Key to abbreviations for age recommendations

I = Elementary

Y=Young Adult

L=For the Librarian

+= "and up" All ages above the one listed will find the book of interest.


Acs, Jessica.
Outstanding Mini Albums: 50 Ideas for Creating Mini Scrapbooks. Memory Makers, 2009. (Y+)

This book takes readers through the experience of creating mini-scrapbooks and provides readers with examples of mini-albums and step-by-step project instructions.

Ang, Tom.
How to Photograph Absolutely Everything: Successful Pictures From Your Digital Camera. DK, 2009. (L)

The author concisely explains different techniques using simple directions and examples to create successful digital photographs.

Baskett, Mickey.
Dazzling Bead and Wire Crafts. Sterling, 2005. (Y+)

This book provides full-color photos, diagrams, patterns and easy-to follow instructions for beaded wire craft projects.

Bauer, Joan.
Thwonk. Speak, 2005. (Y)

Seventeen-year-old A.J. McCreary is facing a multitude of problems including taking a picture for the cover of the Valentine edition of the school paper, being dateless for the upcoming King of Hearts Dance, and fighting with her dad about her desire to become a photographer.

Beagle, Debra.
Hand Lettering Made Easy. EFG, 2004. (Y+)

This book gives clear, simple instructions in calligraphic lettering for beginners to use in scrapbooking, journaling and other arts and crafts projects.

Beal, Susan, et al.
Super Crafty: Over 75 Amazing How-to Projects! Sasquatch, 2005. (Y+)

This book presents projects that are accessible for both expert and beginning crafter. Each project discusses supplies, cost, level of difficulty, and age appropriateness.

Beatty, Theresa.
Food and Recipes of Japan. PowerKids, 1999. (I)

This book discusses different types of popular recipes made in Japan.

Bennet, Johan and Pamela Riemer.
Rhythmic Activities and Dances. Human Kinetics, 2006. (L)

Focusing on different types of dance, like rhythmic games and activities, rhythmic aerobics and dance, line dances, and folk dance, this book offers lessons for beginner, intermediate and advance dancers.

Block, Francesca Lia.
How to (Un)cage a Girl. HarperTeen, 2008. (Y)

Through this three-part poetry collection, the emotional journey from girlhood to womanhood is presented.

Bolles, Richard Nelson.
What Color Is Your Parachute? 2009: A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers. Ten Speed, 2008. (Y+)

The 2009 edition of this classic, also an ALA Outstanding Book for the College Bound title, advises first-time job seekers on how to find the right work for them.

Bonham-Lies, Betty.
The Poet’s Pen: Writing Poetry with Middle and High School Students. Teacher Ideas, 1993. (L)

Beginning writing instructors learn all the information they need to start a writing program, including techniques and tips for writing poetry, exercises and a complete bibliography.

Bonnell, Jennifer.
D.I.Y. Girl: The Real Girl's Guide to Making Everything from Lip Gloss to Lamps. Puffin, 2003. (Y-L)

Through step-by-step guides, Bonnell gives instructions on making a variety of decorative items such as marble magnets and pillowcase skirts.

Browning, Marie.
Totally Cool Polymer Clay Projects. Sterling, 2005. (Y)

This easy-to-use book provides over 100 projects in polymer clay that kids of all ages will enjoy. Browning introduces all the techniques used in polymer clay projects and provides instructions for completing each project.

Bryant, Jen.
Pieces of Georgia. Knopf, 2006. (I+)

This book, told through free verse poems and journal entries, records 13-year-old Georgia’s conversations with her mother, who died six years earlier, and delves into the struggles she and her father have gone through since their loss.

Campbell, Marc and Dave Long.
Digital Photography for Teens. Course Technology, PTR, 2006.(Y+)

Written for the young adult audience, this easy to follow book provides digital photo examples to teach teens how to take good pictures.

Campbell, Marc.
Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements for Teens. Course Technology, PTR, 2007. (Y+)

Written for the young adult audience, this book is targeted towards teens who already have a basic understanding of Photoshop. The book includes instructions on various techniques that teens want to learn to enhance their skills.

