Texas Reading Club 1998 Bibliography


This year we have included only films and videocassettes which we know to have public performance rights and to be available through at least one Texas library system. Every title in this listing is suggested under Films/Videocassettes in at least one program of this manual. Age levels reflected after each title are not necessarily reading levels; they reflect the programming level suggested in this manual:

  • T = Toddler
  • P = Preschool
  • K-3 = Grades K-3
  • 3-6 = Grades 3-6
  • 6-8 = Grades 6-8
  • All = all ages/family

This bibliography of films and videos is divided into three parts. The films are listed alphabetically by title.

Special thanks to the film/video staff at the Central Texas Library System, the Houston Area Library System, the Northeast Texas Library System, and the North Texas Regional Library System for supplying much of the information.

Legal Reminder

Most videocassettes in library circulating collections and video stores do not have public performance rights and, legally, can only be used in the home for viewing by families and individuals. All materials in this list are available with public performance rights. Public performance films and videocassettes may be used for library programming, or checked out to patrons for use outside the library, but are not allowed to be used at events where admission is charged. They may not be transmitted on broadcast television or cable television without written permission of the producer/distributor. (All materials in Texas Library Systems' Film/Videocassette Collections have public performance rights.)

Names of distributors/producers are provided for purpose of distinction among productions with the same title but may not be useful in ordering since so many distributors have merged. For help with order information, contact VIDEOLIB@library.berkeley.edu.

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