Puppet Plays

Captain Jake Parrot and the Pink Pearl

By Kay Lincycomb


Pirate Jake Parrot, Captain of the ship, The Pink Pearl, and his First Mate are bored. They are trapped in a small area of water, unable to go elsewhere because Captain Jake has forgotten his maps. They dock at a nearby port in search of someone who can help them. A friendly coachman takes them to the local public library. There they not only find maps to help them, but also discover the summer reading program.


Use a white or light blue backdrop for a sky background. Paint seagulls and clouds or attach pictures of these. For scene two, use a backdrop similar to the first one but add a wharf or port scene with a dock, a pelican, ropes, and such. Prepare an indoor scene of the library, much like the one used in Jackie and the Spaceman puppet play provided in this manual.


If possible, use a parrot puppet for the captain and dress it in a pirate’s outfit. Folkmanis, www.folkmanis.com, sells several parrot and bird puppets, as well as a human-like pirate that would work for a first mate. Dress up a parrot or other puppet to be the pirates with accessories such as black bandanas, eye patches, gold earrings, and pirate hats. A toddler-size pirate Halloween costume might also work. The coachman and the librarian can be any human-like puppet or an animal puppet dressed appropriately. For the coachman, adapt a prince or king puppet by replacing the crown with a top hot. Dress the puppet in a shirt or coat in a solid color. The librarian puppet should be dressed in a stylish modern outfit.


Captain Jake Parrot





  • Cardboard boat (Make this from a long piece of cardboard, cut to the shape of a boat. Write the name, The Pink Pearl, on the side. Add a white sheet or pillow case tied to a string to look like sails. Drape the sails so the pirate can pull on the string to “hoist the sails.”)
  • Toy telescope or binoculars.
  • Horse puppet or plastic horse. (Optional)
  • Maps or rolled up pieces of paper that look like maps.
  • Summer reading club materials, such as reading logs, bookmarks, and certificates.
Scene 1: On the deck of the ship, The Pink Pearl.

(Both the Captain and the First Mate are standing behind the ship so that they appear to be on deck.)

Captain: (Gives a big sigh.) Avast, me matey. I be bored.

First Mate: Aye! Cap’n.

Captain: Thar ain’t nothin t’ do. We've sailed ever inch ‘o these 'er waters. ‘Tis always th' same ol' thin'. Nothing, nothing, nothing!

First Mate: What say ye, Cap'n? Let's set sail 't pillage and plunder in new waters.

Captain: Arrrrrrr! It can't be done. The Pink Pearl be doomed 't sail around these same ole waters fer all eternity.

First Mate: Blimey, Cap'n! Ye do`n mean that th' Pink Pearl be under th' control o' th' Sea Goddess Calypso?

Captain: Nay, Matey. ‘Tis much worse than that.

First Mate: Shiver, me timbers! What be worse than th’ Sea Goddess? What be th' reason, Cap'n?

Captain: 'Tis awful. Ya see, matey, I left me maps at home.

First Mate: Arrrr! 'Tis a powerful shame for a ship's cap'n.

Captain: Aye! Might as well walk th' plank.

Captain and First Mate: (Both shake their heads and speak in unison.) Arrrrr!

First Mate: (Looks through the telescope.) Cap'n! I be havin' an idea.

Captain: What be that?

First Mate: Look thar. Thar be a port in th' distance. (Hands the captain the telescope)

Captain: Ay, we pass that thar same port ever' day at high tide. Ever' day ‘tis the same port! Nothin’ new thar.

First Mate: Let's throw anchor down thar'. Surely thar be some nobleman who possesses maps we could pillage to find passage out of these seas.

Captain: Well, Matey, we've nutin' to lose. Hoist the sails. Land ho!

(Hoist up the sails and then both puppets exit the stage.)

Scene 2: Pirates at Sea Port

(Both the First Mate and Captain are standing at the dock looking around.)

First Mate: What think ye, Cap'n? Who be the keeper o' maps in this fair village?

Captain: I haven't the foggiest, me matey.

Coachman: (Enters) Greetings, gentlemen. Welcome to our fair town.

(Both the First Mate and Captain look around, quizzically.)

Coachman: (Speaks to the audience.) Perhaps they didn't hear me. (Turns back to the pirates.) Greetings, gentlemen!

Captain: Ye be talking to us?

Coachman: Yes, sir.

