno, available on-line at This story is about a centipede that annoys all of his neighbors with his dancing. The centipede loves to dance and considers himself the best dancer, but he moves around to different places to live because his neighbors run him off. After he is almost eaten by a crow, he learns his lesson and is more careful about where he sings and dances.

Games and Activities

Parachute Fun

You will need a parachute for this activity, which can be purchased from S&S Worldwide, Have the children and parents/caregivers hold the edges of the parachute while walking in a circle clockwise or counter clockwise. Shake the parachute to make thunder noises while standing in place. Place a couple of small beach balls in the middle of the parachute and have the group shake the beach balls around in the middle of the parachute. Play music while the group is enjoying the parachute fun.


If you have public performance rights, show these videos and DVDs, or segments of them, to the children. Otherwise, display them for home use. The length listed is for the entire film

  • Alphabet Fiesta. (27 minutes)
  • Sesame Street – Fiesta! (30 minutes)

Professional Resources

  • The Bilingual Book of Rhymes, Songs, Stories and Fingerplays by Pam Schiller.
  • Diez Deditos Ten Little Fingers & Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America by Jose-Luis Orozco.
  • Lirica Infantil con Jose-Luis Orozco Volumen 1 Animales y Movimiento
  • by Jose Luis Orozco.
2005 Texas Reading Club Manual: Go Wild…Read!

The 2005 Texas Reading Club Manual elementary programs chapter “Wild and Fantastical” program.

Kids Domain

This web site includes directions for making tissue paper flowers.

Marisa Moreno

This personal web site includes stories and songs for children.

Party City

This discount party supplier provides everything needed for a fiesta.

S&S Worldwide

This on-line craft and equipment supplier offers a variety of educational products.

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