Friday, February 16, 2001

9:00am - 4:00pm

Amigos Library Services Training Room

14400 Midway Road

Dallas, TX 75244-3509




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Virginia Allen, Lamar University Library

Caroline Geer, LeTourneau University Library

Cathy Hartman, University of North Texas, co-chair

Timothy C. Judkins, University of Texas Southwestern

Slavko Manojlovich, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Christine Peterson, Amigos Library Services, co-chair

David Schuster, Plano Independent School District

Beverley Shirley, Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Sheila Williams, Euless Public Library

Blaine Yates, SIRSI

Texas Client Update (Slavko Manojlovich)

  • Client was created by Crossnet Systems Limited originally for ONE project; modified for use as Texas Z Client; purchased by Central Texas Library System; will be available at no charge to libraries within Texas
  • Only two more issues to resolve before it can be released
    • Keyword searches (Level 0) - supposed to search multiple single word terms with Boolean "AND"
    • Browse searches -- a browse search brings back the term list; if you click on one of the terms in the result list, it does the first type of search listed above it -- in this case a title exact search
  • Client includes information on Z39.50 servers/targets:  Z39.50 version supported; whether sort, scan, named result sets are supported

Z Texas Profile Client Configuration and Server Testing Issues (Slavko Manojlovich)

  • See Texas Z39.50 Server Information
  • Result of testing:  although many claim compliance, very few automation vendors support Z Texas/Bath searches, Functional Areas A & C, Level 0 and 1
  • Information on testing done by Slavko for presentation:  plato.ucs.mun.ca/~slavko/
    • Results of testing using Z Client above
    • Asked vendors for the best Z servers they have, wherever they are; some are at libraries, some are in-house at vendors companies
    • Responses from vendors (to this testing) are included
    • Most of the problems involve multi-word searching; may be other issues with attributes being recognized, but difficult to tell if the multi-word searching doesn't work
    • SIRSI complies with 40/41 requirements; OCLC/WorldCat complies with 27/41; National Library of Canada 25/41; Endeavor Voyager version 1.13 12/41; Epixtech Horizon Marquis 3.0 11/41
    • Many of these vendors (salesman) are saying they are Bath compliant; 
    • Vendors that might be included in the future testing:
      • TLC, Contec, Gaylord, Sagebrush (Athena and Winnebago), EOS

Maintenance of Z Texas Profile Update (Teresa Ashley)

  • Added to the first paragraph of the Introduction:
    • "TZIG members will be able to recommend additions, modifications, or deletions to the NISO U.S. National Z39.50 Profile for Library Applications."
  • Web documents to be used as introductions to the standard and its use:
  • Z Tool Kit (Allen Mullen, Virginia Allen, and others)

Z Tool Kit (Allen Mullen, Virginia Allen, and others)

Merging result sets in a Virtual Union Catalog - preliminary test results (Slavko Manojlovich)

  • bobcat.upei.ca/
  • Libraries:  UPEI Robertson and Mount Allison (both in Canada); both universities use DRA
  • Using the advanced author keyword search -- "atwood, margaret"
  • Did search on two libraries; merged and deduped result set.  Deduping got rid of about 1/4 of results; however, should have deduped another 1/3.  Couldn't because of differences in inputting records.
  • Dedupe option has now been taken off the screen.

TSLAC Hosts iBistro in Testing

  • bobcat.tsl.texas.gov -- iBistro (SIRSI product)
    • Allows searching via Z39.50 and Circulation Interchange Protocol to do either resource discovery (searching only) or resource sharing (able to get the material); differences:
      • Resource discovery -- is there something on this topic somewhere?
      • Resource sharing -- I want to find this information and I want to get it if I can
        • Really need a login/authentication in order for this to workin a virtual catalog situation
        • With a login, should default to the geographic area around your home library
        • Circulation Interchange Protocol -- real time information in order to authenticate patrons and real-time item level information from holdings
    • Searching multiple institutions at once; although not yet available, results will be merged in future release
    • Provides additional "value-added" information to bibliographic information -- table of contents, reviews; SIRSI contracts with Syndetics which provides this information; keyed off ISBN and provides information on the fly

TZIG Web Site

  • Toolkit has been named "Implementation Resources"
  • Rescind "Committee" section?
    • Since this really isn't a standing committee, but a volunteer effort, discussed the possibility of renaming this section
    • Decided to say ""Texas Z39.50 Implementors Group."  Cathy Hartman will update the list; only those who have attended within the last year will be placed on the list

Update on Library of Texas, Virtual Union Catalog project (Beverley Shirley)

