Hunny Bunny Stories / Cuentos de Dulce Conejitos

Books to Share

Bunny My Honey by Anita Jeram
Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale / El conejito Knuffle: Un cuento aleccionador (DVD) by Mo Willems
Leale a su conejito / Read to Your Bunny by Rosemary Wells
Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt
Peekaboo, Bunny! by Linda Karl

Books to Show or Booktalk

Bunnies by Kelly Doudna
I Spy Little Bunnies by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick
Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity by Mo Willems
Knuffle Bunny Free: An Unexpected Diversion by Mo Willems
The Runaway Bunny / El conejito andarin by Margaret Wise Brown

Bulletin Board

Bunny Forest / Bosque de conejitos

Cover the bulletin board with brown butcher paper.  Cut out pine trees on green construction paper using an Ellison die cut and paste it onto the butcher paper.  Also using an Ellison die cut, cut out rabbit templates on pink, white and tan construction paper.  Write the name of a popular rabbit book or cartoon character on each one (such as Peter Cottontail) and paste on the butcher paper.


Cut rabbit shapes from pink, tan, or white construction paper using an Ellison die cut.


Bunnies at the Library / Conejitos en la biblioteca

Set up a table with fiction and nonfiction books about rabbits. Decorate the table with a green table cloth and plush rabbits.


To go along with the Knuffle Bunny story, decorate the storytime area with items normally found at a laundromat such as clothing, laundry baskets, empty bottles of detergent, and of course, bunnies.


Miniature Carrot Cupcakes

Create miniature carrot cupcakes using the recipe at


Baby Bunny


Baby bunny dressed in blue   (Hold up two fingers like bunny ears)
Met another; then there were two.   (Hold up two fingers on both hands)
Bouncy bunnies to the left.   (Move fingers to left)
Bouncy bunnies to the right.   (Move fingers to right)
Bouncy bunnies get in bed.   (Put head on hands like sleeping)
Off to bed, you sleepy heads.   (Pretend to sleep)

Conejito pequeño

(Translated by Johana Resendez and Priscilla Celina Suarez)

Bebé conejito vestido de azul   (Mantenga dos dedos como orejas de conejito)
Conoció a otro; y luego fueron dos.   (Mantenga dos dedos en ambas manos)
Conejitos saltarinas a la izquierda.   (Mover dedos a la izquierda)
Conejitos saltarinas a la derecha.   (Mover dedos a la derecha)
Conejitos saltarinas en la cama.  (Poner cabeza en manos como para dormir)
a la cama, con tanto sueño.  (Fingir a dormir)


“Bunny Hop” in Preschool Aerobic Fun by Georgina Stewart

“Little Bunny Foo Foo” in Silly Songs by Disney

Dance and Movement Songs

Baile del conejo


Cerquita cerquita cerquita
Muy lejos, muy lejos
Cerquita cerquita cerquita
Muy lejos, muy lejos
Saltan los conejos frente al espejo
dan una vuelta y se van
Cerquita cerquita cerquita
Muy lejos, muy lejos
Cerquita cerquita cerquita
Muy lejos, muy lejos
Comen zanahoria todos los conejos
dan una vuelta y se van.

Action Rhymes

Conejito peek-a-boo

(by Johana Resendez and Priscilla Celina Suarez)

Te veo, conejito
con los oídos hacia arriba
y los dientes de conejo
cuando sacas la lengua.

Te veo, conejito
al mirarme a mí.
conejo peek-a-boo
Echando un vistazo a mí.

Peek-a-boo Bunny

(by Priscilla Celina Suarez)

I see you, little bunny
as your ears pin up
and your teeth pluck out
when you stick out your tongue.

I see you, little bunny
when you peek at me.
Peek-a-boo bunny
Peeking at me.

Rhymes and Poetry

Chompin’ on a Carrot

(by Priscilla Celina Suarez)

Chompin’ on a carrot
that is oh so delicious
and oh so healthy.

No wonder
bunnies like them
and no wonder
mommy feeds me
yummy baby carrots
to eat with my bunny teeth.

Masticando una zanahoria

(by Johana Resendez and Priscilla Celina Suarez)

Masticando una zanahoria
que es, oh tan delicioso
y oh tan saludable.