(Both pirates look at each other again, shrugging their shoulders.)

Captain: Gentlemen?

(Both pirates burst out laughing hysterically.)

Coachman: Sir's?

(Both pirates burst out laughing again.)

Captain: We ain't no gentlemen.

First Mate: Nah, we be pirates.

Coachman: Oh, dear! Please don't hurt me.

Captain: Oh, we don't aim to hurt ye none. We came 'er to look for maps. "Maps o' all t' seas and ports."

First Mate: Ya see, we don't be having ours 'cos the captain 'er...

(The Captain punches the First Mate.)

First Mate: Oooof!

Captain: Ne'er you mind what happened t' ours, Matey. (Turns and speaks to the Coachman.) Can ye take us to th' keeper of ye town's maps?

Coachman: Of course, come with me. My coach is right over there. (Points offstage.) I'll take you right away.

Captain: Lead th' way.

(All exit.)

Coachman: (Speaking from off stage.) Giddup!

(Pat a surface to make a sound like a horse running and whiney like a horse.)

Scene 3: Inside the Library

(The pirates enter the library.)

First Mate: What be this strange place, Cap'n? (Whispers.)

Librarian: (Enters) May I help you find something?

Captain: We be looking for maps.

Librarian: What type of maps? Road maps? Arial maps? Climate maps? Topographical maps?

Captain: (Shrugs.) We be lookin' for maps of the seas.

First Mate: All th' seas. Not jus' these here waters.

Librarian: We can definitely help you. I'll have them right out. (Exits.)

Captain: Eyeball all them books, Matey. This place surely be owned by one who be wealthy. No merchant could possess all this bounty.

First Mate: Aye, must be ah powerful person.

Librarian: (Comes back holding several maps and starts laying them down.) I think this will be what you need. Here is a detailed map of the Caribbean region, a world ocean map, and here we have the Pacific Ocean. This one is for the Atlantic.

First Mate: Shiver me timbers! It's amazin'!

Captain: We want 'em all. How many doubloons fer th' whole lot of 'em?

Librarian: Oh, but they are not for sale.

Captain: Arrrrrr! (Raises a fist) Not fer sale? Then we'll have t’ pillage them. We must be havin' 'em for our ship, The Pink Pearl.

First Mate: Arrrrr! (Raises his fist, also.) The greatest pirate ship t' sail th' seas. Well, t' sail this sea, at least. We will have these maps!

Librarian: Well this is a library. You may borrow them for three weeks for no charge at all. Anyone can do this.

First Mate: Blimey! No charge at all? ‘Tis better than plunderin’. What ‘tis this wondrous place called Library?

Captain: What generous soul shares his bounty with th' common folk and scallywags as we be like?

Librarian: The library is owned by the people to serve the people. You may borrow anything here for free, but you have to bring it back for others to use.

Captain: Sounds fair ‘t me.

First Mate: What other bounties be here? Not that we be greedy, mind ya.

Librarian: We have all sorts of books, computers, Internet, and movies that you might enjoy watching during your long sea voyages. Oh, you could even listen to audio books while you sail the seven seas.

Captain and First Mate: (Speak in unison.) Arrrrrrr!

Librarian: You can learn other languages and figure out how to make repairs on your ship.

First Mate: 'Tis an amazin' place!

Captain: Aye, we'll soon be able to set sail, and ne'er be bored again.

Librarian: If you're bored, you should sign up for our summer reading program.

First Mate: What be that?

Librarian: We have performers every week to entertain you, such as magicians, animal acts, music and juggling. And if you keep track of your reading, you'll receive all kinds of wonderful prizes such as these. (Hold up samples of prizes)

(Librarian holds up prizes and information flyers.)

Captain and First Mate: Arrrrrrr!

First Mate: Know ye what I be thinkin', Capt'n?

Captain: Aye, Matey. Let's keep th' anchor down through th' summer n' partake ‘o these amazin' thin's at this 'er library. I have me eye on that there compass. Me thinks I'll try that there book about a whale, Moby Dick.

First Mate: And I'm a want' n t' get me fingers on them food coupons. Me thinks I'll try Treasure Island.

Librarian: Wonderful decision.

Captain and First Mate: (Speak in unison.) Arrrrrrrrrrr.

The End.

