Texas Public Libraries Annual Report Information

Submit Your Annual Report through LibPAS

Thank you to all of the Texas public libraries for their participation!  The 2017 report will be open in early January 2018.

We strongly suggest libraries complete their annual report no later than March 31, to allow staff time to check data. Final submission of the annual report is due April 30. A library reporting after April 30 risks losing accreditation. Contact LDN staff for assistance.

Forms are available in Microsoft Word or PDF format.  PDF requires a free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

A free viewer for Excel is available here, if needed.

Application and Accreditation Forms

Online data collection portal: LibPAS
Instructions for using the online form (PDF)
How to Log in to LibPAS  - Screencast video training

Annual Report Blank Worksheet for Local Fiscal Year 2016
Word format| PDF format

2016 Application Form for Accreditation in State Library System
Word format | PDF format

Tips and Tools

Tip sheet:  Reporting Downloadables
Word format | PDF format

Tip sheet:  Frequently Asked Questions
Word format |PDF format

Population & MOE Planning Tool(.xlsx)
UPDATED for 2017! A quick view of your library's preliminary population assignment and maintenance of effort (question 4.2).
NOTE:  May need to "Enable Editing" in Excel after downloading.  Contact staff regarding issues or questions about this tool.

Weekly Total Tool (.xls)
A simple calculator for libraries with branches to determine unduplicated hours (question 11.3).

Indirect Costs Information
Indirect costs can be included when a library fails to meet Maintenance of Effort.  An indirect cost is a cost incurred for a normal library operating expenditure that is not assigned to the library's budget, but paid for by a local government agency on behalf of the library.
Indirect Cost Examples - Word format | PDF format
Indirect Cost Documentation Sample - Word format | PDF format

Accreditation Appeal
Public libraries that do not meet certain accreditation criteria have the option to appeal loss of accreditation.  Appeals are heard by the Library Systems Act Advisory Board (LSAB) at their summer meeting.  The board makes a recommendation to the Director and Librarian, who either sustains or denies the recommendation.  Should that decision not be favorable to the library, the library can appeal directly to the commission at their summer meeting.

If you believe your library may need to appeal loss of accreditation, please contact Stacey Malek at smalek@tsl.texas.gov and she will assist you with this process.

Accreditation information

Benefits of Accreditation  -  Word format | PDF format

Accreditation Questions - Word format | PDF format

Informational webinars

Archived webinars

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The Data Is Collected - Now What? Library Reports You Can Create
Original air date, Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Take a tour of reports and report-creation tools available for your Texas Public Libraries Annual Report data. Learn to create custom summaries, multi-year comparisons, trends, and graphs using report information published on the Texas State Library website, and report options within Texas LibPAS, the data collection portal. Turn the numbers you have been collecting and tracking into a meaningful presentation. This webinar will be presented by Valicia Greenwood, Library Statistics Specialist for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. Click for slides and for the script.

Accreditation Status and Planning (ASAP) Workbook for the Texas Public Libraries Annual Report
originai air date, Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Once your library’s report is submitted, staff at TSLAC complete an analysis of the data for any potential errors or accreditation issues. You are then sent the ASAP (Accreditation Status and Planning) Report, which outlines the accreditation issues, possible calculation errors, and any requests for clarification. Learn how to quickly determine whether the library’s report needs amending or if your library may have an accreditation issue. You will also learn how to use the workbook to assist  you in planning for the next year’s report, including calculating the library's MOE. Click for slides and for the script.

Introduction to the 2016 Texas Public Libraries Annual Report 
original air date, Wednesday, January 25, 2017. 
Texas State Library Program Coordinator Stacey Malek provides participants with an overview of the Texas Public Library Annual Report for Local Fiscal Year 2016. This will include an overview of accreditation.   Her colleague, Valicia Greenwood, does a quick demonstration of the online data collection portal. Click for slides.

Contact Information

Texas State Library & Archives Commission Library Development and Networking Staff

Email to ld_services@tsl.texas.gov; Texas toll-free:  800-252-9386

Valicia Greenwood, Library Statistics Specialist (vgreenwood@tsl.texas.gov; 512-463-5466)

Stacey Malek, Program Coordinator (smalek@tsl.texas.gov;, 512-463-5532)

Jennifer Peters, Director, Library Development and Networking Division (jpeters@tsl.texas.gov; 512-463-5456)

Rules for Administering the Library Systems Act

Texas Administrative Code §1.71 - §1.86

Minimum Standards for Accreditation of Public Libraries in the State Library System

Links to Texas Administrative Code, Title 13, Part 1, Chapter 1, Subchapter C, Minimum Standards for Accreditation in the State Library System.  Adopted by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission on November 7, 2014; effective November 30, 2014.

Texas Administratve Code §1.85 Annual Report

A public library shall file a current and complete annual report with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission by April 30. Revisions to the annual report which would affect membership status for the next fiscal year will not be accepted after July 31. Staff vacancies that occur after the report is filed shall not adversely affect applications for system membership in the next fiscal year. Staff vacancies that occur prior to filing the report which affect system membership must be filled and reported prior to July 31. Willful falsification of annual reports shall cause the library to be disqualified for one year in the first instance and disqualified for three years in the second instance.

[The provisions of this §1.85 adopted to be effective April 30, 1985, 10 TexReg 1228; amended to be effective August 4, 1988, 13 TexReg 3633; amended to be effective March 10, 1999, 24 TexReg 1612]

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