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Public Library Directory and Statistics
Statistics submitted by public libraries in Texas can be searched by city, library, or county; or downloaded and imported into a spreadsheet or database. For analytical tables and statistical summaries please see the Texas Public Library Summary.

Texas Public Library Home Pages
Links to Texas public libraries online.

Texas Public Library Summary
Provides an overview of Texas public library income, expenditures, services, and staffing, and provides comparisons of libraries serving like populations.

Small Library Management Training Program
Learn more about this ongoing, voluntary program that provides management skills to non-MLS directors of small community (25,000 or less population) libraries in Texas.

Texas Summer Reading Program
Link to current information on this popular annual statewide event for children provided by Texas public libraries. Invent the Future! Read!

Public Library Advisory Board Handbook
This handbook for public library advisory board members in Texas, serves as a tool kit to help the advisory board member in their efforts to achieve high quality library services.

TexShare exists to support and enhance resource sharing among Texas libraries. Discover how TexShare helps academic and public libraries share their combined resources and collections to better serve Texans.

National Library Assessment
America's Star Libraries: The Top Rated Libraries, identifies 258 "star" libraries. The top libraries in each group get five, four, or three stars in Library Journal's national rating of public libraries. It is based on the LJ Index of Public Library Service, 2009 This assessment tool, created by Keith Curry Lance and Ray Lyons, rates public libraries on the quantity of public library service they provide to their communities on a per capita basis. It enables constructive comparisons as all included libraries can use their scores to learn from their peers and improve service to their communities. The 2009 LJ Index rates 7,268 public libraries and is based on 2007 data collected by IMLS, the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Public Library Locator
A tool to help you locate information about a public library. A service of the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES).

Find Your Library!
Use a map of the United States to begin a search for any public library.

The Texas Library System
The Texas Library System is comprised of ten regional library systems across the state funded by contract with the Texas State Library. Nearly every public library in the state is a member of the system.

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