Realm of the Paranormal By Julia Riley

Teens willing to walk on the dark side will get a taste for the paranormal with a blood cafe and sparkle like a true vampire, while those more inclined to howl at the moon than sip blood can prepare for the next full moon with a werewolf mask. Teens can also craft an alien or UFO patch and learn the tips and tricks for paranormal investigation.

Books to Share

Encyclopedia Horrifica by Joshua Gee
How to Be a Zombie: The Essential Guide for Anyone Who Craves Brains by Serena Valentino
Love Bites: The Unofficial Saga of Twilight by Liv Spencer
Searching for Aliens, UFOs, and Men in Black by Michael Burgan
UFOs: What Scientists Say May Shock You! by N. B. Grace
The Vampire is Just Not that Into You by Vlad Mezrich

Books to Show or Booktalk

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan
I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked it by Adam Selzer
Liar by Justine Larabalestier
Paranormalcy by Kiersten White
Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Zombies vs. Unicorns by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier


Fangs vs. Fur - Display books featuring vampires and books featuring werewolves for a fresh take of the Edward vs. Jacob debate. Other debatable topics, such as aliens vs. ghosts or zombies vs. unicorns, would also make excellent displays.


Delicious Brains - Make gelatin zombie brains ahead of time (using a brain mold, available on, then let teens up the ick factor by inserting gummy worms into the brain before chowing down.

Alien Juice - Teens can make their own alien juice by adding a few drops of blue or green food coloring to any clear, citrus soda.

Incentives - Vampire Fangs & Flashlights


Craft #1 - Alien or UFO felt patch

Hot glue gun
Felt (various colors)
UFO and Alien templates*
Pin backs


Print templates onto cardstock for added durability. Have teens trace the template pieces onto the felt colors of their choosing (this can be done in advance if time is short) and cut out. Use hot glue to assemble. Teens can add a pin back to the back of their alien or UFO if desired.

UFO Template
Alien Template


Craft # 2 - Vampire Body Glitter

Small container (clean, donated baby food jars will work well)
Aloe vera gel
Ultra fine glitter in assorted colors
Popsicle sticks

Have teens mix aloe vera gel with ultra fine glitter. The ratio of glitter to aloe vera gel can be varied depending on the desired effect. Use a popsicle stick to combine and get ready to sparkle.


Craft # 3 - Instant Werewolf Mask

Faux fur
Mask Template

Transfer the mask template to cardstock for added durability. Teens should trace the template onto the backside of a piece of faux fur and a piece of felt. Measure a comfortable length of elastic to help keep the mask secure when being worn. Sandwich the elastic between the non-fur side of the mask and the felt. Use hot glue to adhere. When dry, slip on and howl at the moon.

Mask Template


Games and Activities

Paranormal Trivia - Combine trivia questions from popular paranormal novels with questions from vampire, werewolf, zombie and alien folklore. Have teens compete against each other individually or in teams. The Pocket Book of Paranormal Trivia: Contains 200+ Q & A's by Emily A. Georges is a good resource for trivia question covering vampires, witches, shape-shifters and UFOs.

Web-Based Activities

Vampire Name Generator - Teens will discover their vampire identity as well as their vampiric claim to fame.

MyQuizCreator - Teens can use this website to create their own paranormal quiz to share with friends.

Guest Speakers

Paranormal investigators - Invite a local paranormal investigation group to present about their equipment, methods and experiences investigating paranormal activity. Texas Paranormal Research Team is a good resource for finding paranormal investigators in your area.


DVDs/Films (Optional)

Eclipse (124 minutes) New Moon (130 minutes)
Teen Wolf (186 minutes) Twilight (122 minutes)
Vampire’s Assistant (109 minutes) Zombie Girl: The Movie
(89 minutes)
6teen: Dude of the Living Dead
(60 minutes)







Web Resources

Aliens Central - Information and theories surrounding aliens

Book of THoTH - information and discussion forums on paranormal topics

Mythical Realm: Werewolf - information on legend of the werewolf

NUFORC - National UFO Reporting Center


Professional Resources

Fang-tastic Fiction: Twenty-First Century Paranormal Reads by Patricia O’Brien Matthews
Read On...Science Fiction: Reading Lists for Every Taste by Steven A. Torres-Roman
Haunted Texas: A Travel Guide by Scott Williams

Lone Star Spirits
- Check out the Haunted Texas Towns page for chilling reports of paranormal activity in your area.

Page last modified: January 6, 2012