  • Person will be hired to implement Virtual Union Catalog (VUC); possibly also part of staff person; might also hire consultant
  • VUC is second phase project of the Library of Texas, so even though the Library Resource Sharing Division (LRSD) is currently understaffed, they are still within the timelines
  • LRSD will be writing job descriptions; then will write RFI for consultant to help with VUC
  • Beverley is now Director, LRS
  • Possibility of creating a web site about the LOT -- concept, intent
  • Interlibrary loan part of VUC: one possibility:
    • Set it up so that library to library (within VUC) or patron to library
    • If not found within VUC, then send to OCLC

Texas Virtual Union Catalog - search by geographic area (Chris Peterson)

  • mel.dmso.mil/mel-bin/java_query
  • Example of using a java-based program to create customized geographic areas for searching
  • Something like this might work in Virtual Union Catalog in combination with set areas like system boundaries
  • Instead of using rectangular tools (as in the example), use a circular tool in order to define a radius around a specific location

NISO Update (Chris Petersen)

  • More searches:  splitting LC and LC Childrens' subject headings
  • XML is staying as a record syntax in Functional Area A and C
  • Will discuss draft of the NISO Profile over Z Texas list

Reiteration / discussion of call number searches specified in Z Texas Area A (Chris Peterson)

  • Reiteration of the call number/classification searches we proposed for Functional Area A Level 3; these numbers are coming from the bibliographic records, not the holdings record.  The NISO Profile is dealing with retrieveing call number information from the holdings records

Discussion of profile for full-text / abstracting and indexing services (Chris Peterson)

  • Discussion
    • Using Z39.50 to search multiple databases using one search syntax/environment
    • We have the state databases (public, school, academic) and databases created internally (academic libraries especially)
    • Other libraries are using Z39.50 over databases using MARC 21 as the record syntax; MARC 21 has space limitation, so you can put URL in 856 and pull full-text separately.
    • Or could use XML as syntax; could create your own tags
    • Want a single client that can search catalog, other catalogs, and databases
    • ZIG is looking at encoding search strings into http
    • Set up levels for searching these databases?  Indexes at level 0? abstracting in level 1? full-text in level 2?  Have to be sure that decisions we make now won't block us later
    • Is currently difficult for patrons to decide which databases are needed for their specific needs 
    • Maybe we should look at a profile for just bibliographic-type databases (no directory or statistics/numeric databases)
    • Use Dublin Core as the searching/access points?  Probably not.  Bath already lays out basic searching in Functional Area C:
      • Similar to Functional Area A except much broader
    • Do we want searches that apply to every resource; or just use when they are applicable?
  • Scope -- this profile should deal only with periodicals/journals, commercially available databases that would include both full-text and A&I for first stage; with a view to keeping all options for future expansion
    • List the databases we used in order to do this -- define "commercially available" -- put in appendix
  • Have each type of library bring to the table the types of databases that fit this definition that we could use to help us create the needs and searches
  • How do the various interfaces fit into this?  The databases are the same -- the interface makes it look different
  • Possible additional fields:  journal title, ED and EJ numbers (numbers), thesaurus and descriptors in addition to subject, language, limit by availability
  • Relevance searching/adjacency searching
  • Definition of "proximity" "relevancy" already in Z39.50 standard
  • Results should be sortable or limited by: by date, vendor, language, relevancy, author, title, format (full-text or not); whether there is a graphic (pictures, charts, tables), audio, video (multimedia)
  • Highlights words that you searched within the document
  • Concern about order of results that come up:
    • if alphabetical sort, then everyone would see ABI-Inform first
    • maybe first record should be the first that sends it back to you -- the fastest server
    • deduplication should be included
  • Record syntax -- use what is in Functional Area C -- XML or SUTRS
    • if database is using MARC, then use Functional Area A
    • Europeans are working with XML and how to set it up and make it work; particularly ONE project
  • Investigate newspaper databases and how they are set up
  • Ultimately, we want to be able to develop searches to put in the profile; look for access points that would be important for those databases and we will try to incorporate them.  Who will bring list of databases and possible searches to the next meeting?
    • Academic libraries -- Tim Judkins (medical libraries), Cathy Hartman, Caroline Geer; Virginia will accumulate lists and  divvy up by subject area
    • Beverley has survey results from TexShare and will provide
    • Slavko -- will look at Encyclopedia Britannica (using Dublin Core)
    • Public and school libraries -- David Schuster, Sheila Williams, Bob Gaines
    • Could use TLA exhibits to get detailed information on databases -- vendors can send it after the conference
  • Chris will draft a revision for the scope statement based on this discussion
  • Next meeting: Friday, June 29th in Austin


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