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K1. The Complete Book of Personal Legal Forms. 2nd ed. Daniel Sitarz. Nova, 2001. (4pa )

While no substitute for an attorney, this self-help guide provides some 100 forms for basic personal legal matters such as premarital agreements, living trusts, rental and lease agreements, powers of attorney, and promissory notes. Each chapter begins with a discussion of the topic in everyday language. A brief glossary of legal terms is included. The Complete Book of Small Business Legal Forms, 3rd ed. by Dan Sitarz and Daniel Sitarz (Nova, 2000. 256p, [2, 2pa]) also is useful.

K2. Dictionary of Legal Terms: A Simplified Guide to the Language of Law. Steven H. Gifis. 3rd ed. Barron’s Educational Series, 1998. (1pa.)

A quick reference tool, directed toward a popular audience, this work defines approximately 2,000 legal terms in clear, concise language. Some libraries may require more in depth coverage provided by a standard law dictionary such as Black’s Law Dictionary, 7th ed. (Bryan A. Garner and Henry Campbell Black, eds. West, 1999. [5]). Legal terms also are defined on the Law Center site at http://courttv.com/legalterms/glossary.html.

K3. Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions. Kermit Hall, ed. Oxford, 2001. 449p. (2pa.)

This excellent and useful volume presents 400 of the Court’s landmark decisions. Each alphabetically arranged entry provides a synopsis of the case, a description of background incidents, a discussion of the constitutional issue in question, and a reasoning behind the majority and dissenting opinions. There also is information on the public’s reaction to the decision and how the ruling affects future cases and law. The official Supreme Court site at www.supremecourtus.gov/ contains informational material about the Court and provides keyword searches of documents by topic. Supreme Court decisions for 1970 to date can be found at http://supct.law.cornell.edu/supct/index.html; earlier decisions can be found at http://supct.law.cornell.edu/supct/cases/historic.


K4. How to Live and Die with Texas Probate. 7th ed. Charles Saunder. Real Estate, Probate and Trust Law Section, P.O. Box 12487, Austin 78711. 190p. (1pa.)

This informative guide described federal and state legislation that affects probate, written in language a layperson can understand.

K5. How to Do Your Own Divorce in Texas. 8th ed. Charles Edward Sherman et al. Nolo, 2001. 232p. (1pa.)

Section I covers general topics concerning divorce—dividing property and bills, child custody and visitation, support, etc. Section II offers instructions for obtaining a divorce without assistance from an attorney. A sample Marital Settlement Agreement form and instructions for waiving filing fees for those unable to pay them are also included.

K6. Texas Legislature Online. (www.legis.state.tx.us/)

This site contains the Texas Statutes through the 76th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature, 1999, with changes enacted by the 77th Legislature to be added The statutes are divided into 26 codes. Vernon’s Texas Civil Statutes also are included.

K7. Texas Secretary of State. (http://www.sos.state.tx.us)

This site provides access to the Texas Administrative Code and the Texas Register. The Code is a compilation of all state agency rules. The Register serves as the notice board for proposed rules and regulations and for posting notices of withdrawn or repealed rules and other information concerning agencies.

K8. Texas Tenant Advisor. (www.texastenant.org)

Statutes related to tenants rights are provided at this site, which also includes information on low cost housing and related topics.

Parliamentary Procedure

K9. Robert’s Rules of Order. 10th ed. Henry M. Roberts. Perseus Press, 2000. 704p. (2pa)

There are many editions of this standard work on parliamentary procedures, which is generally used by organizations and other formal groups. This paperback will meet basic needs in most libraries.

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