Knight Night
By Joyce Ullah

Participants: Ideal for boys ages 2-10

Overview: Kids are asked to bring their favorite Knight-time snack. The library provides the “ale” and encourages them to dress up as a knight, prince, king, dragon, etc.  Our library asks for reservations in advance and when they arrive on the night, we give them a nametag and the Knight tournament checklist.

For the quest, they must complete all the items on the list and then they’re knighted.

Books to Share

Dragon Snatcher by  M.P. Robertson
I'd be Your Hero : A Royal Tale of Godly Character by Kathryn O'Brien

Additional Books to Share in the Knights in Training Chapter

Crafts and Activities:


Materials - swords (Oriental Trading Company), aluminum foil, tape, markers, sequins, stick-on jewels, markers and other decorations.

Purchase swords from a source such as Oriental Trading Company and have the kids wrap the blade in foil.  Then, they decorate the hilt. We have used sequins, stick-on jewels or just markers.

LOYAL:  Coat of Arms (Shield)

Materials - shields, scissors, stencils, colored pencils, stickers

Purchase shields from a source such as Oriental Trading Company or have a template copied on 8.5x11" white card stock. Take clipart and print on to 2x4 label template and print out.  We have a list of what certain colors mean, what different symbols and animals stand for and they decorate their own family shield.


Materials - crowns from templates, card stock or strong paper or craft foam, jewels, glitter, glue, large markers

Purchase crowns from a source such as Oriental Trading Company or use white cardboard (can use craft foam as well, but it is more expensive). There are also templates from the internet but in many cases, you have to add on the sides to attach to the crown fully, so choose a template carefully.

Crown templates:

BRAVE: Slave the Dragon -Piñata

Materials - swords, pinata dragon to "slay"

Buy a dragon piñata: do this well in advance as you may have to order. We have used dinosaur and modified but dragon is best. Get plastic swords from Dollar Tree. We don’t fill the piñata. Alternately you can have a board game called “Slay the Dragon” I found online.

SKILLED: Sword play

Materials - soft or "Nerf" swords, best with martial arts or self defense instructor

Have the Self defense instructor demonstrate how to use soft swords.   In many cases, the instructor can bring the equipment (soft swords, helmets).  The kids could spar with each other under the expert's supervision. You can also use a bow & arrow (suction or rubber tipped) and do the demonstrations yourself.

HUMBLE: Learn to bow

Materials - have a poster with pictures and instructions on a proper bow to royalty.

The kids have to bow to the Queen of the Library ((Librarian!?). Dressing up as a Queen is great for this!

INDUSTRIOUS: Build a castle - castle blocks

We put out the castle blocks and let them build.

See also Knights in Training Chapter - 3D castle to build.  This would be ideal for older kids.

INTELLIGENT: Labyrinth puzzle

(Just copies of fairy tale type maze. We have one that has a knight at one end and dragon at the other)

HEROIC: Save the princess

Materials - stick horse, cones, princess

Use real stick horses if you can find or borrow them or can make one with wrapping paper roll. Set up a course that they ride the horse to save the princess (snow white Barbie is what we have) and then ride back.

Templates for stick horse:
Paper Bag Stick Horse How To


Materials - helmet template, color printer for template since it's silver, tape, glue sticks, hole punches

This is a very difficult craft but is so cool! We precut the pieces and label each piece on the back.  We also use red sharpies to put dots where they line up the pieces. I also have a sample of each step displayed for the kids. I have the parents (Kings and/or Queens) make the helmets as the boys are completing the Knight tasks. When the boys have completed their tasks, the parents “knight” them and give them their helmet.

Helmet template

Helmet instructions


Email Joyce if you want more info on the Knight Night program.

Page last modified: January 31, 2012