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Texas quiere decir: Amigos / Texas Means Friends

by Paola Ferate-Soto, Josefina Rodriquez-Gibbs, Nohemi Lopez, and Maricela Moreyra-Torres

Books to Share

  • ¡Adiós! ¡Hola! by Barbara Shook Hazen.
  • La hamaca de la vaca, o, Un amigo más by Alma Flor Ada.
  • Llaman a la puerta by Pat Hutchins.
  • Three Friends: A Counting Book / Tres amigos: Un cuento para contar by María Cristina Brusca.
  • Willie y Hugo by Anthony Browne.

Bulletin Board


Cut out silhouettes of girls and boys from a die-cut or from the pattern provided. Pin them to the bulletin board so that they appear to be holding hands. Write the first names of the children who visit your library on the silhouettes in silver or gold markers. Surround the bulletin board with yellow roses to symbolize friendship. Across the top of the bulletin board, write "Amigos/Friends."


Place vases of fresh or silk yellow roses in your library.


Entre mas juguemos juntemos

(Translated by Paola Ferate-Soto)

Entre más juguemos juntos, muy juntos, muy juntos,

Entre más juguemos juntos, más contentos estaremos.

Tus amigos son mis amigos y mis amigos son tus amigos,

Entre más juguemos juntos, más contentos estaremos.

The More We Get Together

The more we get together, together, together,

The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.

‘Cause your friends are my friends, and my friends are your friends,

The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.

Hasta luego

(By Paola Ferate-Soto)

(Sing to the tune of "My Darlin’ Clementine.")

Hasta luego, amiguitos,

Until next time my friends,

Otro día nos veremos,

Si señores, otra vez.

Goodbye, My Friends

Goodbye, my friends,

Until next storytime,

Goodbye my friends

We will see you again.

Naranja dulce

Naranja dulce,

Limón partido

Dame un abrazo

Que yo te pido.

Sweet Orange

Sweet and round orange,

A slice of lemon,

Please love so sweet,

Give me a hug.


(Make a flannelboard from this traditional story song from Mexico. It is on the CD, Diez Deditos / Ten Little Fingers & Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America by Jos�-Luis Orozco.)

Pimpón es un muñeco con manos de cartón

se lava la carita con agua y con jabón. (Pretend to wash face)

Se desenreda el pelo con peine de marfíl

Y aunque no le gusta, no llora, ni hace así. (Make an unhappy face)

Pimpón dame la mano con un fuerte apretón,

que quiero ser tu amigo Pimpón, Pimpón, Pimpón. (Shake hands)

Y cuando las estrellas, comienzan a salir,

Pimpón se va a la cama, Pimpón se va a dormir. (Lay head on hands and close eyes)


(Translated by Paola Ferate-Soto)

Pimpon is a boy doll with hands of cardboard.

He washes his face with water and with soap. (Pretend to wash face)

He takes out his tangles with an ivory comb,

And even though he dislikes it, he doesn’t cry at all. (Make an unhappy face)

Pimpon give me your hand, let’s give a shake of hands,

I want to be your friend, Pimpon, Pimpon, Pimpon. (Shake hands)

And when the stars above us start to rise up high,

Pimpon climbs up in bed, Pimpon goes right to sleep. (Lay head on hands and close eyes)



(Adapted from I Can Make Gifts by Mary Wallace)


  • Pill container with childproof lid or film canister
  • Beads, beans, or something that will rattle in the pill container
  • Spoon
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Sock


Provide the children with the craft supplies and let them make maracas with the help of their parents. First, they pour a spoonful of beads into the pill or film container and lock the lid. They then cover the container with the stuffing to form a ball, push the ball into the toe of the sock, and tie a knot and pull very tight. When they are finished, put on a recording of some lively music and let them play their maracas.

Games and Activities

Los elefantes

(When singing this traditional rhyme from Latin America, choose a child to be the first elephant. He/she sings the song or recites the chant and at the end chooses another child. Each new child chooses another until all of the children are chosen. At the end the spider’s web is so heavy that all the children "fall" to the ground. You may listen to version of the song on the Texas State Library’s El día de los Niños/El día de los libros page at

Un elefante se balanceaba sobre la tela de una araña,

como veía que resistía fué a llamar a un camarada.

Versos siguentes:

Dos elefantes…

Tres elefantes…

Cuatro elefantes…

Cinco elefantes…

Seis elefantes…

Siete elefantes…

Ocho elefantes…

Nueve elefantes…

Diez elefantes…

The Elephants

(Translated by Paola Ferate-Soto)

One elephant went out to swing on a spider’s web one day.

Since the web was tough and strong, he called over another friend.


Two elephants&

Three elephants&

Four elephants&

Five elephants&

Six elephants&

Seven elephants&

Eight elephants&

Nine elephants&

Ten elephants&

Musical Recordings

  • "Adios Amigos" on Diez deditos / Ten Little Fingers & Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America by José-Luis Orozco.
  • "Rice with Milk / Arroz con leche" on Universe of Song by María Del Rey.
  • "La muñeca fea" on Serie platino by Cri-Cri.
  • "Viva la media naranja" on Vol. 1 - Lírica infantil by José-Luis Orozco.

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