Cano-Murillo, Kathy.
The Crafty Diva’s Lifestyle Makeover: Awesome Ideas To Spice Up Your Life. Watson-Guptill, 2005. (Y-L)

This book for crafty teens includes a chapter that features music-related projects.

Carle, Jill and Megan Carle.
Teens Cook Dessert. Ten Speed, 2006. (Y)

This step-by-step cookbook for teens provides recipes for making Triple Chocolate Biscottis, Chocolate Eclairs, and other yummy treats.

Choron, Sandra and Harry Choron.
The Book of Lists for Teens. Houghton Mifflin, 2002. (Y-L)

This title features more than 300 lists for teens, including a list of “The 7 Most Common Recurring Teen Dreams and What They Mean”.

Cohn, Rachel and David Levithan.
Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Knopf, 2006. (Y+)

When Nick, a member of a rock band, asks Nora to be his girlfriend for five minutes in order to avoid his ex-sweetheart an adventurous night in NYC ensues.

Coleman, Tina and Peggie Llanes.
The Hipster Librarian's Guide to Teen Craft Projects. American Library Association, 2009. (L)

This professional resource provides a variety of craft projects that have been done in a library setting.

Cusick, Dawn and Megan Kirby.
The Michaels Book of Paper Crafts. Lark, 2005. (Y+)

Paper is cheap and this book provides a wide variety of crafts created with paper, including scrapbooking, decoupage, and quilling. Readers will find the full-color photos and easy to follow instructions very useful.

Dalla, Tamalyn.
Belly Dancing for Fitness: The Ultimate Dance Workout That Unleashes Your Creative Spirit. Ulysses, 2004. (Y+)

This book shows the basic movements in belly dance and provides a basic eight-week fitness program that focuses on toning and strengthening the core muscles.

Dessen, Sarah.
Along For the Ride. Viking, 2009. (Y+)

When Auden, a late-night coffee lover, meets Eli, a fellow insomniac, they begin a nocturnal “quest” to let go of guilt and experience life to the fullest.

Dessen, Sarah.
Just Listen. Viking, 2006. (Y+)

When sixteen-year-old Annabel befriends classmate Owen, she finds his passion for music contagious and uses it to help her confront what really happened at the end-of-the-year party that changed her life.

DeVries-Sokol, Dawn.
1,000 Artist Journal Pages: Personal Pages and Inspirations. Quarry, 2008. (Y+)

This book offers examples of over 1,000 individual journal pages created by artists and it presents ideas and techniques for creating personal journal pages.

Dewar, Andrew.
Fun and Easy Paper Airplanes. Tuttle, 2008. (Y+)

Readers will find detailed instructions for creating sixteen paper airplanes. The author also provides readers with tips and strategies for making paper airplanes fly faster.

Dewar, Andrew.
Simple Origami Airplanes: Fold ‘Em and Fly ‘Em. Tuttle, 2007. (Y+)

Readers will find sixteen ready-to-fold paper airplanes and perforated paper from which to make them, along with simple, easy to follow instructions on creating fast flyers.

Dodds, Steve.
Re-creative: 50 Projects for Turning Found Items into Contemporary Design. HP Trade, 2006. (Y-L)

This book inspires the reader to turn old junk into useful items. The author sparks readers to think about recycling and creativeness by creating crafts made from album covers, soda cans, CD cases, and more.

Elizabeth, Mary.
Painless Poetry. Barron’s Educational Series, 2001. (Y)

In this useful and practical guide written for young adults, readers will find examples of poetry and come to understand how poets use words, create rhyme schemes, and write in both metered and free verse.

Franco-Feeney, Betsy (editor).
You Hear Me? Poems and Writing by Teenage Boys. Candlewick, 2001. (Y)

In this collection of uncensored poems and short prose, readers gain frank insight into the minds of teenage boys coming of age as themes of family, conformity, bullying, love, sex and anger are explored.

