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Library Sudoku

Can you do Sudoku?

Library Sudoku Rules:

Complete the grid so that every row, column, and three-by-three contains one of each of the library-related items.

Each item corresponds to a number:

  • PDA
  • DVD
  • audiobook
  • phone
  • book
  • mouse
  • computer
  • newspaper
  • desk
Library Sudoku Puzzle
        phone     audiobook DVD
  DVD newspaper computer   mouse     book
audiobook book desk DVD         phone
  mouse phone   book computer     PDA
  PDA DVD         mouse desk
      newspaper PDA book      
              book mouse
desk computer book       PDA    
Library Sudoku Answer Key
7 2 9 4 phone 6 8 audiobook DVD
8 1 PDA 7 2 5 3 6 9
3 DVD newspaper computer 1 mouse 2 4 book
audiobook book desk DVD 8 4 6 9 phone
6 mouse phone 2 book computer 1 5 PDA
9 PDA DVD 1 6 3 7 mouse desk
5 3 8 newspaper PDA book 9 2 1
4 6 1 3 9 2 5 book mouse
desk computer book 8 5 1 PDA 3 6

Spell It!

Sample Spelling Bee Word List

30 Spelling Words Inspired from the Game On! TTR.08 Theme:

  • Achievement
  • Challenger
  • Champion
  • Competition
  • Competitor
  • Conquest
  • Contender
  • Contestant
  • Diversion
  • Electronic
  • Festivity
  • Forfeit
  • Gambit
  • Ingenuity
  • Manuever
  • Opponent
  • Participant
  • Pursuit
  • Recreation
  • Regulation
  • Relaxation
  • Scenario
  • Strategy
  • Stratagem
  • Tactic
  • Tournament
  • Triumph
  • Trivial
  • Virtual
  • Willingness

Spell It! Program Room Layout

Audience seating on far side of room. Audience faces the contestants.

Judges' table in the middle of the room. Judges face the audience and the spellers' podium.

Spellers' podium with microphone in the middle of the room. Speller faces audience.

Contestants seating on the other side of the room. Contestants face audience.

Gather the Evidence

Thomas Jennings and Murder in Chicago

  1. Who was Thomas Jennings and what was his crime?
  2. What evidence helped solve this case?
  3. What made this case famous?
  4. What year was this crime committed?
  5. In your opinion, is Thomas Jennings guilty of the crime?

Who Am I? Name Tags

Sam (Transformers) Indiana Jones
Bond (James Bond) Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Series)
Peter Parker (Spider-Man) David Banner (The Incredible Hulk)
Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) Ron Weasley (Harry Potter Series)
Agatha Christie Bruce Wayne (Batman)
Nancy Drew Mary Higgins Clark
Janie Johnson Kinky Friedman
Patricia Cornwell Caroline B. Clooney
Joan Lowery Nixon Gilda Joyce
Alex Rider Philip Pullman

Name That Candy Bar

Can you identify the candy bar by only LOOKING at the cross section? You may only LOOK! NO TOUCHING, SMELLING, OR TASTING! Make a guess and put it in the bowl. There are 5 candy bar cross-sections -- you may have only one guess per candy bar!

What's Your Candy Bar Personality?

Your favorite candy bar can reveal secrets about your inner personality. Circle the name of your favorite candy bar:

  • Baby Ruth
  • Snickers
  • Butterfinger
  • Almond Joy
  • 3 Musketeers
  • Hershey's Milk Chocolate
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