A letter and a number (e.g., A11) indicate the location of a reference source on a topic, the letter for the section (chapter) and number for the item within the section. An asterisk (*) following a letter and a number (e.g., A11*) indicates that the site is an electronic source. If an electronic source is cited in the entry for a print source, the number is repeated with an asterisk (A6, A6*).

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Abbreviations D17*

Actors & actresses F10

African American literature, note

Almanacs A5, A5*, A6, A6*

American history See U.S. - history

American literature E7

Anatomy, human S1*


Anniversaries P1

Antiques F4*

Archaeology C1

Architecture F5*, F6

Art F1*, F3

Artists’ materials F2

Astronomy R6*, R7, R8*

Atlases L1, L2*

Atlases, historical notes, World History and American History, G8

Atlases, road L6, L7, L8, L9*

Authors E1, E4, E5, E6*, E7

Automobile repair S19

Automobiles P4, P5, S19

Baseball Q1*

Basketball Q1*

Bible study

  • commentaries C3, C4*
  • concordances C2
  • dicts & encys C1, C7
  • versions, C4*


Birds R9, R10, R11*

Body, human S1*

Book reviews A17*, E8*-E11*

Book selection aids A17*, E8*-E11*

Business N1, N2, N3*, N4*, N8*

Careers M4, M4*, M5, N3*

Catholic church C6

Cats S15

Celebrations P1

Census records B6, B8, note

Child care S13*, S14*

Churches C5

City directories A7

Coin collecting Q7

Colleges & universities M2

Composers F7

Computers, P3

Congress, J6*


  • automobiles P4, P5*
  • computers P3
  • personal finance N10
  • product evaluation P2, P3

Cookery P6, note, P7*

Countries of the world J1*-J3*

Deaf and hearing impaired sign language D10*, D11

Dictionaries, foreign language D18

Dictionaries, general language See English-language dictionaries

Dictionaries, specialized terms


  • city A7
  • telephone A9
  • ZIP code A8

Divorce K5

Dogs S16

Drugs, prescription S10, S11

Education M1*, M2*, M3*


English language

English literature, note

Etiquette P8

Facts A1, A2, A3, A3*, A4

Federal government J4*-J6*, J7*, J8*

Fiction, genre E12

Film & video F11

Finance, personal N10

Financial aid M3*

Fine arts F1*, F3

First aid S12

Folklore C11*, C12

Food preparation P6, P7*

Football Q1*

Foreign language dictionaries, note

Foreign words and phrases D18

Games Q5, Q6

Gardening P9-P13, P14*

Gardening, organic P10

Gazetteer L3*, L4*

Genealogy B6*, B7*, B8*, B9*


Grammar D12, D13, D14*

Health care S2*, S3, S4*, S5, S6, S7*


Holidays P1

House repair & maintenance P16*, P17, P18

Houseplants P15

Idioms D8

Indexes, periodical A15*-A17*

Insects P13

Inventions and discoveries A2

Investments N3*, N4*, N5-N7, N8*, N9, N10, N11*

Judaism C9

Law K1, K2*, K3*

Law Texas, K4, K5, K6*- K8*

Language usage D12, D13, D14*

Legal forms K1

Legends See Mythology & folklore


Literary terms E3

Mammals R12, R13*, R14*

Maps L1, L2*, L5*, L6-L8

Medicine S3, S4* S5*, S6, S7, S8*, S9*

Medicine, veterinary S18

Motion pictures See Film & video

Music F7, F8, F9*, note

Mythology and folklore C10, C11*, C12

Mystery & detective stories E12

Names, geographic L3*, L4*

Newspapers N8*

Nonprescription drugs S10

Nutrition S9*

Occupations See Careers

Painters & painting F1*, F3

Parenting S13*, S14*

Parliamentary procedure, K9

Periodicals, indexes A15*-A17*, M1, N4*

Pets S15*, S16-S18

Political science

Popular culture A1, A2

Prescription drugs S10, S11

Presidents J4*, note

Product evaluation P2, P3

Quotations E14, E15

Readers’ advisory E8*, E9*- E11*, E12, E13*

Recreation See Games


Reptiles R15, R16

Resumes M6*, M7

Roads L5, L6-L8, L9*

Saints C6*, C8


  • dicts & encys R5
  • indexes R1

Sign language D10*, D11

Slang D9

Sports Q1*, Q2-Q4

Stamp collecting Q8

Statistics H1, H2*

Stock market reports N11*

Student financial aid M3*

Style manuals D15, D16, D16*

Supreme Court K3, K3*

Telephone directories A9, A9*

Television F12, F13*


Theater F10

Travel L5, L6

United States

  • Congress J6
  • history A1, G5*, G6
  • government & politics J4-J6*, J7, J8*
  • statistics H1
  • Supreme Court K3, K3*

Universities See Colleges & Universities

Usage dictionaries D12, D13, D14*

Video F11

Vital records A10, A10*, H2*

World politics J1*-J3*

Writing D12, D13, D14*, D15, D16*

ZIP codes A8, A8*


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