Craft and Game Materials

Food Fights Chapter

Bulletin Board Recipes

Blank recipe card templates

Chocolate Tasting Party: Name That Candy Bar Table Set-up Photos

Table with a piece of candy bar on a plate, slip of paper that says 'name' and 'your guess'

Table with several different candy bars laid out like the one above.

Chocolate Tasting Party: Name That Candy Bar Instruction Sign

Name that Candy Bar sign.  See long description.

Chocolate Tasting Party: Name That Candy Bar Guess Card #1

Blank guess cards.  Candy bar number, name, and guess.

Chocolate Tasting Party: Chocolate Candy Guess Card #2

Blank guess cards.  List of candy bars with space to write in the guess number.

Chocolate Tasting Party: The Candy Bar Personality Test

What's your Candy Bar Personality? See long description.

Answers to the Candy Bar Personality Test

Once every participant has filled out their card, you can announce each type of candy bar and have the teens raise their hands corresponding to the candy bar they circled. Read the descriptions aloud to the group.

Baby Ruth
You are sweet, loving, cuddly, and sometimes a little nutty.
You are funny and lively. Everyone enjoys being around you.
You are smooth and articulate. You know how to express yourself.
Almond Joy
You are fun-loving and giving. You are full of energy and life.
3 Musketeers
You are adventurous and full of new ideas. You are always ready for a battle.
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar
You are romantic, warm, and loving. You care about others.

Banana Jousting

Two teens jousting with bananas.

Banana Jousting Templates #1 and #2

1. Print out, copy and cut out shield template.

2. Trace the shield shape onto a piece of poster or cardboard.

3. Paste the piece of board to the back of your shield.

Police/fire shield shape

Simple shield shape.

Game-ology Chapter

Playing Card Name Tags

Blank playing cards to use as name tags

Mind Games Chapter

Library Sudoku Puzzle

Library Sudoku puzzle.  See long description.

Library Sudoku Answer Key

Answer key to library sudoku puzzle.

Spell It! Word List

Spell it! Sample Spelling Bee Word List.  See long description for list.

Spell It! Program Room Layout

Spell It! Program Room Layout.  See long description.

Battle of the Books: Numbered Chairs Trivia Challenge

Battle of the books chairs set up with numbers on the backs.

RPG Quest: Role Playing Games Chapter

Articles about Dungeons & Dragons

Archives: The History of TSR
Wizards of the Coast provides a timeline from 1966 to 1999 with information about Dungeons & Dragons, various versions of the games, and the development and dissolution of companies that developed and published Dungeons & Dragons.
“Dave Arneson Interview” by Allen Rausch.
Rausch talks with Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, about how he met Gary Gygax, how they developed Dungeons & Dragons, his contributions to the game, what he is currently doing, and what else he has done since the 1980’s. Arneson discusses how he decided to focus on individual characters rather than a whole army and the importance of this idea in the development of role-playing games. He also mentions that, at one time, he went to schools and talked about how role-playing could be used educationally.
“Gary Gygax Interview: Part 1” by Allen Rausch.
Rausch talks with Gygax about gaming, the development of Dungeons & Dragons, authors that influenced him, how Dungeons & Dragons became popular, and controversy in the early 1980’s. Among other things, this interview addresses claims from the early 1980’s that the game promotes witchcraft and/or suicide. Gygax discusses how the media distorted the facts and did not retract incorrect information.
“Gary Gygax Interview: Part 2” by Allen Rausch.
Gygax discusses the current incarnation of Dungeons & Dragons, the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, an online game being developed, and some of his other projects, including books he is writing.
“Magic & Memories: The Complete History of Dungeons & Dragons” by Allen Rausch. (Part I: Companions & Chainmail) (Part II: Mazes & Monsters) (Part III: Tyrants & Wizards) (Part IV: Repairs & Resurrections) (Part V: Atari & Eberron)
Allen Rausch’s excellent series of articles on the history of Dungeons & Dragons was prepared for Dungeons & Dragons 30th anniversary in 2004. Rausch provides very detailed information about the origins of the game, conflicts and controversies, different publishers, and changes in the game’s rules.
“Magic & Memories: The Dungeons & Dragons Index” by GameSpy staff.
Game (Aug. 13, 2004)
As a celebration of Dungeons & Dragons’ 30th anniversary, GameSpy presented a series of articles about the game’s history. The Index helps navigate through the articles.
"What Happened to Dungeons and Dragons" by Darren Waters.
BBC News (April 26, 2004)
This article provides some history of the game and mentions controversies that arose during the height of the game’s popularity.

