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The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) coordinates with the federal National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) to collect and publish annual Texas Academic Library Statistics collected through the Academic Libraries Survey. The Academic Libraries Survey collects data on the collections, services, operating expenditures, and staff in postsecondary institution libraries. The survey includes two-year, four-year, public, private, health/medical, and law institutions, as identified through IPEDS reporting (IPEDS is the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System).

Uses of the Data

(taken from the NCES survey "About" page)

Collection of these data over time will enable the nation to plan effectively for the development and use of postsecondary education library resources. Congress uses the data to assess the need for revisions of existing legislation concerning academic libraries and the allocation of Federal funds. Federal agencies need the data to evaluate and administer academic library programs. State education agencies and college librarians and administrators use the data for regional and national comparisons of library resources to plan for the effective use of funds. Finally, library associations and researchers use the survey results to determine the status of academic library operations and the profession.

TSLAC's authority to gather and publish academic library statistics is found in the duty of the Texas State Library to "aid and encourage the development of and cooperation among all types of libraries, including public, academic, special, and other types of libraries" (Texas Civil Statutes, Government Code, Section 441.006(a)(2)).

Frequency of data collection, source and format of collection, resulting publications

NCES collects these data biennially in even-numbered years. The results of the national data collection are published in the biennial E.D. Tabs Academic Libraries. Information about the most recent Academic Libraries E.D. Tabs publication may be found at the NCES web site at http://nces.ed.gov/surveys/libraries/academic.asp.

Prior to the 2000 survey, TSLAC collected and compiled survey data annually. Data was published in the Texas Academic Library Statistics, available in paper format through 1996 and in electronic web format beginning in 1997. In even-numbered years, the compiled data was submitted to NCES for inclusion in the national E.D. Tabs publication. The TSLAC publication included additional derived data not available in the national publication.

Beginning with the 2000 survey, NCES changed to a direct web-based data collection format. In addition, NCES introduced an online format for publication of survey results, including peer comparison capability, beginning with 1998 survey data. These may be found at the NCES web site at www.nces.ed.gov/surveys/libraries/academicpeer/. Due to these changes, TSLAC began collecting and publishing Texas survey data only in odd-numbered years beginning in survey year 1999.

In 1999, TSLAC offered both paper and web-based options for submission of survey data; in 2001, data collection became fully web-based. TSLAC continues to collaborate and coordinate closely with NCES on survey content and format, dissemination of information, identification of eligible institutions, response rate, and other issues, and continues to collect and publish survey data in odd-numbered years for the use of Texas libraries.

Survey Forms

1998 Survey form and instructions

1999 Survey form and instructions

2001 Survey form, instructions, and operational definitions

2003 Survey form, instructions, and operational definitions

2005 Survey form and instructions

2007 Survey form and instructions

Libraries included in survey data and directory

The Texas Academic Library Statistics include data and directory information from all four-year public, four-year private, two-year, medical/health science, and law libraries that responded to the year's survey.

Missing data/zeros in tables

A zero (0) has been used when there is no data available. This may affect rankings and averages; please use caution in interpreting data.

Search tips

In the Directory Search, you may enter search criteria in any one, any two, or all three of the boxes. You may enter a single word (or part of a word), or a string of two or more consecutive words. The search will not retrieve the desired results if you enter two or more nonconsecutive search terms. The "Library" box will search by library name and also by institution name for any records containing the search string entered.

Searches allow single terms or search strings (consecutive search terms) only. For example, to locate the Directory entry for the Baylor University School of Nursing, you could type in "Baylor University School of Nursing" in the "Library" box to retrieve a single entry, or "baylor" to retrieve all directory records containing the name "Baylor" anywhere in the institution or library name, or "nursing" to retrieve all records containing the word "nursing" anywhere in the institution or library name. However, if you enter the search "baylor nursing" in the "Library" box, you will not find the record, because the two words are not consecutive in either the library name or the institution name. Likewise, a search for "a&m" will retrieve all A & M institutions in the directory, but to find a particular location you may want to use "a&m" in the "Library" box and the location in the "City" box.


If you have questions or comments regarding the Texas Academic Library Survey, please contact Library Development at ld@tsl.texas.gov or at 512-463-5448.

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