County Librarian Certification

On May 25, 2007, Governor Rick Perry signed into law S.B. 913, the sunset legislation that reestablishes the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for twelve years, through 2019. One of the key provisions of S.B. 913 eliminates the agency's certification of county librarians. The State Library no longer has the authority to certify county librarians and we are no longer issuing certificates effective immediately.

If you are the director of a public library, you will still be required to obtain a minimum of ten hours of continuing education each year in order for your library to maintain its accreditation (13 TAC 1.83(4)). You do not need to send your workshop certificates to us, but you should keep the proof of your CE hours in your files.

We encourage all librarians to continue their education through activities such as workshops, online continuing education opportunities, and conferences.

There are staffing requirements for Texas public libraries in the accreditation standards. These requirements vary according to the legal service population of the library. See Rule 1.81 in the Rules for Accreditation in the State Library System.

Page last modified: February 26, 2015