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  • Graceful
  • Sympathetic
  • Sensitive
  • Royal
  • Resourceful
  • Industrious
  • Humble
  • Intelligent
  • Feminine
  • Leadership

Other Ideas

Princess and the “P” Party
By Joyce Ullah

Participants: Girls Ages 2-12

Preparation and progression of program:

  1. Girls are asked to bring snack that starts with the letter P; we provide the punch (usually purple or pink)
  2. We encourage girls to dress up as a princess.
  3. We do ask for reservations; when they arrive, we give them a “Princess in Training” nametag or a crown nametag, a princess hat template made from 12x18 white construction paper and Princess Course checklist.  See also, Tiara template.
  4. Girls are then asked to complete all the items on the list. At each station is a Fairy Tale stamp and pad. As they complete the task, they put that stamp on their hat.
  5. When all the items are completed, they assemble the hat and decorate it with streamers, glitter, bows, etc.

Books to Recommend:

The classic Hans Christian Anderson's The Princess and the Pea (many different versions; choose one that is not too long).  Here's a condensed version of the story.

Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch
The Secret Lives of Princesses
The Princess Knight (See the Knight Knight program)
Princesses are Not Quitters


Trait: GRACEFUL. Task: Walk the distance and back while balancing a book on your head.
Details: 2 cones, a book (not too heavy)

Task: Kiss a frog
Details: I found an adorable stuffed frog with a crown on it. I also have a frog cut out of green poster board that is laminated. I cut out lips and laminated those also. Put double sided tape on the lips. Blindfold the Princesses-in-Training and see if they can plant the kiss on the frog’s mouth.

Task: Find the letter P in the bed.
Details: If you have access to a Toddler Bed, it works best. But, we have used a large box too. I made a large letter P from felt and fiberfill and hid it in the box filled with pillows.

Trait: ROYAL
Task: Learn to Curtsy
Details: We found pictures of ladies before the queen, put them with instructions on how to curtsy and put on a poster board. I dress up in my Queen costume and they have to curtsy before me.

Task: Learn to braid, just in case you ever get stuck in a tower.
Details: For each braiding station, take several pieces of yarn appx 24” long and tie together at the top, Tape the top to the edge of the table with heavy duty tape to secure. Then include instructions at the table on how to separate into 3 strands to braid.

Task: Build a castle
Details: We have castle blocks (I will have to check where we purchased them; we have had them a long time) but regular wood blocks will also work.

Task: Make a paper bag dress
Details: We always get the large paper bags donated by our local Kroger. All they need is the paper bag, scissors, yard or ribbon, hole punches, markers

Task: Solve the Princess puzzle.
Details: This can be many things. We have had an actual puzzle that had Disney princesses. You can also use any kind of puzzle that needs solving, a labyrinth, word search, etc.

Task: Complete your Princess hat – how frilly can it be?
Details: Here they actually assemble the hat they have been carrying from station to station. The stamps from the various tasks are already on the paper, but now they get to decorate it to their own tastes. Provide various items: glitter, sequins, ribbons, bows, and make sure you have pink, purple, aqua, and other pastel colored streamers to attach to the top of the cone. Once it is decorated and the selected streamers are attached, parents and/or staff help to fit to the girl’s head and staple. We always cover the staple with tape so it will not scratch them. We use colored duct tape.

Taks: Make and wear your tiara
Details: We purchase tiaras from Oriental Trading. Have glitter, stick on jewels, markers to decorate. After adjusting the band, secure with staple and/or tape.
Lastly, we enjoy our feast of snacks that start with the letter P. Every year we have something different.

Other ideas:
Provide a backdrop for Princess pictures
Have a volunteer make a castle cake

Email Joyce if you need additional info.

Page last modified: February 7, 2012