Franklin, Eric.
Dynamic Alignment Through Imagery. Human Kinetics, 1996. (Y-L)

This book explores using imagery to improve alignment and movement in dance and provides a lot of examples that would be useful to teens in their everyday life. Librarians planning a dance program will find useful material.

Fraser, Dianne.
Playdancing. Princeton, 1991. (L)

Although the book is aimed at younger children, the exercises can be adapted and used as a basis for creating a program for teens.

Friedman, Lise and Callis, Chris.
Alvin Ailey Dance Moves!: A New Way to Exercise. Abrams, 2003. (Y+)

This book describes a fitness program that is based on the many different movement styles taught at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre School, including West African, classical ballet, Indian, and yoga.

Gehrman, Elizabeth.
Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty. Dial, 2008. (Y)

Three girls spend the summer working at a coffee shop in California, where they form friendships and experience life together.

Gehrman, Jody Elizabeth.
Triple Shot Bettys in Love. Dial, 2009. (Y)

In this sequel to Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty, romance ensues for Geena, Amber, and Hero, while they continue to serve espressos at the Triple Shot Betty coffee shop.

Gerber, Linda.
Death by Latte. Speak, 2008. (Y+)

In this title in Gerber’s teen mystery series featuring Aphra Connolly, the teen flies to Seattle to see her mother and becomes involved in the death of a man at a coffee shop.

Goodmark, Robyn.
Girls Rock: How to Get Your Group Together and Make Some Noise. Billboard, 2008. (Y)

Goodmark inspires girls to make music of their own and provides information on topics ranging from choosing an instrument and finding band-mates to organizing rehearsals, recording music, spreading the word, and getting gigs.

How to Cosplay. Vol. 1. Graphic-Sha, 2009. (Y-L)

This multi-volume set focuses on different aspects of cosplaying in each volume. Volume 1 specializes in cosplay make-up, while other titles in the series cover costumes, wigs, and other topics, including specific characters.

Greenberg, Jan and Sandra Jordan.
Runaway Girl: The Artist Louise Bourgeois. Abrams, 2003. (Y+)

Louise Bourgeois was one of the world’s best-known sculptors of the 20th century. Part biography, part memoir, this book brings to life a unique portrait of the artist and teens will relate to Bourgeois through the stories about her life and their relationship to her artistic themes.

Harrison, Holly.
Altered Books, Collaborative Journals, and Other Adventures in Bookmaking. Quarry, 2003. (Y+)

In this how-to book, readers learn about creating altered books through the use of layering, collage, and other artistic techniques. In addition, readers will learn how to work together with other writers and artists to create a collaborative journal.

Hattori, Chihiro.
The Manga Cookbook. Japanime, 2007. (Y+)

This popular book is an excellent step-by-step on how to prepare Japanese cuisine. It has recipes that are mentioned in some manga and uses ingredients that can be found in Western kitchens.

Honnold, Rosemary.
101+ Teen Programs That Work. Neal-Schuman, 2003. (L)

This professional resource features useful program ideas, including a section on hosting coffeehouse programs.

Horosko, Marian.
Martha Graham: The Evolution Of Her Dance Theory and Training. Cappella, 1991. (Y+)

This is a compilation of memories from Martha Graham’s past students and company members but also includes specifications on the Graham technique.

Jones, Mason and Patrick Macias.
Japan Edge: The Insider’s Guide to Japanese Pop Subculture. Viz Media, 1999. (Y+)

Written from the perspective of five American fans, this book covers Japanese film, music, and animation, giving readers an insight into the Japanese culture.

King, Adair and Serge Timacheff.
Digital Photography for Dummies. For Dummies, 2008. (Y-L)

This book covers the basics of digital photography and includes everything the first time photographer needs to know.

Knox, Elizabeth.
Dreamhunter: Book 1 of Dreamhunter Duet. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006. (Y)

In a world where select people can enter "The Place" and find dreams of every kind to share with others for a fee, Laura trains to be a dreamhunter.

Knox, Elizabeth.
Dreamquake: Book 2 of Dreamhunter Duet. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007. (Y)

This 2008 Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature honoree is the sequel to Dreamhunter. Here Laura investigates the true nature of “The Place” in which dreams are found.