Jackie and the Spaceman

By Kay Lincycomb


Yimmy is a visitor from outer space who has come to Earth to research transportation. He meets an Earthling, Jackie, who shows him around and explains the many ways Earthlings get around. Jackie then takes Yimmy to the public library to see the many things it has to offer, such as books on transportation and the Summer Reading Program. Yimmy is very excited and wants to start a public library on his home planet.


Three backdrops are needed. The first is an outdoor scene with a town or houses in the background. A scene with bookshelves and other indoor library setting is needed. Pin some flyers or other announcements or the name of the library to the backdrop. A solid color backdrop, such as a sheet, in black or brown is also needed.


Give Yimmy an alien look by dressing a puppet in a toddler size spaceman Halloween costume. Alternately, use a one piece coverall outfit in a solid color, preferably a bright or shiny material. Use things to make the outfit look more “alien” by adding a plastic headband with wiggle antenna, a small lightweight fishbowl for a helmet, buttons, and such. Space alien hand puppets are also available through online vendors like Sunnie Bunniezz, http://sunnie bunniezz.com/. Jackie can be either a boy or girl puppet and the librarian puppet can be male or female.

If desired, extend the puppet show by letting the children make their own alien stick puppets, following the directions at Crayola, www.crayola.com/cr afts/detail/alien-puppet-craft/. Then they can show their spaceman around the library!


Yimmy, a spaceman

Jackie, a boy or girl



  • Fog machine. (Optional, use to generate smoke when the spaceship crashes.)
  • Something to hit or bang to make a loud noise for the crash.
  • Taped sound effects of a spaceship crashing.
  • A small toy spaceship that can move across the top of the stage on a string.
  • Bus stop sign.
  • Sound effects of transportation noise such as train noises, car honks, etc.
  • A cardboard or toy airplane that can move across the top of the stage on a string.
  • Books (use book covers or small cardboard books available from teachers supply stores).
  • Label stating Earth Language Made Easy.
  • DVD or Video for Librarian to show.
  • Samples of reading club prizes or certificate.
Scene 1: A field outside of Jackie's house

(Outdoor backdrop)

(Jackie Enters)

Jackie: My, what a wonderful summer day it is! What should I do now that school is out?

(Jackie looks up. He sees the spaceship flying across the stage.)

Jackie: What is that in the sky? It looks like some kind of rocket or spaceship, and it looks like it's falling.

(Jackie watches the rocket as it falls off the stage. A crashing noise is heard from off stage. If available, the fogger shoots out a blast of fog from off stage.)

Jackie: Wow! I wonder what that was? I'm going to find out.

(Jackie moves closer to the edge of stage and peers down.)

Jackie: Hello! Hello! Anybody there?

(Yimmie enters from off stage)

Jackie: Hey! Were you in that thing that crashed? Are you all right? Who are you?

Yimmy: Greetings, Earthling. I am not injured.

Jackie: Earthling? Hey, you must be a spaceman from another planet. That is so cool! What is your name and why did you come to Earth?

Yimmy: I come in peace, Earthling. My name is Yimmy, and I come from the fifth planet from our sun.

Jackie: Let's see. That must be...(Thinks for a minute) Jupiter, right?

Yimmy: That is what your planet calls my home. In my language, we pronounce our planet name as Yupiter.

Jackie: That's funny. Why do you say it that way?

Yimmy: That is because my language does not have the letter J used by Earthlings. In our language the letter J is pronounced as your Y sound.

Jackie: That is really weird.

Yimmy: My name is Yimmy. What are you called, Earthling?

Jackie: My name is Jackie.

Yimmy: Since I cannot pronounce the letter J, I am unable to say your name correctly. I can only pronounce your name as Yackie.

Jackie: Wait, you just said J.

Yimmy: It is impossible for me to pronounce the letter J. It does not exist in my language. That is why I cannot say Jackie and must call you Yackie.

Jackie: But you just said it! You said Jackie!

Yimmy: Said what, Earthling, Yackie?

Jackie: You just said J and Jackie when you were telling me you couldn't say it.

Yimmy: That is correct. I cannot pronounce the letter J.

Jackie: But you just said it again, listen to yourself. You said J!

Yimmy: That is impossible for me to do.

Jackie: (In frustration) Oh, just never mind. You can call me Yackie. Why are you here, Yimmy?

Yimmy: I come to investigate your planet's many modes of transportation. You see, on Yupiter, we have only two different modes of transportation. Our rocket ships, with which we explore the universe, and our astro-belts, with which we move about from place to place on our planet.

