This guide is an outgrowth of an e-mail conversation begun on the Texas Automation Consultants mailing list (tx-autocon) last year. As we discussed content, format, and training styles, we learned there were a lot of different desires for library training related to network security. While I don't think this product fits the entirety of what any one of us had in mind, I do believe it represents something from each of us. I hope it serves everyone well. For working through that discussion, I owe a debt to:

  • Bob Gaines, Automation Specialist with the Central Texas Library System;
  • Jerry McCulley, Library Technology Consultant with the Northeast Texas Library System;
  • Grete Pasch, then the Technology Consultant with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission
  • Christine Peterson, Library Liaison Officer with Amigos Library Services;
  • Beth Marsh, Automation/Technology Consultant with the South Texas Library System

I'd also like to thank Kelley Argenta, TANG Supervisor for the Alamo Area Library System, for her comments on the draft; Belinda Boon, Manager of Continuing Education at TSLAC, both for her comments during the e-mail discussion and for working with me through the paperwork process; Marilyn Johnson for her assistance in editing the manuscript; and the various staff at TSLAC for all the behind-the-scenes work it takes to get a manuscript edited and published.

Also, I'd like to say a big thanks to Nancy, Nic, and Tessa, who give me reason to write. They have to endure the technospeak while I'm writing!

And, finally, a simple thanks to the One who sees beyond my seeing.


Page last modified: March 2, 2011