Koertge, Ron.
The Brimstone Journals. Candlewick, 2001. (Y)

Told as story in verse, fifteen senior high students discuss everything from racism to homophobia, bringing to life the issues teenagers face every day.

Korman, Gordon.
Born to Rock. Hyperion, 2006. (Y+)

When high school senior Leo Caraway learns that his biological father is a punk rock legend, he accepts a roadie job on his dad’s rock music tour in the hope of securing money for college.

Kries, Jennifer.
Jennifer Kries' Pilates Plus Method: The Unique Combination of Yoga, Dance, and Pilates. Grand Central, 2002. (Y+)

This book combines the techniques in Pilates, yoga, and dance to provide readers with a unique fitness program. The author also highlights exercises that will help with specific sports and activities.

Kubo, Tite.
Bleach. Viz Media, 2004. (Y)

The main character, Ichigo "Strawberry" Kurosaki, accidentally obtains the ability to see ghosts and must spend his time defending humans from evil.

Kurotaki, Jan.
Everybody Cosplay. Vol. 1. ADV Manga, 2007. (Y-L)

Written by an avid cosplayer and fan, this book features a collection of photographs that explain each character, provides an explanation of the character, and gives a list of materials needed to create the costume.

Levithan, David.
The Realm of Possibility. Knopf, 2004. (Y)

In this book, readers will relate to the stories of a group of friends told through a collection of linked poems that explore a diverse range of experiences and emotions experienced by teens.

Lewis, James R.
The Dream Encyclopedia. Visible Ink, 2009. (Y-L)

This book examines various types of dreams and methods of dream interpretation.

Lubar, David.
Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. Dutton, 2005. (Y)

In this journal styled novel, Scott Hudson depicts the highs and lows of his freshman year in high school, his home life, and his feeling towards his soon-to-be new sibling.

Lurie, April.
The Latent Powers of Dylan Fontaine. Delacorte, 2008. (Y+)

Fifteen-year-old Dylan's friend Angie is making a film about him while he is busy trying to keep his older brother and his band mates from getting caught with drugs, dealing with his mother’s absence from the family, and his father’s workaholic mentality, all while contemplating if Angie is more than just a friend.

Maurer-Mathison, Diane.
Paper in Three Dimensions: Origami, Pop-ups, Sculpture, Baskets, Boxes and More. Watson-Guptill, 2006. (Y+)

This useful how-to book on creating 3-D paper projects includes step-by-step instructions.

McClymer, Kelly.
Must Love Black. Simon Pulse, 2008. (Y).

When coffee-loving, Goth girl Philippa takes a new nanny job she thinks she has found her dream job. But could the rumors that the house is haunted be true?

McGraw, Mary Jo.
Stamping Fun for Beginners. North Light, 2005. (Y+)

In this book written specifically for beginners, McGraw gives readers easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on many techniques, including how to make your own stamps, and instructions for 27 different projects.

McHose, Caryn and Andrea Olsen.
Bodystories: A Guide to Experiential Anatomy. Station Hill Openings, 1998. (Y+)

This book focuses on different parts of the body and has experiments that go along with each part to help dancers (and other professionals) understand their own unique body.

McMann, Lisa.
Fade. Simon Pulse, 2009. (Y+)

In this sequel to Wake, eighteen-year-old Janie continues to use her ability to see into other people's dreams.

McMann, Lisa.
Wake. Simon Pulse, 2008. (Y+)

High school student Janie Hannagan discovers that she has the power to see into other people's dreams.

Memory Makers Books, Editors. (Y+)
Totally Teen Scrapbook Page: Scrapbooking the Almost Grown-up Years. Memory Maker Books, 2006. (Y+)

In this book, readers learn some of the best ways to capture the teen years in scrapbook pages.

Meyer, Stephanie H.
Teen Ink: Written in the Dirt. (Teen Ink Series) HCI Teens, 1989. (Y+)

This collection, culled from the contributions teens have submitted to Teen Ink, a national magazine, features writing about the innermost thoughts and feelings teens have.

