The Texas Summer Reading Program for Teens

Join the Underground Movement!  The Texas Summer Reading Program, as part of our new state-wide participation in the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP), offers libraries a fun new program based on an "underground" theme for 2013.  The Teen "Beneath the Surface" reading program helps teens discover the joys of reading, creates excitement with fun programming, and helps establish participants as lifelong readers.

Visit the Texas Summer Reading Program page for a general description of all the new programs, encompassing adult, teen, children's and early literacy elements.  And for all the details of how to register with, how to obtain a program manual, where to order your free materials, and more, check out our CSLP participation page.



The teen program theme for 2013 is "Beneath the Surface", and the artist is Duncan Long, who has worked as a writer and illustrator for several decades.  He has also written a number of books, most of which he illustrated.  Visit his website at

Future Themes for the Teen Program

2014 - Teen slogan is "Spark a Reaction!"
2015 - Theme will be Heroes, Superheroes and Villains

2013 Teen Video Challenge

Have your local teens create a video promoting summer reading for libraries, using their interpretation of the 2013 CSLP teen slogan "Beneath the Surface," and your teen could win $275 for themselves and a $125 award for your library.  Any teen, aged 13 -18, can enter in the state where they reside. Videos can be created individually or as a team.  For all the details, visit our Teen Video Challenge page or the Teen Video Challege section of  You will need to be logged in on to access full promotional information for libraries as well as the information for the teen applicants.

Past Themes - Texas Teens Read!

The purpose of Texas Teens Read! was to encourage teens to read during their summer vacations and become lifelong readers and library users, to establish the library as a safe and engaging space for teens. A statewide theme was selected annually and a handbook was created to assist libraries in planning their summer programs. Click a link below for information regarding the clubs of the past.

2012 - TSI: Realm of the Unknown
2011 - Going Global, Staying Connected!
2010 - Within Arms Reach: The Future is Yours!
2009 - Time Twistin' TTR.09
2008 - Game On!

Related Resources

2007 Texas Reading Club Young Adult Programs Chapter: Sail Away With Your Imagination! - This chapter features eight programs on topics related to exploration, art, literature, astronomy, history, and marine life, based on the theme, “Sail Away With Your Imagination!”
2006 Texas Reading Club Young Adult Chapter: Reading: The Sport of Champions! - offers plenty of opportunities to involve teens in library programs and activities. The eight programs in the chapter are related to writing, short stories, photography, poetry, team building, and recreational activities.
2005 Texas Reading Club Young Adult Programs Chapter: Get Wild...Read! - taps into the idea that young adults need opportunities to “get a little wild” as they explore themselves and their world. The eight programs in this chapter are related to writing, self-discovery, identity and self-awareness, survival and team building, and travel and exploration.
2004 Texas Reading Club Young Adult Programs Chapter: Color Me Cool! - includes a Young Adult Reading Club and eight programs for teens on topics related to movies, art, cartooning, body art, poetry, computer art, and Mardi Gras.
2003 Texas Reading Club Young Adult Programs Chapter: Operation: Top Secret! - includes a Young Adult Reading Club and eight programs for teens on topics including espionage, spies, thieves, codes, mysteries, private investigators, strategic games, and superheroes.
2002 Texas Reading Club Young Adult Programs Chapter: Travel Quest: Moving Without Motion - chapter that outlines a young adult reading club by Adriana Heard and eight programs for young adults.
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