Bilingual Programs Chapter

By Priscilla Suárez and Vanessa Sáenz

Take out your compass and travel with us this summer as we journey on through a variety of Hispanic provinces, illustrating the uniqueness and diversity of our gente. This bilingual chapter will take the children we serve on a cultural voyage where they will encounter Central American, Cuban, Mexican, Spanish, and Texan cultures. They will be tantalized by creepy cucuy tales, the history and magic of chocolate, and discover some celebrations. Programs are provided for all ages, including multi-age family programs and a special celebration program to help teens prepare for a quinceañera celebration. Although some programs may appear to be “time sensitive,” use them at any time of the year to celebrate reading and cultures. The programs include a rich mixture of music suggestions; if you play music at public programs be sure to read the “Legalities” section of this manual for information on licensing.

Program for Families: Día De Los Recuerdos / Day of Remembrance & Celebrating Our Dearly Departed: A Tribute to Día de los Muertos

Preschool Program: Cuban Carnival

Preschool Program: Mexican Voyage

Elementary Program: ¡Uy, Cucuy! / Oh! The Boogeyman!

Elementary Program: Abroad in Spain

Teen Program: Creepy Creatures

Teen Program: Summer Solistice and Mayan-based Activities for Teens

Teen Program: Mis Quince: Preparing For Your Quinceañera

Texas Reading Club 2010 Programming Manual / Catch the Reading Express!

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