Michel, Karen.
The Complete Guide to Altered Imagery: Mixed Media Techniques for Collage, Altered Books, Artists Journals and More. Quarry, 2005. (Y+)

This book explores different techniques in creating altered imagery for a variety of projects, including altered books, artists’ journals and scrapbooks. A gallery of examples highlights both traditional artistic techniques and contemporary digital techniques.

Myers, Walter Dean.
Street Love. Amistad, 2006. (Y)

Damien and Junice’s romance comes to life through short poems, exploring their lives and the anger, frustration and loss these two individuals experience as they move into adulthood.

Nichols, Travis.
Punk Rock Etiquette: The Ultimate How-To Guide for Punk, Underground, DIY, and Indie Bands. Flash Point, 2008. (Y)

Through how-to information and insider humor, this book talks about punk rock etiquette. It includes guidelines for choosing band mates and a name, instructions for screen-printing merchandise, and the immutable laws of stage etiquette.

Oatman-High, Linda.
Sister Slam and the Poetic Motormouth Road Trip. Bloomsbury, 2004. (Y)

Best friends Laura and Twig take off on a cross-country trip after they graduate from high school. The novel is told in “slam” verse format and follows their trekking from Pennsylvania to New York to compete in slam poetry events.

Olsen, Andrea.
Body and Earth: An Experiential Guide. University of New England Press, 2002. (Y-L)

This book focuses on small experiments that are meant to help readers understand the intricacies of movements used in dance.

Ott, Valerie A.
Teen Programs with Punch: A Month-by-Month Guide. Libraries Unlimited, 2006. (L)

This resource for librarians offers complete instructions, as well as cost information and promotional ideas, for year-round programming.

Patten, Fred and Carl Macek.
Watching Anime, Reading Manga: 25 Years of Essays and Reviews. Stone Bridge, 2004. (Y-L)

This book covers the history of the anime/manga fan base, giving a detailed look at the history, artists, and authors. It also offers some insight into how its popularity grew in the United States.

Petterson, Melvyn.
The Instant Printmaker: Simple Printing Methods to Try at Home. Watson-Guptill, 2003. (Y+)

Both beginners and experts will find the techniques in this book easy to use, and Petterson provides readers with ideas for practical and affordable materials.

Pittman, Anne M. and Marylys S. Waller and Cathey L. Dark.

Dance A While: A Handbook for Folk, Square, Contra, and Social Dance. Benjamin Cummings, 2008. (Y+)

This classic reference book describes the major forms of dance and provides dance instruction for each of those forms. It also includes a cultural history of each dance form.
Polly, Matthew.
American Shaolin: Flying Kicks, Buddhist Monks, and the Legend of Iron Crotch: An Odyssey in the New China. Penguin, 2007. (Y-L)

In this ALA 2009 Outstanding Book for the College Bound, the author reflects on the childhood dream that led him, as an adult, to leave college and travel to China to study martial arts for two years.

Pomer, Janice.
Perpetual Motion: Creative Movement Exercises for Dance and Dramatic Arts. Human Kinetic, 2002. (Y-L)

This manual presents group exercises that can be done with simple movements, along with variations for each exercise to make it more difficult for intermediate to advance dancers.

Pope, Loren.
Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools That Will Change the Way You Think About Colleges. Penguin, 2006. (Y)

In this 2009 ALA Outstanding Book for the College Bound, older teens can gain insight into the collegiate world.

Poulo, Gerry.
Cosplay: Catgirls and Other Critters. Stone Bridge, 2006. (Y-L)

This book contains easy to follow instructions for creating costumes and teaches readers how to work with fabric and choose the right accessories.

Reber, Deborah.
Chill: Stress-Reducing Techniques for a More Balanced, Peaceful You.2008. Simon & Schuster, 2008. (Y)

This 2009 ALA Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers provides stress-reducing techniques and offers tips to help teens make their lives run more smoothly.

