Almanacs are an important source of statistical information, the World Almanac for the United States and the world, the Texas Almanac for the state. Reputable publications such as these indicate the source of the statistical data they provide. This is important to note for at least two reasons: (1) as an indication of reliability, and (2) as a source for further information. Resources such as these almanacs rely heavily on government agencies and professional organizations for their data, which generally makes the information more reliable than that provided by the private sector. In the second instance, the statistical data provided by these two sources tends to be general, giving, for example, data on the literacy rate without a breakdown by sex, age, marital status, or some other category. Should the user require such a breakdown, the agency can be contacted to determine whether more specific information is available.

H1. Statistical Abstract of the United States. Annual U.S. Bureau of the Census. Government Printing Office, 1978 to date.

This annual publication is the standard compendium of U.S. social, political, and economic statistics available. The source is arranged into 35 broad subjects, e.g., education, vital statistics, and agriculture. An introduction to each section discusses the sources of the data and defines terminology. Current and comparative statistics for past years, some going back to the 18th century, are included. A detailed index follows the tables. The focus is on the United States as a whole, with little attention given to smaller units such as regions or individual states. Statistical Abstracts is available on the Internet at www.census.gov/prod/www/statistical-abstract-us.html and at www.census.gov/statab/www/.

H2. Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics. (www.tdh.state.tx.us/bvs/default.htm)

Some 750,000 documents are registered in the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics. Compilations of statistical data pertaining to health, births and deaths, marriages and divorces, and other matters are available through this database. There also are directions for obtaining individual records through the agency.

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