No es nada extraño
que a los conejos les gusta
y no es nada extraño
mamá me da de comer
deliciosas zanahorias
para comer con mis dientes de conejito.

Flannel Boards

Bunny in the Washer

(by Priscilla Celina Suarez. In advance, print the Bunny in the Washer patternsprovided at the end of this chapter and glue them onto flannel sheets.)

My beautiful stuffed bunny is dirty and yucky   (Place dirty bunny pattern onto board)
she likes to play in the garden and pull out all the weeds.   (Place garden pattern onto board)
My mommy said it is so dirty   (Place mommy pattern onto board)
that my beautiful stuffed bunny needs to be washed.   (Take off all patterns from board)

In goes the bunny into the washer   (Place washer pattern onto board)
And round and round she goes.   (Rotate washer pattern in a circular motion)

Conejito en la lavadora

(by Johana Resendez and Priscilla Celina Suarez.  In advance, print the Bunny in the Washer patternsprovided at the end of this chapter and glue them onto flannel sheets.)

Mi hermosa conejita de peluche está sucia y asquerosa   (Place dirty bunny pattern onto board)

le gusta jugar en el jardín y extraer todas las malas hierbas.  (Place garden pattern onto board)

Mi mamá dice que es tan sucia   (Place mommy pattern onto board)
que mi hermosa conejita de peluche debe ser lavada.   (Take off all patterns from board)

Entra mi conejita en la arandela   (Place washer pattern onto board)
Y vueltas y vueltas da.   (Rotate washer pattern in a circular motion)

Puppet Plays

¿Donde está mi conejito?

by Priscilla Celina Suarez


  • Muchachita
  • Papi


  • Print out the images provided in the ‘What Happened to My Bunny’ templates


  • La Casa

Muchachita:(sniffling) Perdí mi Conejita y no sé donde está! 

Papi:No te preocupes Muchachita, la encontraremos.

Muchachita:Pero ¿cómo? si no recuerdo donde la dejé. Y no puedo ir a dormir sin mi Conejita! 

Papi:Muchachita, tal vez la dejaste en la escuela.

Muchachita: No, Papi, Conejita estuvo guardada en mi bolsa todo el día y aquí está la bolsa.

Papi:¿Si nunca la sacaste de tu bolsa en la escuela, entonces cuándo la sacaste? 

Muchachita:Cuando yo se la estaba mostrando a Dulce, mientras esperábamos el autobús. 

Papi:Tal vez, dejaste Conejita en el banquillo. (Mostrar imagen de banco)

Muchachita:No, porque yo también le mostré Conejita a Gabriel cuando se sentó enseguida de mi en el autobús. (Mostrar imagen de autobús)

Papi:Tal vez, dejaste Conejita en el autobús. 

Muchachita:No, Papi, porque cuando llegué a casa, El Doggy se llevo a Conejita a el patio trasero para jugar con ella. (ver la imagen de El Doggy)

Papi:Entonces, Muchachita, Conejita debe estar fuera en el patio con El Doggy. 

Muchachita:No, Papi, porque después que El Doggy jugó con ella, Mami dijo que Conejita estaba demasiado sucia y la tiró en la lavadora. (mostrar imagen de lavadora) 

Papi:Entonces, debe estar Conejita en la lavadora todavía. 

Muchachita: No, Papi, porque Mami me dijo que ella la había puesto en la secadora.  (Mostrar imagen de la secadora)

Papi:Entonces, seguramente, Conejita debe estar en la secadora.

Muchachita:Pero Mami dijo que Conejita estaba agradable y esponjosa.o, y lista para la cama. (Mostrar imagen de cama)

Papi:Entonces seguramente ella debe estar esperando en tu habitación. (Mostrar imagen de Conejita)

Vamos a ir verificación, Muchachita. 

(Caminan juntos, de un lado del escenario a la otra)

Papi:Mira, Muchachita, Conejita ya te está esperando en la cama! (Mostrar imagen de Conejita en la cama) (Ambos se ríen.)

Papi:¡Muchachita tonta! 