Robinson, Nick.
Picture Perfect Origami: All You Need to Know to Make Fantastic Origami Creations Shown in Step-by-Step Photos. St. Martin’s, 2008. (Y+)

Robinson explains standard origami folding techniques, pairing step-by-step photos with models of each origami project to make it easy for beginners and experts alike to create wonderful origami pieces.

Rooyackers, Paul.
101 Dance Games for Children: Fun and Creativity with Movement. Hunter House, 1996. (L)

This book gives a lot of examples where dance can be used as a game. These games could be adapted for the purpose of emphasizing different elements of dance to teens.

Rowen, Betty.
Dance and Grow: Developmental Dance Activities for Three- Through Eight-Year-Olds. Princeton, 1994. (L)

Although this book is aimed at younger children, the exercises can be adapted for use with teens.

Shaw, Tucker.
The Girls. Abrams, 2009. (Y)

In this modern re-telling of Claire Boothe’s play The Women, five girls learn about friendship, love, and share gossip at the hottest coffee shop in town.

Skinner, Michele.
Your Words, Your Story: Add Meaningful Journaling to Your Layouts. Memory Makers, 2008. (Y+)

Skinner helps scrapbookers develop their journaling skills by providing layouts, design ideas, and examples of various types of journal writing that will enhance projects with the written word.

Skye, Obert.
Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo. Shadow Mountain, 2005. (Y)

Two teens race to stop evil forces from stopping mankind from dreaming.

Sones, Sonya.
One of Those Hideous Books Where the Mother Dies. Simon & Schuster, 2005. (Y)

Through poetry, Ruby Milliken tells how she adjusted to life after the death of her mother.

Soto, Gary
A Fire in My Hands. Harcourt, 2006. (Y)

In this expanded edition of Soto’s book, originally published in 1998, readers discover a selection of poems that explore topics relevant to today’s teens.

Soto, Gary.
Partly Cloudy: Poems of Love and Longing. Harcourt, 2009. (Y)

The tender hearts of young people are explored through poetry as they venture toward love and heartbreak.

Spitz, Bob.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!: The Beatles, Beatlemania, and the Music that Changed the World. Little, Brown, 2007. (Y)

Spitz adapts his New York Times bestselling adult biography in a style and format that is suitable for teen readers.

Steinberger, Aimee Major.
Japan Ai: a Tall Girl’s Adventures in Japan. Go! Comi, 2007. (Y)

Aimee, a six-foot tall cosplayer, travels to Japan where she discovers some of her favorite things. She also learns about the culture and has a few funny out-of-place moments along the way.

Takayuki, Ishii.
One Thousand Paper Cranes: The Story of Sadako and the Children’s Peace Statue. Laurel Leaf, 2001. (I+)

Prior to dying from radiation poisoning from the bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Sadako Sasaki folds 1,000 paper cranes. Sadako’s story inspired her classmates and sparked a national campaign in Japan to build the Children’s Peace Statue to honor Sadako and the hundreds of other children who died in Hiroshima.

Takenami, Yoko.
The Simple Art of Japanese Calligraphy. Sterling, 2004. (Y-L)

The book contains a short history of the art form, explains what tools will be needed, and gives great illustrations to follow along in learning Japanese calligraphy.

Tanner, Mike.
Flat-Out Rock: Ten Great Bands of the 60s. Annick, 2006. (Y)

Tanner profiles many of the bands that teens have become familiar with via Guitar Hero and Rock Band video games, including Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin, while discussing 60s rock in general.

Temko, Florence.
Origami Boxes. Tuttle, 2003. (I+)

Temko presents twenty-five original origami projects, with easy-to-follow instructions, featuring boxes and bowls that will appeal to all ages.

Tolan, Stephanie.
Surviving the Applewhites. HarperCollins, 2003. (I-Y)

Thirteen year old Jake Semple is on his way to juvenile detention when he ends up living with the Applewhite family. The Applewhites are known for their “creative” ways and Jake learns to survive this artistic family by coming up with some creative talents of his own.

Turner, Ann.
Hard Hit. Scholastic, 2006. (Y)

In this novel in verse format, Turner explores the emotions and experiences of a tenth grade boy who learns that his father is dying from cancer.

