Texas Reading Club 2011

"Dig Up a Good Book"

by Sue Young

Acceptable Use of the Theme Song

The theme song, "Dig Up A Good Book," by Sue Young, may be used by Texas librarians to promote the 2011 Texas Reading Club, Texas libraries, and reading. Librarians may play or perform the song on public library premises in the State of Texas, and in Texas schools and child care centers for the purpose of promoting the Texas Reading Club, and at any free outreach program. Texas librarians who play the audiorecording or perform the song must provide credit to Sue Young to all audiences.

The song may be used only for non-profit purposes. Libraries may not reproduce the sound file for distribution or sale. To use the song for broadcast purposes with PSA's, commercials, etc., permission must be obtained from the Performing Vendor. Please contact Sue Young at sue@sueyoungmusic.com or 512-323-2414 to request permission.

The song may be uploaded onto individual library websites, provided that the following statement is included.

"Words and Music by Sue Young, ©2011. For more information on Sue Young and her library/school programs, please contact Sue Young at 512-323-2414 or visit her web site at http://www.sueyoungmusic.com/. Thanks to the Production Block Studio in Austin Texas for providing audio recording, engineering and mixing.” 

For more information about the Acceptable Use of the Theme Song, please contact Christine McNew, Youth Services Consultant, at christine.mcnew@tsl.texas.gov.

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Page last modified: June 14, 2011