What Happened to My Bunny

(by Priscilla Celina Suarez)

  • Muchachita
  • Papi
  • Print out the images provided in the ‘What Happened to My Bunny’ templates
  • House

Muchachita:  sniffling) I lost my Silly Bunny, and I don’t know where she is!

Papi:Don’t worry Muchachita, we will find her. 

Muchachita:But how? I can’t even remember where I left her! And I can’t go to sleep without my Silly Bunny!

Papi:  Muchachita, maybe you left her at school.

Muchachita:No, Papi, I left Silly Bunny in my bag all day and it is right here now.

Papi:If you never took it out of your bag at school, then when did you take Silly Bunny out of your bag?

Muchachita:I took her out when I was showing her off to Dulcet, while waiting for the bus.

Papi:Then maybe, you left Silly Bunny on the bench. (Display image of bench)

Muchachita:No, because I also showed her to Gabriel when he sat beside me on the bus. (Display image of bus)

Papi:I know! Then you must’ve left her on the bus.

Muchachita:No, Papi, because when I came home, El Doggy took her out of my hands and ran into the back yard to play with her. (Display image of El Doggy)

Papi:Then, Muchachita, Silly Bunny must be outside in the yard with El Doggy.

Muchachita:No, Papi, because after El Doggy played with her, Mami said Silly Bunny was too dirty and threw her into the washer. (display image of washer)

Papi:Then, Silly Bunny must be in the washer still.

Muchachita:No, Papi, because Mami told me she had put her into the dryer. (display image of dryer)

Papi:Then, surely, Silly Bunny must be in the dryer.

Muchachita:But, Mami said Silly Bunny was nice and fluffy and ready for bed. (display image of bed)

Papi:Then surely she must be waiting for you in your room. (display image of Silly Bunny) Let’s go check, Muchachita.

(They walk together, from one side of the stage to the other.)

Papi:Look, Muchachita, Silly Bunny is already waiting for you in the bed! (display image of Silly Bunny in bed)

(They both laugh.)

Papi:Silly Muchachita!

The End

Tongue Twisters

Cuantos conejitos brincan en sus casitas

(by Johana Resendez and Priscilla Celina Suarez)

¿Cuántos conejitos brincan en sus casitas solo para caerse por tanto brincar?

How Hoppin’ is Your Hopper Bunny

(by Priscilla Celina Suarez)

How hoppin’ is your hopper bunny as he hops on his hopping hoppers?


Oops, I Washed My Bunny! / ¡Oops, lavé mi conejito!
  • Copy of “Bunny in the Washer” template provided at end of this program
  • Crayons
  • Glue Sticks
  • Paper lunch bag
  • Scissors
  • Scrap paper

Make copies of the “Bunny in the Washer” template provided at the end of this program. Have children color the template with crayons. They, or a parent, will cut out the items on the template and paste them onto the middle of the lunch bag. Open up the lunch bag and stuff it with crumbled scrap paper. Fold over the ends and glue to the back so children can shake the bag as they “wash” their bunny.

Games and Activities

Cold Water, Hot Water
  • Clean laundry
  • Laundry Baskets (2)

Place the baskets side by side on a table and label one as hot and the other as cold. Explain to children how to separate dark clothes to wash in cold water and light clothes to wash in hot water. After explaining, begin separating pieces of clean laundry into the appropriate basket by asking the children were they think it should go.

Laundry Basket Bunny Dig
  • Bunny cutouts (you can use an Ellison die cut for this)
  • Clean Laundry
  • Laundry Basket

Place the clean laundry and the bunny cutouts into the basket.  Mix them up and have children try to find as many bunnies as they can in one minute.

Guest Speakers

Invite a representative from Better Living for Texas to speak about nutrition, a farmer from the Local Farmer’s Market to talk about growing veggies, or someone from a pet store to talk about caring for animals.


El conejito Knuffle (9.18 minutes)

Knuffle Bunny… and More Great Childhood Adventure Stories (9.18 minutes)

Professional Resources

Better Living for Texas

Web site with information about the Supplemental Nutrition Education Program.

Bunny in the Washer Template

Print this pdf of the Bunny in the Washer template and cut out the items to use as crafts.


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