Jackie: Astro-belts, that sounds like fun. Does everyone have one?

Yimmy: Yes, that is the method our entire planet uses to move about. They are quite entertaining. However, our population has grown so much that it has become a problem having so many people flying about in the sky. We must explore other options. I have come to observe the transportation methods that Earthlings use and to bring back that information. Can you help me, Earthling, Yackie?

Jackie: I sure can, Yimmy. The Earth has many different types of transportation. Follow me.

(They exit)

Scene 2: At a Bus Stop

(Add bus stop sign to outdoor backdrop.)

(Jackie and Yimmy enter.)

Yimmy: What is this place, Earthling?

Jackie: This is called a bus stop. A bus is a large vehicle that carries many people at the same time to where they want to go.

Yimmy: Does this vehicle fly?

Jackie: No, it moves over the ground on wheels. But we have airplanes which fly. They can take people long distances very fast. Look up, there goes one now. (Points up. Airplane flies across the top of the stage.)

(They both look up for a moment.)

Yimmy: Fascinating! So everyone travels in the airplane together?

Jackie: Yes, and we also have something called railroad trains that move on tracks. They go much faster than buses, but not as fast as airplanes. We also have trains that travel underground. These are called subways.

Yimmy: But what if one person wants to go somewhere alone?

Jackie: Well, they can drive in a car. A car is meant for just a few people, or even one person, to travel about in. Look there's one now.

(From off stage: Honk! Honk!)

Yimmy: Yikes! (Jumps at the sound.)

Jackie: And if they don't have far to go, they can always walk.

Yimmy: Walk! A very interesting concept. Yackie, your planet's methods of transportation are fascinating. Where can I learn more? Who possesses this great knowledge of your planet? I am willing to pay anything it costs to gain this information. I have brought many bags of Yupiter Yewels, our planet's currency.

Jackie: I can show you where to get more information on our transportation. Here comes the bus now. Come with me.

(They both exit together as if getting on a bus.)

Scene 3: In the Library

(Backdrop with shelves of books.)

(Yimmy and Jackie enter the library from off stage.)

Yimmy: What is this great place? Is it the home of the one who guards the great knowledge of your planet?

Jackie: No, this is the Library. No one guards the knowledge on Earth. It is available for anyone who wants it.

(Librarian enters.)

Librarian: May I help you find something?

Jackie: Yes, thanks. My friend from outer space would like to find information on transportation.

Librarian: Of course. (Exits and reenters holding books.) Here we go. (Puts books down as she names them.) The History of Transportation and Transportation Systems. (Substitute other titles if they are visible on the props or use titles of books the library owns and will be displaying.)

Librarian: I also brought a bus schedule for you, so you can see how that works.

Yimmy: I hope I brought enough Yupiter Yewels to pay for all this.

Librarian: Oh, the library doesn't charge for information. All of this is free.

Yimmy: You mean all of this information is available to anyone who wants it?

Jackie: Yes, on Earth information is available in the library for anyone who wants to learn.

Librarian: Yes, certainly. You may check out this material and take it home for three weeks.

Yimmy: This is beyond my wildest dreams.

Librarian: Let me tell you about other services that our library can offer you. We have internet computers and entertainment DVDs and CDs to make your trip back more pleasant. We have a wonderful summer reading program with performers and prizes that you earn for reading.

Yimmy: Oh Yackie, thanks to you and this marvelous place called the Library, my planet is saved. I must go back and tell my people all about it. We must start our own library there. Would you like to come with me to visit my planet and help us start our library?

Jackie: You betcha. But one thing, Yimmy. Will you please call me Jackie?

Yimmy: Will I find information at your library on how to speak the Earthling Language?

Librarian: Of course! Here is the latest copy of Learning Earth Language Made Easy. (Hands Yimmy a book with the sticker on it.)

Yimmy: Then I will learn to pronounce the letter J and make my new Earth friend happy. Come along Jackie, let us go to my planet.

Jackie: Let's go.

(Jackie and Yimmy exit. The librarian stays on stage.The sound of ship taking off can be heard and fog appears from off stage)

Librarian: All Earthlings, and visitors any other planets, are invited to join the summer reading program and read! (Cheers and exits the stage.)

The End

Texas Reading Club 2010 Programming Manual / Catch the Reading Express!

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