About the Artist, Christy Stallop

Christy Stallop grew up in El Paso, Texas where her father tossed children's books at her for every occasion. As she read the books, she was enchanted by the illustrations and knew this would be her passion in life.

Christy now lives in Austin where she shares her passion for art and illustration with her students at Cedars Academy Elementary School where she serves as art teacher for grades Pre K - 7. Christy spends her evenings and summers as a freelance illustrator, and has illustrated several children's books including There's a Yak in my Bed and the soon to be soon to be released Poppy and Puppy.

When she is not teaching or illustrating, Christy enjoys traveling and spending time with her family where her two boys, ages 13 and 11 are now on the receiving end of the book toss.

Page last modified: August 15, 2011