Trivia Games Chapter

Sample Trivia Questions

  1. What year did this library open?
  2. What is the name of the actress who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies?
  3. What is the name of the dragon in The Hobbit?
  4. How many elementary schools are in _____________ School District?
    (insert the name of your local school district)
  5. How many players are on a basketball team?
  6. Who wrote Time Cat?
  7. Who played Lily Munster on The Munsters television show?
  8. How many books does this library let you check out?
  9. In Eclipse, what is Bella’s last name?
  10. Who illustrated The Spiderwick Chronicles?
  11. Who sang “She’s a Beauty”?
  12. Who played Prue on “Charmed”?
  13. Who played Ferris in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”?
  14. Who played Aunt Zelda on “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”?

WhoDunIt Chapter

True Crime Scene Displays

Chalk outline on ground surrounded by crime scene caution tape

Closer view of crime scene above.

Library’s Most Wanted

Library's most wanted poster with blanks for name, prisoner number, alias, favorite book, favorite movie, and favorite CD.

True Crime Outline

Gather the Evidence sheet.  See Long description.

Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Go to the library catalog. Look up The Greatest: Muhammad Ali by Walter Dean Myers. Where is this book located? Go to this section of the library and find the book. Your next clue will be there.
Clue: The murderer has dark brown hair.
Answer: The Children’s Biographies.
Find the area of the library where there are books on weather. Look for a book called Storm Warning. What is this book about? You will find you next clue inside the book.
Next Clue: The murderer works in the library.
Answer: Tornados
Find the play A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. Name one character in the play. You will find your next clue at the end of the shelf.
Next Clue: The murderer likes to make the bulletin boards in the library.
Possible Answers: Blanche, Stella, Stanley, Harold, Eunice, or Steve.
Go to the library catalog and find the Research Databases. Go to the The Handbook Texas database and search for Texas State Library and Archives Commission. What year was it founded? Find your next clue at the reference desk.
Next Clue: The murderer is a man.
Answer: 1909. It was called the Texas Library and Historical Commission.
Go to the section of the library where the CDs. Write down the name, artist, and call number of the first CD you see. Find your next clue on the front of the bin where the CDs are stored.
Next Clue: The murderer wears glasses.
Go to the periodicals. Who is on the cover of Wired for April 2008? Find the next clue on top of the magazines.
Next Clue: The Murderer is taller than the display rack in the teen area.
Go to the teen area and look for the graphic novels. Find the manga, Boys Over Flowers. Who is the author of this series? Find your next clue at the end of this row.
Next Clue: The murderer likes to read the Dallas Morning News.
Answer: Yoko Kamio
Go to the periodicals. Find the newspaper called IBD. What does “IBD” stand for? Find you next clue there.
Next Clue: The murderer works closely with the person who was murdered.
Answer: “IBD” stands for Investor’s Business Daily.
Go to the section for books about different languages. Find the Spanish/English Dictionary. What is the Spanish word for library? Find your next clue at the end of the row.
Next Clue: The murderer has blue eyes.
Answer: Biblioteca
Go to the front of the building where the circulation desk is located. Find the large, glass display case. Name one thing in the display. Find your next clue in the bottom right corner of the case.
Next Clue: The murderer’s favorite book is Dracula by Bram Stoker.
Who is in the painting hanging in library? Find your next clue on the easel next to the painting.
Next Clue: The murderer’s favorite color is green.
Name one book on the Coretta Scott King Award book display. Find your next clue near the sign that says “Coretta Scott King.”
Next Clue: The murderer dislikes people who bring back books late.
Answer: The murderer is Bob who works in circulation.

Who Am I? Name Tags

Who Am I? Name tags. See long description.

Who Am I? Nametags.  See long description.

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