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Z39.50 Search Requirements:

  1. Search multiple servers/databases concurrently
  2. Known item (author or title) and topical searches (LC or Sears subject headings, MESH)
  3. Keyword and keyword in specific fields (Keyword in title, in subject, in note, in abstract, in full-text body)
  4. Subject by topic, geographic area, name
  5. Specific field searching (ISBN, ISSN, OCLC , Publisher)
  6. Boolean searching
  7. Limiting searches:
    1. by number of returned items,
    2. by date of publication (>,<,=, and within a range),
    3. by format,
    4. by function (MARC 657),
    5. by form and genre (MARC 655),
    6. by language,
    7. by date of acquisition
  8. Browsing of topics
  9. Truncation - left and right
  10. Search arguments should not be case sensitive

Z39.50 Access Requirements:

  1. Restricting access by user password, IP address, or other authentication

Z39.50 Searchable Resources Requirements:

  1. Library catalogs
  2. Citation databases
  3. Geospatial datasets
  4. Full text databases (including full-text journals available via the Internet)
  5. Recordings
  6. Digital images

Z39.50 Resource Sharing Requirements:

  1. ILL requests
  2. Document delivery (electronic journal articles, electronic documents) (We must consider licensing/copyright issues when sharing electronic items.)
  3. Reserve or hold an item

Z39.50 Delivery to User Requirements:

  1. USMARC record and brief record option for display
  2. Location of item
  3. Availability of item
  4. Holdings of serials
  5. Record with linking capabilities -- 856 URL, link from author, subject heading, series title
  6. E-mail citations and/or MARC records
  7. Print, download, capture results

Z39.50 Help Requirements:

  1. Context sensitive help
  2. Error messages explained
  3. Link to description/location of specific library

Z39.50 Technical Services Requirements:

  1. Searching bibliographic utility or union catalog for cataloging records to download into local catalog.
  2. Export full MARC records

Other Z39.50 Technical Requirements:

  1. Configure local system to search specific groups of libraries (default groups may be provided)
  2. Removal of duplicate records (merge on item identifier such as ISBN, ISSN, Title?)
  3. Graphical user interface - HTML ? or text option
  4. Mapping requirement onto servers (author to author or author to author personal name and/or author to author corporate name)
  5. Map user search requests that best approximate user needs on each server being interrogated?
  6. Specific version of Z39.50 (Version 3)
  7. Support WAIS, GILS, others
  8. Locally defined output and menu
  9. Reporting capabilities
  10. Client software must be able to process non-bibliographic data

Cathy Hartman


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