Ulldemolins, Jose Maria Chaquet.
Famous Aircraft in Origami. Dover, 2008. (Y+)

This book provides readers with instructions on creating eighteen origami projects based on famous aircraft, including fighter jets, helicopters, and more.

Vallian, Doris.
Dance Teams. Mason Crest, 2003. (Y)

This book offers a quick peek into the various aspects of dance teams, including tryouts, dance styles, and competitions.

Wittlinger, Ellen.
Razzle. Simon Pulse, 2003. (Y)

This coming of age story is about Ken, a shy, quiet teen who wants to be left alone to his photography. Ken deals with friendships and finding the girl of his dreams, who ends up causing him to make one of the hardest decisions of his life.

Woodson, Jacqueline.
After Tupac and D Foster. Putnam's, 2008. (Y)

In this 2009 Newbery Honor book, three girls bond over their shared love of Tupac Shakur's rap music while longing to discover their “Big Purpose” in the unpredictable world in which they live.

Yamaguchi, Jeffrey.
52 Projects: Random Acts of Everyday Creativity. Perigree, 2005. (Y+)

Readers are encouraged to find creativity in ones everyday life by committing to one creative endeavor each week for 52 weeks.

Yazawa, Ai.
Paradise Kiss. TokyoPop, 2002. (Y)

In this popular manga title, that many teens enjoy cosplaying, Yukari finds herself submerged in the fashion world and ends up being a clothing model for her new group of friends.

Zusak, Markus.
I Am the Messenger. Knopf, 2005. (Y+)

After stopping a bank robbery, 19-year-old Ed Kennedy, along with his a coffee-addicted dog, becomes a messenger to his community. Previously only tenuously connected to his family and community, the messages lead him to mystery and heroics that change his life.


An Altered Journey with Tim Holtz. Pages Sage, 2004. (127 minutes) (Y+)
Artist Tim Holtz provides viewers with step-by-step instructions for stamping projects that involve a number of techniques, including distressing with ink, faux embossing, and brushless watercolor.

Ballet for Beginners. Kultur Video, 2004. (40 minutes) (Y+)
This ballet class led by David Howard emphasizes posture and placement and includes beginner’s vocabulary and technique.

Bend it Like Beckham. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, 2002. (112 minutes) (Y)
In this comedy an Indian girl’s ability to bend the rules of her culture allows her to follow her dreams of playing soccer.

Freedom Writers. Paramount Studios, 2007. (122 minutes) (Y+)
Based on the story of high school teacher Erin Grunwell’s unique experience working with at-risk youth in Long Beach, California, this movie explores the ways journal writing can be used to connect students with reading and improve literacy skills.

Full Moon O Sagashite, Vol. 1. Viz Media, 2006. (94 minutes) (Y)
Twelve year old Mitsuke is a talented singer with a disease that is curable only through surgery that could risk her singing voice. 2 Shinigami (Death Spirit) tells her she has one year left to live. What will she do with her last year?

Honey and Clover. Viz Video, 2008. (116 minutes) (Y+)
This live action movie based on the manga, Honey and Clover revolves around five art students who form a love relationship while attempting to make enough money to pay rent and buy food.

Isadora Duncan Masterworks 1905-1923. Dance Books, 2008. (52 minutes) (Y+)
The Isadora Duncan Dance Ensemble presents twelve classic choreographic works by Isadora Duncan.

Love*Com. Viz Video, 2008. (100 minutes) (Y)
This live action movie of the manga, Lovely Complex is the story of Misa, a taller than average girl who falls for a shorter than average boy resulting in a love story that is full of laughter and proves that opposites attract.

Loveless: Lost and Found. Anime Works, 2006. (100 minutes) (Y)
A young boy, Aoyagi, is left with his insane mother after his brother is killed. Moving to a new school, Aoyagi meets someone who claims to have known his brother and was his fighting partner. Aoyagi now must team up with his brother’s former partner and find out who killed his brother. This is a popular anime series that is often cosplayed at conventions.

