The Disappearing Yams by Julia Riley

Narrator 1: Pig was a yam farmer. He planted seeds, carefully tended the soil, and when it was time, dug up the yams. He took the yams to town, where he sold them or traded for other things he needed.

Narrator 2: Pig was a hard worker. Each day, he would work for hours in the hot sun, harvesting the yams. One by one, he piled them in a basket. When the sun was high in the sky, he would dust himself off and head back to his house for lunch. His wife always prepared something delicious for him.

Mrs. Pig: Hello, dear. How does yam-salad sound?

Narrator 1: After lunch, which usually involved yams in some form, Pig went back out to the field, gathered up his basket of yams, and started on the dusty walk to town.

Narrator 2: One Monday afternoon, Pig noticed something unusual.

Pig: The basket is extremely light today. I wonder if I've harvested fewer yams today than yesterday.

Narrator 1: Pig vowed to harvest more yams the next day and continued on his way.

Narrator 2: On Tuesday, Pig was careful to note that the yams were piled high over the top of his basket before he went in for lunch. When Pig went back to his basket after lunch, the yams barely came to the top of the basket!

Pig: My yams are disappearing!

Narrator 1: Pig didn't have a clue what had happened to his yams.He had no choice but to continue on to town with fewer yams than he had harvested.

Narrator 2: On Wednesday, Pig counted the yams as he put them in his basket.

Pig: 1, 2, 3.... 17, 18, 19...25, 26, 27...33! Today I have 33 yams.

Narrator 1: As usual, Pig went in for lunch, and when he returned, there appeared to be fewer yams in his basket. To be sure, he counted.

Pig: 1, 2, 3.... 17, 18, 19...25. 25! I only have 25 yams. 8 yams have disappeared!

Narrator 2: But Pig still didn't know what happened to his yams, and he had no choice but to continue on to town. Along the way, he crossed paths with Rabbit./p>

Pig: Hello, Rabbit. By chance, did you borrow any of my yams?

Rabbit: Of course not, Pig! I would have asked your permission first.Besides, my children don't even like yams!

Narrator 1: Pig was confused. If Rabbit hadn't borrowed any of his yams, what had happened to them?

Pig: Of course! Sorry, Rabbit!

Narrator 2: Pig and Rabbit continued on their separate ways.

Narrator 1: On Thursday, Pig worked all morning. He counted his yams before lunch.

Pig: Today I have 37 yams!

Narrator 2: And once again, after lunch, Pig discovered that yams were missing.

Pig: ...10, 11, 12... 17, 18, 19, 20. 20 yams! 17 yams have disappeared!

Narrator 1: Pig was very upset and very confused. He imagined all sorts of different scenarios to explain the disappearing yams. Perhaps a hungry friend had wandered by and taken a yam for a snack. Perhaps his yams had rolled away. Perhaps someone was playing a joke on him and hiding the yams. But none of these scenarios made a whole lot of sense to Pig.

Narrator 2: But Pig still didn't have a clue what had happened to his yams, so he continued on to town. Along the way, he crossed paths with Fox.

Pig: Fox, have you seen any yams rolling around lately?

Fox: Of course not, Pig! But that would be a very silly sight. Why do you ask?

Pig: Well, a lot of my yams have been disappearing lately. More every day! I don’t know what’s happening to them.

Fox: I might be able to help you find the disappearing yams. But I can’t help you now. Will you meet me tomorrow at 1 o’clock?

Narrator 1: Pig was confused, but he agreed. Fox and Pig went their separate ways.

Narrator 2: At 1 o’clock on Friday, Pig was waiting at the designated spot, and sure enough, Fox was soon there to meet him.

Pig: Hello, Fox.

Fox: Hello, Pig. I’ll show you where your yams are. Follow me!

Narrator 1: Fox took off into the woods. Pig was a little worried. He wondered if Fox was playing a trick on him. Fox had been known to do that.

Narrator 2: But Pig decided to take a chance and followed Fox into the woods. After awhile, they came to a clearing. Pig didn’t see where his yams could be. All he saw were a few tree stumps and some long grass.

Fox: Close your eyes, Pig.

Narrator 1: Pig closed his eyes. He heard some rustling and then --

Mrs. Pig, Rabbit and Fox: SURPRISE!!!

Narrator 2: Pig opened his eyes. He saw his wife, Mrs. Pig, and all of his friends-- Rabbit, Fox, Badger, Chicken and even Cow, standing in the clearing. And in the middle of them was the largest, fluffiest, most delicious yam cake Pig had even seen.

Mrs. Pig: Happy birthday, dear! I made your favorite!

Pig: So that’s where my yams have been disappearing to!

Narrator 1: Everyone laughed.

Mrs. Pig: I’m sorry you thought your yams were disappearing. You work so hard, and I wanted to surprise you for your birthday.

Pig: This is the best surprise ever! Now let’s dig into the cake!

Narrator 2: Mrs. Pig began cutting up slices of yam cake and passing them around. The friends all enjoyed the cake, and best of all, Pig had solved the mystery of the disappearing yams.

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