Nana. Viz Video, 2008. (114 minutes) (Y-L)
This live action movie of the manga, Nana, focuses on two girls, both named Nana, who are from different worlds. They end up quickly becoming best friends and sharing more than the same name.

Naruto. Vol. 1. Viz Video, 2006. (88 minutes) (I-Y)
The first volume in this anime series tells the story of a young boy who yearns to become the village champion ninja. In this coming age story, Naruto overcomes numerous barriers, grows stronger, and becomes a great ninja.

New York City Ballet: Bringing Balanchine Back. WEA, 2008. (80 minutes) (Y+)
This behind the scenes look follows the New York City Ballet’s trip to St. Petersburg in 2003. The film also explores Balanchine’s life here in America and in Russia.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Sony, 2008. (90 minutes) (Y+)
In this movie adaptation of the novel by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, Nick and Norah meet and share a love of music in one adventurous night.

Ouran High School Host Club. Funimation, 2008. (90 minutes) (Y+)
Because of her hair and dress, Haruhi Fujioka has been mistaken for a boy. While looking for a quiet place to study, she stumbles upon an all boys club. When she accidentally knocks over a very expensive vase, she is told by the group that she is in debt to them. Will they discover her secret or will Haruhi be able to keep her “disguise?”

Pilates for Dancers- Get the Dancer’s Body. SalsaCrazy, 2006. (100 minutes) (Y+)
A quick warm-up is followed by easy to understand instructions to complete a good pilates workout for beginners and intermediate students.

The Pursuit of Happyness. Sony, 2007. (117 minutes) (Y)
Based on a true story, Will Smith stars as a struggling salesman who fights to make his dreams come true as a professional on Wall Street.

Sailor Moon: The Legend Begins. ADV, 2000. (90 minutes) (Y)
In this animated series, a young girl has secret powers and must set out to save the Earth from impending danger.

Scapbooking: Memories Made Simple. On Air Video, 2008. (119 minutes. (Y+)
Crafter Sharyn Pak guides viewers through the process of scrapbooking from beginning to end, detailing supplies, techniques, and valuable tips.

Speak. Showtime Entertainment. 2005. (93 minutes) (Y+)
Based on the teen novel by Laurie Halse Anderson, Melinda Sordino withdraws into herself and refuses to speak after being raped at a party. Although Melinda does not speak, viewers are privy to her thoughts, and through her thoughts and her experiences in art class, we see how creative expression can help heal one’s soul.

The Spirit Moves. Dancetime, 2008. (120 minutes) (Y+)
This is one of the most extensive documentaries on African American social dance and focuses on the past century.

Tap Dancing for Beginners. Kultur Video, 2007. (30 minutes) (Y+)
Taught by Henry Lee Tang, with guest appearance by Honi Coles, this film focuses on agility and rhythm, and leads beginners through a basic tap routine.

10 Things I Hate About You. Touchstone, 1999. (97 minutes) (Y+)
An ALA 2009 Fabulous Film for Young Adults, this film is a modern retelling of William Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Kat, an indie-rock music lover, is wooed by Patrick, a bad-boy with a mysterious reputation.

Trinity Blood. Funimation, 2006. (90 minutes) (Y)
After Armageddon, a new civilization has been built on top of the old. This leads to an ongoing battle between the humans and vampires and a struggle for survival. Trinity Blood contains beautiful animation and is sought after by many cosplay fans to replicate characters.

Tsubasa: Season 1. Funimation, 2008. (650 minutes) (Y)
Tsubasa is the story of Sakura, a princess who has the power to change the world. The characters reside in an alternate reality where unexpected things happen. Sakura and her life-long friend Syaoran must search the world for Sakura’s memories after they are scattered across dimensions.

Urban Jam- Hip Hop Dance with Laya Barak. StratoStream- World Dance New York, (60 minutes) (Y+).
Nationally known artist Laya Barak teaches a hip hop class, presented so that beginners, intermediate, and advance students can all participate.

Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. Walt Disney, 1991. (88 minutes) (Y)
This movie is based on the inspiring true-life adventures of a courageous young woman who succeeds despite overwhelming tragedy

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